Racism, Buddhism and Darwinism

Still waters run deep and this applies to racism as much as anything. My advice is to look before you leap.

Recent work by The National Geographic Genome project, which is partly explained with reference to myself in this website has revealed some more astonishing facts to me which I can now share with you. (If you want to know your own story you must take part in the genome project yourself as it requires a password to access it.

If you look at the picture of me at Glastonbury festival you will see that I am white, blonde and blue eyed. How strange the story is. You can learn from the genome project web-site that when the Eurasian clan, my brothers of the M9 Y chromosome marker, split up to travel their separate ways, certain new Y chromosome markers emerged and my ancestral fathers are Y chromosome markers M9 then M45 then M207 then M173 then M17. This last marker is my most recent common unique father with other males on the planet. It has been discovered that as well as me, a blonde, blue-eyed, white male from Newcastle Upon Tyne in England having this marker, 40% of males from the Czech Republic to Siberia and in Central Asia have the marker and surprisingly, 35% of Hindu males from over the mountains in India. So Nazis just by looking at people were completely misguided. At 5’11” I would certainly have been considered one of the master race had I been in Germany in Hitler’s time and though I share his view on their being something odd about the hold of Jewish mythology on the world, there is no way he was anywhere close on genetic relationships and truths. In fact in common with most Middle Eastern males, I have the M86 marker, but I am different because markers have evolved from there which give me a different progression in my past, in fact at least 5% of Middle eastern males share my most recent M17 Y chromosome marker.


Experiences I have had of racism are:

1. A Sikh who could not abide Pakistani, (although he probably would be labelled a “Paki” by racists).

2. A fellow white worker who said “I don’t mind those nig-nogs it’s them Pakis I cannot stand”, despite the fact that he is almost certainly more closely related genetically to at least some Indian sub-continent dwellers than he is to Africans if paternal lines are the criteria.

3. A recent Nigerian (West African), lover who admitted she could not stand people from East Africa, preferring white men.


The arguments really are more likely to be cultural than race based, each of the three vignettes above illustrates this. They can be quite funny when understood though people who expressed the view are not to be laughed at, they merely have not seen as yet any reason to change their minds. In the first the Sikh felt more at home with democratic British culture that having to fight off Islamic influences on his own homeland. In the second the ease with which Africans and descendants from the West Indies adopted European attitudes, prevailing religion of Christianity and manners was appreciated more than the cultural difference of the Indians with their temples, mosques and curry houses. In the third, the background of differing African attitudes to tribalism, religion and customs influenced the prejudice.


That is why much of this web-site cautions against religions, especially those from out of the Middle East because they offer so many excuses to hate others.


It is my contention that god is not the source of love. Love comes from the uninhibited compassionate heart of man, (as I felt when for a few seconds the chains on me were released in Copenhagen in 1977), what God wants is mankind to hate one another unless they accept his claims to be the creator. God may even farm love from our consciousnesses, as he appears to have farmed the enlightenment I experienced. God may be riding the neural sophistication that inclines us to love.


There may be some mitigation for what God has done in that, for instance, The Koran united Arab tribes that previously fought each other. However, if that was done at the expense of European enlightenment, such as the politics and art of the Greeks, the ancient civilisations of the Balkans, the astronomical interest of the British and northern French tribes and the civil engineering of the Romans what really has been achieved. Simply a self-perpetuating myth that the Islamic culture was great store house of culture during the dark ages in Europe. My point is that if you accept the Bible and Koran then the words that “we know when to release devils” in the Koran and talk of a trader in souls in the New Testament, take on a sinister role of actually being tools to deceive us all as to what is responsible for our progress, our own genetic make-up leading to our intelligence and reason, or God’s book deliveries. I fancy the former is reality, though examination of history may appear to show the other simply because an enclosed environment existed where the neurally inhibited tribes of Europe could not see truth because they were deluded by Christ in their heads and the priesthood in front of them. Christ in your head will adjust your neural network brain until you see things how he wants you to perceive them, not how they really are or happened.


Beware of getting too engrossed in the bible or Koran, they may affect your prejudices


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