Spiritual Journey

This is quite a complex part of my life. Only the first part is in any way complete as yet, “The Early Years”

I hope that when the “Before Bliss” and “After Bliss” pages are published they will help some people make decisions as to what course to take in their life. This will be done by revealing my sometimes difficult path to a Moment of Bliss and the journey after that, not all of which is happy or pain free. However, the Moment of Bliss remains as a great influence on my reasoning and at least one path taken to get to reach it can be presented here.

For the moment I am slowly putting together a list of artistic influences which may have put my mind in a state open to bliss or a state which beings in blissful states found easy to touch. I am therefore putting these influences into two categories, before bliss and after. Those after bliss were more to keep me sane and help me feel good knowing there were others out there who could be creative in ways I would have liked to have been had my circumstances been different

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