National geographic Genome project

National Geographic is, in 2005, conducting a survey of tribal peoples to establish the path of mankind through history. (Please see the National geographic website if you wish to take part) The genes we have show that the M9 marker relates Indians of the Americas very closely to the Europeans and Scandinavians. So when, in the recent past, the Indian wars were conducted in the US and the Catholic armies rampaged across Central and Southern America, what God achieved was turning brother against brother. The New Testament  tells that God will divide a family (Luke 12:51 - 12:53), so we are killing our own family. In that reference, though most Christians and priests will call Jesus the Prince of Peace, he states “Suppose ye that I come to give peace on earth, I tell you nay but rather division”. But Islam is united by the sword. Why is this so I ask myself? The answer is God wants us all to lie and engage in recrimination for things he calls the sin of man when the sin is his, to deceive us all, “Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive[The Koran]” and “See how God confounds the wise[St Paul]”. There is a recent study which shows that monotheism tends to emerge from desert regions whereas polytheism emerges in lush landscapes. This being true, it may well be that unless we start to give more respect to polytheism, (eg Hinduism) then we may well turn the world into a desert. If we think the one God can create everything in an instant we do not care about the earth because we think it will be made into a paradise on resurrection day, but if we think there is a God for every tree then we respect the trees. The Indonesians have forced the Balinese to accept there is but one God in their Hindu mythology. It is no surprise that converts incited by holy men of the religion of the desert are bombing only Balinese resorts in all Indonesia. They have to destroy the wonderful diversity of Bali. By convincing Indonesians and Pakistanis that they are descended from Adam, Noah and Abraham, god can effectively oppose the truths Darwin has revealed to us and more lately Crick and Watson when they unravelled the double helix of genes and people like Matt Ridley whose book “The Genome” describes new discoveries about genes in terms we can all understand.

The maps below show screen prints of the National Geographic genome project. They are readily available through the National Geographic web-site and I thoroughly recommend anyone reading this site to visit. It is our common family tree and the data National Geographic has collected blesses all mankind with the love of long lost close relatives.  The yellow patch above each map indicates the period of history the map covers.









There is no sin in any of this, the concept of sin imagines government laws existed always. God uses this device to trick those who believe in justice into denying evolution. Islamists and more recently Christians use the word “justice” practically as a reason in itself to believe. They seem to be trying to claim that if you believe in evolution you do not believe in justice and therefore are an outlaw without the protection of compassion or justice. Yet even cleaner fish and shrimps enter into bargains with other fish not to be eaten in return for keeping the bigger fish healthy. Our justice system is composed of such arrangements between us and our fellow citizens so that weak are protected. The wonder, at times, is that these religious pushers aren’t declared outlaws. Look at animal behaviour and humans reflect it all, the affection and the also violence of Elephant tusking elephant to death, chimpanzees waging war on chimpanzees. The truth sets us free but it is not the truth of Christ. It is the truth of our own situation in the universe. That through civilisation, provided we do not see justice as absolute, since even a murder is just the law of survival in the genes, we can perfect our societies and live in peace, democracy, recognition of human rights, freedom of religion etc. Pseudo-Genetics have been used for race crimes in the past but just note that many people of West African origin, including West Indians, suffer from sickle cell anaemia. The reason is not inferiority to healthy white people, it is because the gene mutation which causes it also confers resistance to malaria. So centuries ago the ones who survived in West Africa were those who had the mutated gene. Never, therefore judge a body by its illness, though Jesus will tempt you to agree with him that those who are sick are “ye of little faith”

Finally on a lighter note. The genes we have show that Eve, from whom all women are descended, emerged about 150,000 years ago in Africa and that Adam emerged 60,000 years ago. That means Eve was stuck with dumb men for about 90,000 years. So guys, next time your partner seems a little slow on the uptake, remember, she has learnt to be slow and patient dealing with our ancestors.

First steps out of Africa

Moving into China - 1st wave

Spreading across the plains of Eurasia

Down into Thailand

Spreading west into Spain

Ice age forces moves south

Into the Americas

The journey continues

More migration into the Americas

The ice retreats so humans move north

A close view showing North African colonisation

My nearest ancestors emergence (M17)

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