The Omega Course (23, 29, 34 & 35)

The basis for this very long page, (although quite short in when compared to religious books such as the Bible or Koran), is that I feel religion in totality can make fools of some people. It is dedicated to those who find all religions they have examined so far a torture. It is written in the hope that it helps in a small way to de-programme the pain. I dread knowing someone has suffered because of my own neglect and this page is available freely on the web to try to reach out to those who would have suffered, if anyone, had I not published this site.

I call it the Omega Course because it is intended as the opposite of “The Alpha Course”. The Alpha Course, (alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet), promises sweet good-natured people a first introduction to Christianity. The problem I have with that is that Jesus said “Woe unto he that leaves my church”, but they probably don’t tell you that on the course so if, in your heart, you decide it is not right for you, this “meek and mild saviour” may have a rather nasty surprise for you. Of course Islam which followed Christianity is even more overtly opposed to those trying to leave the faith. All this is intimidation not love. Those who read the “Brief History” section of this web-site will know a little about my own spiritual journey and how difficult that can be made. I think Christ is blackmailing those who join his faith so that they cannot leave, like hooked heroin addicts. He takes away the pain in the Alpha Course, that is your first free ‘fix’. After that when you find yourself being invited to accept more and more extreme views, such as “an unrepentant woman whose crime was to steal a can of beans from a supermarket to feed her children will burn eternally in hell”, you may decide you want to leave. You may have to tread carefully to avoid the snares left for deserters and also go through a lot of ‘cold turkey’. This Omega course will hopefully prepare you for some of that cold turkey and help you battle self-doubt which religions play on. I hope other parts of the site will enlighten you as to paths through the minefield of life too.

A word of caution first. There is much wisdom in holy books, but my contention, (from experiences which I will describe  in “After Bliss” if I can ever bear the pain and think logically enough to write it all down), is that God, gods and devils simply sap much wisdom from us humans through interaction with our neural networks or brains. (You may find that a big idea to take on board at this stage page but please persevere with this page if you would seek to understand - but never underestimate the wisdom in holy books hidden among the threats, offers and rubbish). For example Jesus is reported to have said “love one another”. It is a fact that you do not have to hate everyone to be anti-Christ. It is simply a borrowed expression. Humans do love each other frequently naturally and show them compassion, so it is important not to throw away the baby when disposing of the bath water, don’t throw away all the best in human values just because they are written in a holy book being marketed by those who try to tell everyone they have found the one and only answer. Also remember these words which the musician Sting brought to our attention in what seems another age now lest we forget “how fragile we are” and “I hope the Russians love their children too” I hope people of all religions love their children and all children, since we are all children of evolution on this planet and our survival chances are fragile.

Science and reason versus religion is a common conflict and can set up internal stresses within young people when the two cannot be reconciled. This can poison their lives. Please see the page on Paradise for a little extra on this subject

The presumptions of what you will read, (although I will in the final analysis deny that you should be presumptuous), are that it is important to:

a. be racially tolerant but not anti-white culture.

b. not let Europe be divided again to stop wars

c. encourage white women to reproduce at this particular juncture in history, to a level of replacement (i.e average 2.2 children) to match the other races which are expanding - as this is the culture that gave rise to democracy, the academic resistance to religion - Darwinism - paleontology etc. There is too the argument that white men and women should adopt the 2.2 children philosophy and this holds true even if they have the children with those of other races since it maintains the diversity of the human gene pool, though in that case there is a need  not to slip from western culture into another less educated one, more perhaps to integrate the two.

d. encourage contraceptive use by women in other cultures and races to bring their level of reproductivity down to 2.2

e. be a little wary of integration with Semitic culture through Judao Christian or Islamic culture, in a totally peaceful sense, because it could be intended to replace European people’s science and human compassion with two ideas, creationism and that compassion only comes from God (Allah the compassionate one). This needs a brief explanation here. You must be absolutely sure that you are in love before you commit to reproduction because “Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive” as the Koran says. He may be just manipulating your neural network or brain, (more of this is described later). The argument I support here links two threads of human intelligence, Darwinism showing the power of evolution and Buddha showing that compassion comes from within the human soul. While many Arabs and Jews may wish to dissociate themselves from the teachings of a God who is hell bent on two alternatives, ultimately there is a paradox. One alternative forces his promise to Abraham onto everybody on the planet, the other alternative is for all people to hate Jews and respect at a distance Arabs. Projects like the National geographic programme with IBM, (http://www5.nationalgeographic.com/genographic/journey.html) will hopefully prove forever the falseness of God’s promise to Abraham and the base ambition that is behind it of convincing mankind he created us rather than we evolved. This programme I refer to at the link shown may just in time have caught our ancestral distribution around the planet before the truth gets confused and potentially lost in an argument between scientists who believe in God and those who are skeptical. Once all races are mixed it could be much easier for the claims of the Bible to be held up as truths if this evidence is not collected. Of course even after collection of the data, denial may occur through religious governments such as those politicians in Kansas USA and the Taliban destroying collected evidence.

