Holocaust Denial (68, 70 & 72)

This page is not one to be approached or departed from in a state of paranoia. It is an attempt to be rational about what is clearly an emotive subject to some.

Much has been made recently of the Holocaust (the attempt by the Nazis to exterminate Jews in Europe during the Second World War). A good friend of the Jews, Tony Blair, has brought into being Holocaust Day in the UK to remind all of the events. I say he is a good friend of Jews, because he has done many things to make people see Judaism as a natural ally. I believe he has taken the friendship too far taking his entire time in power as a whole. He has:

  • Encouraged faith schools in England the vast majority of which are rooted in the Abrahamic faiths eg Judaism, Christianity or Islam
  • Gone to war against a nation the Israelis perceived as a threat, namely Iraq, primarily on the advice of a Jew, the Attorney General at the time, who gave him to believe it was a legal war, (Goldsmith).
  • Created a Holocaust Memorial day.
  • Made much of his faith in guiding his decisions
  • Claimed that he is able to avoid the judgment of his fellow man by claiming God will be his judge on the matters of his term in office that have been controversial.

But this page is about a denial that the Jewish Holocaust is something that is different. I have proposed elsewhere in this site that what many believe is their common God is actually an agenda against reason among non-Semites, (Semites being used broadly as a term for Arabs and Jews). Tony Blair of course is lawyer and is not given to speak on logic, probabilities, biology, physics etc, he prefers to deal with conjecture, as in a court or on faith matters and tricks of speech to convince others, like a jury, that his views are valid.

Another problem proposed put forward, elsewhere on the ‘education’ page of this site, is that having a Jew anywhere in your ancestry can lead to two states of mind, one of inferiority or another of superiority. Reality is as Darwin explains, that having such an ancestor is just another part of the human tree of evolution but the myths that go with it are not part of that reality. The dichotomy of superiority or inferiority is a little unedifying, (although not unique since the descendants of Genghis Khan may also have similar ambiguous feelings to their common ancestor and that may appear unedifying to others). The lack of respect that people can have towards Jews and others is something those who have ancestors like Genghis Khan or a Jew have to deal with, (I even heard that relatives of Adolf Hitler had decided not to have children which is ironic), but that is not a reason to deny evolution and try to pull the rest of mankind into disrespected positions. The key is to consider oneself an equal and thereby be considered an equal in an evolving world. Inevitably some genetic lines will succeed more than others but in a gregarious and civilised world, it is not necessarily intelligent to seek domination through reproduction since one cannot be sure of the outcome nor that ones own assumption as to what would be  the best outcome is correct. For instance, look at the case of if Buddho-Darwinism, as proposed in this web-site, proves to be true and reincarnation in an evolving world was therefore one’s fate. It may then not be as clever as it seems initially, to be an Islamist, (secretly adopting Darwinist strategies while denying any value in the science of it), hell bent on having as many children as possible and encouraging other muslims to have as many children as possible in whatever societies they live in, since your descendants would eventually be reincarnate in a world where they could never see the truth of their existence, since teachings of evolution and reincarnation would be banned in states or nations using say, a Taliban or Saudi Arabian based interpretation of the Koran. This would be the Pyrrhic victory of all Pyrrhic victories or as Saddam Hussein might have called it “The mother of all Pyrrhic victories”. A note of caution of course is that the alternative view is that some God or devil is hoping to be seen at some future date as a benignant God that had been waiting in the wings to appear when the world is all Jewish, or all Islamic or all descendants of Genghis Khan and say, “It was me there all the time, your God, helping you in your struggle to establish my desires” (The previous sentence and the attitude of a God it implies rather reminds me both of how the upper classes of ancient Rome perceived their Gods and how the Danes at the Rebecca ø Fest appeared to see themselves).

 Is then a view of the Jewish Holocaust valid as a memorial for all. I would say no. It is estimated that 50 million - 60 million people died in the Second World War. The soldiers are remembered but the numbers of combatants that died are dwarfed by the non-combatants. Yet all we are invited to remember in England is the deaths of much less than one million members of the armed forces and 6 million Jews.

Much too these days is made of the idea that the 20th century was a century without faith and the destruction was due to an absence of God. Historically this can easily be shown to be nonsense. I also have postulated elsewhere in this site that Christianity is used to divide Europeans against each other, because Christ and his God clearly advocate Nationalities, the Jews being fated to be scattered among those nations. The proof is that in Europe in the seventeenth century a war lasted thirty years. This was between Christian sects, primarily Catholics and Protestants. The population of the German Empire of central Europe dropped from 21 million to 13 million, a loss of 8 million, more than the holocaust. It is likely that 20 million Europeans lost their lives during this period, which as a percentage of the total number of Europeans there were at that time, compared to the numbers there were in the 20th century is a much greater proportion, (ref: Europe’s Tragedy - A history of the Thirty year’s War - by Peter H Wilson). This all too despite the huge increase in the mechanisation of war. In fact the scale of the deaths of the second world war, had it been conducted using the weapons of the thirty years war instead, but without the religious schism, would have been comparatively miniscule. This war is in part another reason for being wary of Luther who advocated killing en masse as a policy for an emperor to deal with trouble. Down through post reformation history it may be that there is a background drone of Lutheran conservatism urging killing of uprising peasants, Jews in the Holocaust, Catholics during the thirty years war, North American natives in the nineteenth century and Indians in Amritsar as examples. Are peace and democratic negotiation then heresies?

