My genetic history

My Y chromosome identifies me as a member of haplogroup R1a, a lineage defined by a genetic marker M17. This haplogroup emerged about 10,000 year ago, probably on the grassy steppes of Ukraine or Southern Russia. The marker appeared in a man of the M173 lineage. both these groups are visible on the map below. My earliest ancestors along the M17 lineage may have ben the first people to domesticate the horse. from the Czech republic to siberia and south through Central Asia some 40% of men are members of this haplogroup M17. The previous marker for this group M173 is the common ancestoral marker I share with most Europeans. they arrived in Europe about 35,000 years ago but were probably forced south into Spain and the Balkans for a while by the Ice Age. Prior to that the common marker I share is M45 which emerged between 35 and 45 thousand years ago north of the Hindu Kush.

The story starts in Africa when the M168 marker emerged the original man who possessed this is the father of all non-Africans throughout Europe, Asia and The Americas (including native “Red Indians”). Marker M89 is the next lineage marker and I share that with 90-95% of non-Africans. Many people of this lineage remained in the Middle east but many moved into the vast plains to hunt of central Asia. Somewhere around Iran another marker emerged, M9, and this man fathered the people who have now populated most of the planet. He fathered most people in the Northern Hemisphere and more. Descendants include some in the Indian sub-continent, North Americans and East Asians.

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