f. understand that it is possible that forces in a dream/spirit world, (part perhaps of another set of dimensions we have not yet begun to understand  and even stranger phenomena), do not wish people like yourself to believe in anything outside the material world unless you accept their dominance of it. This is because if you did you would alert others to the fact that the spiritual world operates on the same level as life on earth, an evolutionary course being followed. If such existed it would be where the domineering and sadistic Saddam Husseins of the material world are mirrored. Domination of these other spiritual worlds is the intent of corrupt minds and spirits. The long struggle for peace and freedom of the individual in our material world may take as long or much longer in the spiritual world as it is difficult to fight bad in it and difficult to get a consensus with friends as to what one needs to fight. It might also be said however that stopping your neural network tuning in to this other dimension might help you in your studies, leaving you less distracted. This is the equivalent of a student living in a fascist state or a democratic state, harassment by authority is more likely you when you are recognised as existing in that fascist world as the authorities will want to monitor you. So in principle whatever is stopping you seeing this other dimension may, at a pinch, be benevolent towards you (but see the “Feminist” page). Please note that last sentence if you have a God you feel you can trust because the rest of this page of the web-site will seem strange to you so you may wish to leave the page now.

The position I take in this paper, for arguments sake, is that God may have as much evil intent towards us as any devil holy books mention.

Here I must quote Charles Darwin from the Introduction to his first edition of “The Origin of Species”. although I lay no claim to be as observant nor as gifted intellectually as he:

“This Abstract, which I now publish, must necessarily be imperfect. I cannot here give references and authorities for my several statements; and I must trust to the reader reposing some confidence in my accuracy. No doubt errors will have crept in, though I hope I have always been cautious in trusting to good authorities alone. I can here give only the general conclusions at which I have arrived, with a few facts in illustration, but which I hope, in most cases will suffice.....I am well aware that scarcely a single point is discussed in this volume on which facts cannot be adduced, often apparently leading to conclusions directly opposite to those at which I have arrived. A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question; and this cannot possibly be here done.”

Having said that perhaps some quotes to consider while your read (follow this link).

 The main personal reason I want you to continue is that God to me appears to me mounting a campaign against white people, the Celts etc., for the moment, though perhaps other races later. He or she (though for the rest of this page I will simply use He since we do not have a universal third person pronoun as Estonians do), promised Moses in the Koran that if he put out his hand it would appear white, therefore this could be more about genes, since many Jews now appear more white for instance than Arab/Semitic though they have the Jewish gene. His objective, I contend,  is to integrate Europeans with other races and this will be almost impossible to stop over the next one thousand years, This may not be a bad thing as our descendants may be better able to survive. Equally white isolation may be better if the genes we mix with weaken us. Genetic outcomes is a very difficult thing to predict so I cannot advise nor do i believe can anyone else at this point in history it is your own genetic gamble who you choose.

 He also though wishes us Europeans to integrate first, and perhaps other races later with Arab and Jewish peoples, the Semitic races and as I will point out, this may have a downside for rational thinking and science, as well as the secular institutions of democracy:

Now my angst which drives me to write this:

I feel the church duped me then dumped me (my school work went downhill after walking out of the choir I was in but it was only years later I found a passage in the New testament where JC says "Woe unto he that leaves my church"). As a consequence I am very skeptical but convinced for this and other reasons, (that will be described in the “Brief History” section of the web-site at a later date), that there is something in the spirit world. It is interesting too to note that JC also said “... believers will in no way lose their reward”... Now I could definitely have become a bank clerk, my first job, without a reward for being in a choir so it was what I thought I could achieve better than that that I lost. I wanted to become a doctor before I joined the choir. One could argue that it does not apply to people who get doubts ad leave the church but if that is your attitude why do people regard St Thomas so highly who lived with JC, saw the miracles but still doubted. Of course the Koran says “Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive” and my argument will be that I was deceived and in fact anyone who sends their children to a Christian church may well be deceived. If anything my first job showed that I “in no way lost my (opportunity to be part of a business which frequently, for information leading to the arrest of robbers, offer a)“ reward. This is the deceit of Allah, that bits are added to JCs word to control our fates without actually being a complete lie.


So you will have perhaps concluded I have fears for the world and European civilisation, for the moment, although what I ultimately warn of could apply to most races. I am aware the reasoning could be construed as racist and even the rantings of a paranoid madman, but it is the way I see things and the path I have chosen to express my compassion rather than be a vehicle for a God I do not trust. If you think there is evil and writings such as these are a snare of evil I can only say that Satan is, to me, the sheep dog if Christ is the Shepherd, leaving humanity no option but to go where Christ wants in order to avoid the dog’s jaws. I also believe Satan , as created by God, is God's responsibility, like a poorly designed building is the architect's responsibility. If anyone is suffering abuse by Satan they should be allowed to prosecute God in theory, as one would a poor architect.