It is important therefore not to be blinded by those of the Abrahamic faiths, who will try to argue that everything will be alright if we all turn to God. It has not been in the past and there is little or no reason to believe it will be any different in the future. It is also important to look between the lines they write to see that what they are trying to convince you is that conflict in the name of aetheism or agnosticism to counter God’s chosen is a much greater evil than evil done in the name of God in another time. Remember also that the right to have faith schools is given by democrats in a material world to those who would, in a spiritual world they believe is to come, be happy to see those who tolerated their schools but did not share their beliefs, burn not just after being gassed as in a nazi concentration camp but eternally in some hell of pain. What hypocrisy and what deceit from the messiah who says “Woe unto ye hypocrites when I come again” and deceived Judas into believing by following him for three years he would become a friend.

When I took an interest in the Catholic faith in 1984, the priest I discussed the articles of faith with declared “Well the Jews are God’s chosen people aren’t they....?” or perhaps he asked that as a question. If you think about that, it is a provocative statement which has acceptance of bigotry in it however you answer. If you say “yes” you admit the Jews are a special race, if you say “no” you are probably considered to be a nazi trying to spread a rumour they are there to be despised.

(Note: I have tried to place at some points in this web-site, things which can be checked in order to provide a sense of the veracity I hope is seen behind the writings. As a check, the priest involved was called Gerrard Murray and he was the catholic padre to Coventry Polytechnic students, a kindly young man in many ways, but undoubtedly not particularly open to alternatives to his beliefs).

In some ways I think Muslims are lucky in that they do not have to grow up as Christians do with the whole history of the Jews on the Old Testament and all the twisted and ludicrous claims that can lead you to believe as an innocent child. Some Muslims I believe don’t even speak the language they learn the Koran, in Arabic, so I expect they are about as aware of what it is about as most early Christians in Europe were about the meaning of the Latin services they attended, before the reformation brought native languages to the churches.

But to return to Jews and they being apart from the rest of us, as the priest implied, I don’t buy it. Though I don’t blame them for taking advantage of it since that is Darwinist and natural. I have read some say Jews excel in our society because they have genetic advantage due to their oppression over centuries, eg, they are good at mathematics and the associated art of piano playing because when Christianity was all powerful in Europe, money lending was considered a trade only ‘dirty’ Jews stained with the blood of Christ could engage in. Jews therefore bred superior accounts comprehension. However, if I was to believe that, it would imply the Jews in one thousand years had managed to separate themselves completely in a breeding pool where those like their fellow Christians were rejected as husbands. Yet though there has been a separation of 50,000 years between my own ancestors and say West Africans, no noticeable differentiation of the races is possible. The claim is clearly ridiculous.

So why are Jews such high achievers in our modern world? It is my belief, from my experiences described in this web-site, (see after Bliss for an example) that they simply are not targets for the powers that destroy ability. These powers may be priests projecting guilt on the intellect or what I can loosely call magicians, or the deliberately malpractice of what scientology claims to sell, like the Danes who came out of their way to demonstrate their superiority to me in 1977. On the principle that sometimes those who object to something are often those who are primarily involved, eg adulterous US evangelical preachers, it may also be caused by soul trading which is blamed on “The whore of Babylon” by St John the Divine, but which could just be a cover for the principles of:

  • “I am a jealous God” (which begs the question what are you jealous of if you created and ordained everything?)
  • “the lord gives and the Lord takes away”

Believers, in accepting the above two expressions, allow God to do what he likes to anyone in terms of taking from them any talent he wants and keeping it or giving it to someone else.

I don’t blame Jews for getting on with their lives. They may be wrong in Buddhist terms and in Darwinist terms if co-operation proves to be paramount from a future perspective, but understanding a balance between those two apparently diverse views of life, (Buddha and Darwin), is the problem I have set myself in trying to convince anyone reading this that a balanced view can be achieved. So it is not a crime. Even if it leads to strange sleeping partners like wealthy US Jews buying up the art of Buddha who denied himself wealth, to open museums ostensibly to celebrate the religion. That at least seems to make more sense than setting up creationist museums which extreme Christians are doing.


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