Respect (47)

As I have tried to point out elsewhere in this site, there is an agenda I appear to have been an unwitting victim of at times and a conscious victim of at other times.

In the North East of England where I was born, there is a chemistry teacher of Egyptian parents who grew up in the US as a Muslim and is now a Christian. He generates enthusiasm for tolerance among youngsters with a rap band he has formed. This is interesting in itself because it is the opposite of the agenda of the average fundamentalist Muslim who will oppose apostates or people who recant of the faith for another.

I am happy to respect people of faith but as there are differences they are clearly compromising on belief to an extent. This is good because it is belief not known fact. In terms of opposing racism it is better to look at the facts (see the page on Racism), rather than rely on bringing together faiths, which is a different issue, since unity in faith is as exclusive as unity by race, be it white black, yellow or Jewish tribe.

I was troubled recently in a cave in Texas when the guide started talking of how “scientists believe” the stalactites were formed. My point is scientists know how they were formed, religions believe because they do not know. Equally, in the excellent publication “New Scientist” of 12th July 2008 that science education is again under attack in the United States. having lost the court arguments for “Creationism” and then again for the slightly less delusory “Intelligent Design” arguments, the Christian religious fundamentalists of the US have now successfully pleaded in court for the presentation of religious beliefs in science lessons as “open discussions of scientific theories”. This mirrors something recently in Pakistan where a university Professor was said to be despairing when his students, (these are 18 - 21 year olds), insisted that the earthquake which devastated parts of Pakistan was a punishment from God for slipping away from fundamental beliefs when he wanted to describe the tectonic plate movement as a geological inevitably that had been going on for millions of years. How these students believe the Himalayas came about without earthquakes is not clear.

Basically, as I see it, these people are pushing the Abrahamic tradition of the Jews and Arabs because they have been taught from a young age that such is the truth, rather than to accept facts before speculating on religion. This will now, unless legal challenges are successful, happen in the US because my own experience in a senior school in Cheshire, England was that if you are not able to see outside your understood lessons of facts, you are excluded by some of the acquaintances you have, either willfully or subconsciously. This will lead some to accept bias and induced doubt of science rather than be rejected.

Some Muslims call Satan the rejected one, so in some ways one is probably the Satan of one’s school if one disbelieves. My rejection, as I have described in the pages of the the “Omega Course” and other pages, began at an early stage with nightmares, (not forgetting Luther devoted his life to God after a nightmare and look what he turned into - “see the page on Luther”) and continued in the church when I left after seven or so years in a confused state after which my school friendships began to crumble. I was of course also rejected by Danish hippy socialists described in the page “The Danes” and “After Bliss”

Of course everybody experiences some kind of rejection during their lives and indeed nature often rejects mutations such as when a mother cat will turf a kitten with deformed feet out of the litter to die. It is not worth the investment in time to rear them if they cannot survive. Human society, happily, has compassion for unfortunates though one has to ask how long that might continue in hard times.

All the above fits with the one of the pillars of Buddho-Darwinism as I have tried to explain it here, that gods and devils, or good and evil beings, however one wishes to describe them, are seeking domination in the spiritual world or other dimensions just as kings, emperors and fascists have in this world. Therefore we must respect others because we have little idea of what they are suffering or how their minds are blocked by neural inhibition, but there is no need with that respect to accept what they say. If they insist, then universal rights as the UN declaration, must be explained to them.They are likely in my opinion to be tools of some greater madness. Blair is probably the worst of these in recent times who, given everything a modern democracy can give chose to ignore the UN and plunge into a war where tens of thousands have died because he “believes” various things were true and that it is what God wanted, rather than address the facts.


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