Introduction and Synopsis

The central Thesis is that God is patient but waiting to triumph over Europeans by using asymmetric troops in the form of Jews and then a second front of more heavily determined Arabs to fulfill a promise to Abraham that he would give all the rule of nations to his seed, (Genesis Ch 17 section 4-8). The rivers of the Eden garden metaphorically are the Jewish race and the Arabic race - rivers out of Eden as perhaps Richard Dawkins might call them. The rivers could also be the Volga and the Shannon. All this will be achieved by racial integration. All other races are incidental, (the current treatment of Black Africans as inferior people by Sudanese Arabs is some evidence of this and more evidence is the Mormon rejection of black skin as evidenced by Mormon book 2. Ne 5:21 which basically amplifies a text the Dutch Refom Church racists in South Africa used, before apartheid ended, which was that the skin of Ham, one of Noah’s sons, turned black when he peeped at his father naked).

Note: Many Christian priests may argue that Jesus is the new covenant so my concerns are unfounded. However, just as some would say the Jews were abandoned because they turned from God, equally one could argue that in the modern world millions of generations descended from Christians are turning from God because science is making more sense of the world. God could then use this an excuse to sponsor Jews once again as with his original intent since they remain prayerful these days, as the Orthodox of Israel, New York and London show, or even just the regular synagogue attenders. So God in this context must just be saying to us “Sorry I’ve changed my mind again, now I am back to my original covenant that the whole world is to be ruled by Jews.” (for an example of this read the following verses from the Book of Mormon, (3 Ne 21 v 4, 6-7, 27 especially v 7 which states “And when these things come to pass that thy seed shall begin to know these things”, and it is now in the history of the world that among Christians and those living in their culture, that jews are the flavour of the month as sexual partners, which is the biblical ‘knowing’ and so the seed of jews is kowing gentile women.) Of course I am simply offering explanations for how such a disproportionate number of Jews are ‘princes’ of the entertainment, arts, banking and science arenas and of course are prominent in politics. Science shows that they cannot actually have evolved so quickly as to have such an advantage over us. This unnatural advantage I explain as being due to inhibiting others, rather than advantaging Jews. It may also be that God always knew this would happen which reinforces my analogy of the Jews being as a nation’s special forces, hailed as heroes for taking higher risks in the battle against perfectly rational unbelief.

The alternative view, which is a substitution of sorts, for anything the bible may appear to be leading to, is that God knows Darwin true and always did but pursued deceiving mankind and trying to have such a belief labeled heresy, (the delivery of the Mormon tablets to the USA and its subsequent development from freedom loving democrats to fundamentalist Baptists against Darwin confirms this to some extent). Where will it end one wonders when one looks at how Islam spread through battles?

Also in the Book of Mormon there is this from Hel 13:17 “ And behold, a curse shall come upon the land, saith the Lord of Hosts, because of the peoples’ sake who are upon the land, yea, because of their wickedness and their abominations”. Now as anything which is not what God wanted you to do is an abomination, (including of course the Book of Leviticus which proscribes homosexuality) then this is an excuse to take democracy from compassionate societies. Perhaps too that curse was the Nazis on Jews and Homosexuals.

The second substitution of sorts is that God is replacing Buddha with Christ, a sort of Buddha but with a top God behind everything, (the teachings of Christ are very similar to Buddha except that this God becomes the arbiter of what is right and wrong rather than nature or Karma)

Contrast how the Jewish bible offers success to the faithful people in battle yet when England converted it lost battle after battle to Viking raiders, There is no love in that for European believers. Also note how the Balkans and Greece suffered under Islam. I know some prominent people like Robert Fisk, the reporter, think life was fine under Islam with Christian children being educated in Istanbul, but the Bulgarian folklore, (I have worked with Bulgarians o ecological programmes and talked about these things with them) is that these children were stolen from their parents and taught military skills to return to Bulgaria as oppressors, like many children involved in war these days in Africa. The love of God remains for the ultimate victory of arrogant faith against reason and tolerance. This will be explained in the text.

It is important to understand that the vast majority of Jews and Arabs are consciously unaware of this but that God may have such a hold on the sub-conscious that he can steer the world to some extent by variously stimulating and inhibiting the consciousness of people. This is why absolute rubbish can appear to be true. God is about creating an environment in which what he says appears to be true when in actual fact it need not be (as above where I describe the effect on my work after leaving the church.) An understanding of neural networks will help here. neural networks are computer systems designed in a similar way to the human brain but on a much smaller scale. You can easily programme a neural network to look at a letter “B” and output that it is looking at a “G”. It is my contention that conversion to a religion is such a type of programming and this is why many US Christians are denying science.

One last point before the start of the analysis. Douglas Adams in his book "Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency", tells of a creature who persuades some humans who have a time machine to take him back to a point 4 billion years previously because he has spent an eternity regretting allowing an accident to occur. The heroes of the story only realise at the last moment that the accident was the human race. The creature was going back to the beginning of life onearth to destroy us. On a much shorter timescale I believe Allah/Jehovah and possible sri Krishna are trying to eliminate the reason and rational thinking characteristic of the Greeks and Western civilisation, in order to fob future generations off with the "environment" of biblical truths as was done in the past, before geology, biology etc were taught more openly and generally from the 19th century. That requires mixing of European genes with others, especially Semites (both Arabic and Jewish), destruction of nature that inspired Darwin,  (as gross material capitalism is doing because the faithful US citizens see wealth as a blessing from God, to hide the evidence for Darwinism) and destruction of the historical record (in the same fashion the Taliban managed through destruction of art and museums).

My view is that two towering intellects have observed life, Buddha and Darwin. Neither had enough time or basic knowledge to do what the other did but if they had met I think it would have been wonderful for both of them. Such a meeting if documented or recorded by television would, in my opinion, help many to understand their position in the universe and lifestyle options. Darwin observed the material world and saw how all life struggles to survive and that it is important for one's genetic survival that one does so. Buddha observed the spiritual world and saw that the only escape from the suffering of life, (in that there can only be so many winners in the struggle), is to abandon desire. Both socialism and conservatism will cause extinctions because they both have ambition which is unchecked. Darwin was civilised and so had checked his ambitions. Not for him the acquisition of great material wealth, more to understand the truth of nature. This is the compassion within all humans that I wrote of earlier. Buddha, without the basic science Darwin had access to, made the minor error, considering he did this over two and a half thousand years ago, of not seeing that without Darwinistic principles in nature, the creatures of earth would not have evolved to the state where humans emerged, which was why he had the mental capacity to reason about the spiritual world and break free from the chains of inhibited consciousness. Darwin had no principle on which to check the ambitions of future generations which interpreted his work e.g. Lenin. Both are in effect halves of an egg which nourishes humanity. Darwin without Buddha is Stalinism and Nazism, Buddha without Darwin is genetic suicide, the end of our races

It is my opinion that all religions, God based or devil based, try to sway people away from the middle path of understanding these two marvelous people's insights. Understanding them is to be in balance.

Balance would say a woman should have two or three children and care for them, (Darwin), which requires material substance, but balance those desires with compassion for fellow creatures in the pain and suffering of life, (Buddha). This might save the woman from a spiritual world in which the rules are the same as the material world, (Darwinist). In that sense the spiritual world might be dominated by Saddam Hussein with no countries to escape from him to and no warriors to oppose. The presence of Buddha in the spiritual world and his belief in compassion for all sentient beings means that gentle people can have hope that the spiritual world is guarded,  (as democracy and human rights guard us in the material world).

Everyone who is so, is quite right to be concerned about extinction, but to ensure an alternative future will require a greener Europe to withstand the ambitions of the uncaring, the extreme socialist and the extreme capitalist. However, compassion starts close to home, as Darwin loved his children, therefore I think it is wrong to identify animal rights activists as anything more than, in a few extreme cases, misguided. Even then though, they, (the extremists), are only a balance for those who call regularly for capital punishment, and battery farming etc. to solve "problems". To take a general political analogy. While one extreme exists the other will often be there, as Militant flourished under Thatcher. Middle of the road Tony Blair promised the militant animal rights activists an end or at least a reduction in the cruelty to animals and some green policies. In the end John Prescott, his deputy, has shown his credentials as an extremely ambitious socialist and thus come down in favour of an experimentation laboratory and continues to encourage the 'people's ambition' for greater wealth with his 2 Jaguars, which will lead to extinction of most big wild mammals , for instance if everyone in China had two cars. If you give such a man an inch he will take a thousand square kilometers of Borneo rain forest and more.

Hope this has helped to enlighten you a little thus far.

I believe you, dear reader,  may be misunderstanding the reaction people are having at the moment to a number of irrational and/or faith based beliefs, which are trying to take centre stage in National and Global politics.

Europe and Britain especially have been centres of rational thinking for upwards of about three hundred years give or take half a century. These have led to liberal values such as democracy AND human rights. I emphasise the "and" as I do not believe a country in which 51% vote to kill the other 49% is merely a democracy obeying the will of the majority. There has to be respect for human rights too. It is the conservative religious values, including Islam which are now actively trying to jump through hoops in order to make a response to these progressive trends which are a problem, for many of us. Southern Baptists in the United States are a similar problem. Why are these a threat? Well, we are constantly informed by our own liberal press that newly arrived immigrant people are actually good citizens and bringing much to the country, but one has to say they our thriving in western society, not that they may not be equally talented in their own, but that the tolerance is not reciprocated. For instance while Cat Stevens could be a big advert for Islam by converting, in many Islamic countries anybody attempting to convert people to Christianity could face death. So I see European destiny as to remain an island of tolerance for free and secular thinking and hopefully an inspiration to others.

It is possible to interpret scriptures in a positive light and the failings of societies over the centuries are due to humanity. However, in fairness democracy has flourished despite religion rather than because of it, so I am inclined to believe more in human institutions. Consider a negative approach. The God of the Middle East appears to come at us from four directions, the Old Testament and Judaism, the New Testament, the Koran and the Mormon faith. It appears there was a conservative in the first instance creating over 600 extremist laws, he then seemed liberal with Jesus Christ (which I have said was an attempt to replicate Buddhism from 600 years earlier), then after establishing liberal credentials with Jesus, he returned to conservative societies with the Koran, giving primacy for the law rather than forgiveness,  (or compassion as it was in its original Buddhist form). Now, with the fourth element Mormonism, he appears to be talking nonsense (such as saying two Jewish tribes formed the Indians of North America which genetics disproves). It could be claimed that these were responses, the first a single authoritarian approach, which is logical if you wish to claim creation, but it also generated shame. The rest of the story seems to be about maintaining that shame and monotheism. The new testament could be seen as a response to Buddhism growing in the East which it resembles. Once belligerent and dominant European civilisations were weakened by accepting Christianity, (God would believe this would work since it worked in India for Buddhism), he could then restore his Old Testament justice and punishment demands with the Koran, (hence the followers felt justified in using the sword rather than loving martyrdom). Mormonism is a response to science in the west and appears, as the USA now gradually becomes increasingly irrational, to be in its period of ascent with many scientists now swearing allegiance to creationism while their capitalism destroys the nature, from which Darwin drew his inspiration, which they presumably believe God created.

It is my belief that all these differences are designed by something with a malevolent feeling towards some or all of mankind, either to get us to go to war with each other or to try to advantage, perhaps, one special group above the others. Full democracy has been with Europeans for less than a century but with that we have a hope of peace as democracies tend to talk about their problems and differences rather than fight. (It was God who said one of his weapons was war in the Old Testament and for centuries he used exactly that in Europe while we killed each other off and destroyed our genetic diversity thus.) His other weapons he claims in the Old testament are famine, plague and pestilence, but we know the causes of plague so there is another I will deny him the right to make us live in fear of. Incidentally Jesus Christ said “Oh ye of little faith” to those who were sick , implying that if they believed enough they would not be sick. But we know now that many people have a genetic disposition to disease and it is nothing to do with  having faith, such as the reason some people of West African descent suffer the blood disorder sickle cell anemia because that gene change confers on them a degree of immunity to malaria. Therefore if they did not have  sickle cell disease they may have died out as a race from the effects of malaria

If Islamic people swear they are democratic and accept human rights, why should people still be concerned? One of the reasons may be reproduction. We know from genetic tests that what resulted from the Vikings invading Northern Britain and the Anglo-Saxons in the Southern England is that over time, their genes have passed into the majority of people in the country. Extending this logically it will follow that a thousand years from now, most British people will have brown skin, either though Asian or African inter-marriage and Semitic genes through Jewish or Arabic inter-marriage. Ordinarily this would not seem a problem if that is the way people have fallen in love, but two problems present themselves, from what Islam may call God’s will. Firstly, the promise God made to Abraham that i mentioned earlier, (the Koran and the Bible claim Abraham as the primary ancestor) "all the land between two rivers will I give to your seed". If all Europeans have Semitic genes then he will have succeeded in giving all the land between the Volga and the Shannon to the seed of Abraham. Is it the will of Allah that Europeans all become like Sammy Davis Jnr half Brown skin and half Semitic. It would appeal more if everybody in Saudi Arabia and Africa became like Sammy Davis Jnr also, frankly. (I have to confess to loving blonde haired and/or fair skinned ladies so if re-incarnation is true, the future is going to be disappointing to me). It seems not that it should not happen, but it should not happen if the reciprocal, that white people can go to Semitic, African and Asian countries, does not happen. Clearly white people teaching about their beliefs in Saudi Arabia is not tolerated, nor are white lifestyles like drinking late at night and clubbing. It may also be very difficult to reverse the process. Once we all have semitic genes it will be very easy for a God who can influence the neural networks of mankind, (in the manner I described earlier) AND can put in power religious autocrats. (Jesus said to Pontius Pilate “all power comes from my father”, which by the way makes you wonder why he put Pontius in power.)

As I write in 2005 - Look at Mugabe’s racism on one side, Saudi Arabia’s opposition to the idea that Westerners can bring their life styles with them to their country and the current unrest against Christian churches and Western engineers in Pakistan. It seems that God or perhaps the devil, has directed things over millennia so that the Europeans become a soft-hearted Christian based environment, easy to associate with, live amongst and of course fall in love with. This means however that they will be a mongrel people. Is that Allah’s intent? A thousand years from now the people who have rebuilt democratic civilisation from the ashes of pre-Christian Greece, will be unrecognisable. Will they be able to sustain or even want this society we have now? Is the integration of genes another part of the efforts of God against the democratic principle, because like the pre-revolutionary French Monarchy, he is an autocrat in the spiritual world

How does it come about we are so liberal and tolerant of immigrants. Part of it of course comes back to shame imposed by the Old testament which is rooted in our culture. The Nazi period basically keeps us away from bigotry. However if we look at the religious books in the Koran it says "...we know when to release devils", In the Old testament it says "my weapons are war,....etc." Jesus tells a parable of how a devil was released among some men because they were "becoming wise" and also that he came "not to give sight but to blind" (reference John 9.39).The Mormon book has Moroni saying "I urge the Jews to call on Jesus Christ" as if some urgent last call was being made in the early 1800s which could also act as an incitement to dislike of the Jews. Put all these together and one could say that God released a devil or devils in Germany to ferment war as his weapon against the European scientific, political and biological enlightenments. He has given a veiled warning in Mormon texts that this would lead to suffering of Jews (at the hand of Nazis). Out of it he got the long scattered Diaspora back to Israel (as he had always promised them) and created an environment in Europe which tolerated the immigration of alien genes, those of the direct descendants of Abraham according to these scriptures, Arabs and Jews. So in effect God creates environments which appear to confirm his writings to believers, but which are not necessarily true, they may only appear that way. (If you think this is fanciful consider the Book of Job in the Bible done in slow time for millions rather than quick time for one person). God says in to Satan “Hast thou seen my faithful servant?” and Satan replies that if you tested him by having his family killed etc [ can you believe that?], then he would curse God. God goes ahead and when Job looks good after the test he gives all taken and more back to him, his wealth a new wife etc. Now look at the Jews in the 17th century. God says to Satan “Hast thou seen my faithful people, who carry an undeserved curse of having crucified Christ for they are not all to blame?” Satan then says take from them everything they have and they would curse you to your face, So by the 19th century God has devised a test, warned of subtly in the Book of Mormon. Then in the 20th century Hitler takes everything from them literally, even their hair but there is very little record I have heard of of anyone in the camps cursing God. So after the war God blesses those surviving with all they had and more. The families of those who died get back their lost possessions through investigation of art collections and money through investigation of bank accounts in Switzerland; as a people they get a state back, Israel; they become recognised as the most talented people in entertainment, law, politics and business, (which the page of this web-site called “Education” illustrates a possible reason for) and they find it easy to find sexual partners among the peoples the diaspora has been sent to because of the sympathy vote. Conveniently God in his blessings on them ignores the 14 million Russians that died, (most of their relatives still poor) and all the millions of Chinese, the citizens of London and Dresden etc because that was not what his argument with Satan was about and neither of them gives two hoots about them anyway. If he had not planned the second world war there would be no Israel and probably a still rather more chauvinistic white race. That latter, reduction of white chauvinism may or may not be good in the long term, but it is good only if liberalism is reciprocated in God’s countries the conservative states of the Middle East.  If this view that the Germans could be possessed to go to war and kill millions of Jews in order to fulfil God’s intent of integrating Middle East genes into Europe seems bizarre consider Luther’s letter to the German nobility:

All I wish to say is this: though he were never so wicked a heretic, nevertheless he was burned unjustly and against God's commandment, and the Bohemians should not be forced to approve of such conduct, or else we shall never come into unity. Not obstinacy but the open admission of truth must make us one. It is useless to pretend, as was done at the time, that a safe-conduct given to a heretic need not be kept.[50] That is as much as to say that God's commandments are not to be kept to the end that God's commandments may be kept. The devil made them mad and foolish, so that they did not know what they were saying or doing. God has commanded that a safe-conduct shall be kept. This commandment we should keep though the world fall. How much more, when it is only a question of freeing a heretic! We should vanquish heretics with books, not with burning; for so the ancient fathers did. If it were a science to vanquish the heretics with fire, then the hangmen would be the most learned doctors on earth; we should no longer need to study, but he who overcame another by force might burn him at the stake

The first highlight should be read with the understanding that perhaps Luther did not have, that in the Koran it says “We know when to release devils” and the Bible states that when men were becoming wise, (as perhaps the Germans were with their culture, science etc in the 1930s as were the rest of the nations that were to become caught up in the war) “God released a devil among them”

The second highlight above perhaps gives just cause to those who feel the bombing of Dresden during the 2nd World War was wrong. But hey-ho, all probably part of God’s plan to make the Germans hate the British and vice versa while infertility becomes their lot. Perhaps also we should bear in mind that the Koran says “Woe unto he that receives the book on his back” so there is the point that there is a veiled threat implicit therein that if you do not convert when the book is shown to you will still receive the equivalent of a burning or similar. In fact if you read the Abrahamic tradition books as a total you can see there is potentially absolutely no tolerance of unbelief. (see the page on “The Law” for a brief look at a associated issues)

.We see the Algerians vote in a democratic election for a fundamentalist government, we see despite the promise of Attaturk that Turkey would be a secular state the fundamentalists are trying to get in power with their conservative views, we see the highest level of criticism of us comes from a decrepit Mullah in Finchley moaning about how we let our women display their beautiful bodies if they choose, (though he makes no mention of the fact that autocratic Islamic leaders have for centuries enjoyed Harems). Our society’s attitude to sexuality is actually a manifestation of nature and, from another angle, a lifestyle best summed up by the political expression “Harems for the people“ like the rock music “Power to the people.” Because of that, one cannot help wondering would these mongrel people a thousand years from now, presented and dominated by raging religious megalomaniacs with the fait accompli "evidence" that God has given everything (between two rivers), to them, as promised, that the infidels once owned, be capable of seeing the rationality of Darwin, the humanity of Elizabeth Fry, the uninhibited art of the renaissance and the virtue of the Ancient Athenians politics or would they just see the will of Allah/Jehovah/Jesus and thus reject all our efforts now for peace, civilisation and artistic freedom and human rights.

Personally I fancy the God believed in deceives us all, as indeed he partly admits to in the Koran (“Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive”). I believe that only human discovered truth ultimately is worthwhile. The prime examples, which are not of the intent of the God described here, being Buddha and Darwin. Of course it may be that God’s  survival of the fittest is survival of his chosen few only, adapting to the environment he creates through obfuscating bullshit, fear, superstition, the ambition of his followers and influence on human neural networks. the ultimate Darwinism he plots and his pseudo-compassion is directed only towards his own ambitions, the opposite of Buddha. There is no balance. (In effect God or Gods would be stealing from the origins of truth for his/their  own benefit)

It may be that God has found the point in human enlightenment when he can take advantage of democracy and human rights, (he could not take advantage of Greek democracy since it was only for Greeks, nor English parliamentarianism until an act was passed permitting Jews to enter politics in the Nineteenth century) His intention must now turn towards the next stage of his slow but inexorable and unseen campaign, gaining possession of things for his chosen ones, (all the land between two rivers) As a reminder, a useful analogy is to see the two rivers as the Rivers out of Eden which Richard Dawkins describes in his appropriately titled book. There are two rivers of genes, the Arabic Semite and the Jewish Semite. It is difficult to see how all Jews and Arabs could know of this intent, but I suspect some who study esoteric and exotic matters do. The ultimate expression is the meeting of Abramovitch Jewish owner of Chelsea FC and Al Fayed Arab owner of Fulham FC and Harrods on a yacht before the Chelsea Monaco game (April 2004). Two wealthy English immigrants one from each of these streams. Living in a country where the priesthood tells the people that wealth is not to be looked for. Are they two sons of Abraham to God? We must presume so. Although one must sympathise with Jews in past centuries periodically persecuted in Europe., one can also see that they were not unlike British SAS or SBS troops or US SEALS and other special forces, sent into occupied territories to gain an ultimate victory and certain to go down in the annals of Semitic history as heroes. They conducted God’s asymmetric warfare against Europe for centuries until the time was ripe for the other Arabian Semitic river to enter Europe on much friendly terms under the shelter of parliamentary democracy. (If you find this a paranoid delusion try the page on France). They have wearied Europe of persecution, but sadly not settled their own differences themselves yet, perhaps... The pure streams will be in the Middle East and from there they can stretch out into other nation’s China and India in due course if God despises them too as much as white people. One has to stress though that this is probably not a conspiracy. It could only be conducted by slow burning venomous hatred,  (for what we may never know), but I feel sure the God will invent something when the plan has succeeded. That may create an underclass of Semites who have mixed race in other words those who have married Europeans. Just as we have been shamed into mixing so they may be persuaded not to breed out of shame becoming as In India the lowest caste does, a slave people to the purer strains of Abraham’s seed resident in the Middle East countries. Is that the future we want for our descendants .

Is this God really a God or merely a Semite who was one of the first into the spiritual world which he or she has been able to take over like Saddam Hussein in the material world of Iraq? Who knows, it is all just a dark, but possible, view of the purpose of the Middle East monotheistic religion


A conclusion

Potentially then, (and of course there may be an infinite number of other futures for life on earth), Under a worst case scenario:-

all humans get Semitic genes through couples falling in love and inter-breeding with Arabs and Jews

 it becomes accepted that we are all Abraham’s children

 a conservative madness falls on that world and it is ruled by Taliban-like religious fundamentalists. (you can see that this was only just contained as ignorant people in Pakistan celebrated the Twin towers destruction, only pressure on the Pakistan government managing to rein it in)

the Taliban like government decrees the destruction of museums, scientific libraries and “incorrect” religions (such as the destruction of the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan)

the world we know of knowledge (which God says he cast us out of Eden for presumably the lie behind the lie) fades away as the world descends into an irrecoverable anti-science religion based on the writings attributed to the Semitic God. It is interesting that reversal that it is actually God who intends creating a tree of anti-knowledge rather than a tree which existed in Eden. The intended future may be a naked Arab potentate walking through his paradise garden with his naked wives, talking to his favourite about the truth of God giving back paradise to the repentant, when in actual fact all he had done was eliminate science.

In effect Jehovah/Allah becomes Sauron from the Lord of the Rings and the one he seeks is the ring which binds all mankind in the riddle of writings attributed to him, Old Testament, New Testament, Koran, Mormom Tablets and anymore to come, ( Probably another book delivery to the Arabs if the pattern repeats, in about 600 years.)


A Diaspora was promised in the Bible but why? Ethnic cleansing is abhorrent in modern terms, (for instance the Serbs against the Bosnia Muslims), so why do Christians not find the Diaspora an abhorrent action of God, moving them out of their homes as he did. I would suggest this is because their neural networks, (for which read Europeans brains) are incapable of denying an act of God as being anything but good, unless as some do, they believe it is a punishment. So looking at Bosnia again one would have to say that presumably God is now acting through the United States and United Nations forces without actually telling anyone, (this goes back to neural network control). It is a little more curious when Islam spread its word by the sword, entering Europe through the Ottoman Empire. It is hard to believe these acts which prepare the way for Semitic genes to enter the European gene pool are not motivated by a common source Allah/Jehovah.


Illness and curing has been a feature of Christian faith. Jesus calling the sick “Oh ye of little faith” But we know now that sickle cell anaemia is present in populations from West Africa because the gene malfunction which causes it also offers a degree of immunity to malaria. Jesus calling those sick with anaemia “of little faith” is patently absurd. (see Matt Ridley’s “Genome” for a good read on these matters)

Jane Goodall’s book on observing chimpanzees at her sanctuary in Tanzania illustrates that a rather small chimp became group leader by discovering that dustbin lids could be banged together to make a noise. He would bang the dustbins among the other chimps and this would cause a mild wonderment if not panic. Politicians and those with political ambitions use this technique and that is how little ideas can take over the agenda. How hard are people trying in the conservative states of Islam to bang lids together to allow white Christians to live in peace in their countries going out clubbing in skimpy clothes and drinking. They always say they obey our laws so we should reciprocate but theirs are designed to oppress whereas we have hope that ours liberate. It is a small but effective bit of insidious campaigning. Also the acceptance by the capitalists such as the recent statement by a Barclays manager that immigration is essential for the economy, does not add up either, since alternatively we could invest in the other countries and send our children there. This is also tied in to the fact that capitalism is unwilling to pay for childcare so our indigenous population does not want large families, therefore it is a fait accompli that we would not have children sufficient to send to those other countries. Basically selfish capitalist thinking can be used to assist the destruction of our way of life and ultimately science. (God will use this in future I predict to explain to the eventual ‘all semitic’ gene Europe as to why Europe had to be conquered gentically, to eliminate the pigs of European conservatism. Also encouraging aggressive immigrant enterprise leads to destruction of the natural environment, thus assisting the process of eliminating the evidence for Darwinism. It would be far better to expect companies to support breeding females because Darwin shows that survival is more important than playing with the material world. European businesses should stop thinking in terms of money and think of our ancestors and caring for our descendants


Options for intelligent mankind is to find Semites religious beliefs abhorrent because of what their God is framing them to do (turn the world into a place which finds all humans able to be proven descendants of Jews and Arabs i.e Abraham, or blind themselves to what God is doing and just reign over the demise of scientific truth due to an inability to see the urgency of resistance. One other option, unlikely but we live in hope, is to persuade Jews and Arabs to abandon belief in their God, Jehovah / Allah,. but why should they abandon the likely winner.


THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM: One can begin to consider immigrants like nature, (and this is very dangerous for peace on earth) -  i.e. consider any immigrant successful reproductively to be an invasive species instead of a controlled newly introduced garden species, once there genetic propagation gets out of hand. This may lead to a desire by indigenous “ecologically minded” to cut down the invasive species as birch in a peat bog or rhododendrons in a garden gone to waste. How do we resist that? Fight back against the invasive species from an early date? Boost opportunities for white people to breed. (A report on Morning television not too long ago predicted the last blonde would be Finnish in year 2100 or thereabouts as the blonde gene is recessive). Those claiming the future is brown skinned are not also claiming the future is mixed genes in India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Zimbabwe, those nations are still apparently entitled to protect what they see as their genetic heritage without embarrassment and presumably by the scientists projection, will do.


Although it seems liberal to not oppose integration as people fall in love, the reality is that to defend the liberality the Greeks enjoyed in Ancient times, say with regard to democracy, the arts, science and sexuality then resistance of some sort to total fulfilment of the prophecy to Abraham must be made, as in the end if it were to be fulfilled, it would be easy to convince the now sons of Abraham population of earth that persecution of gays and rule by religious leaders was correct and an eternal darkness would descend on the earth.


 As a prime example look how just a few decades after Darwin and with much discovered of fossils Einstein (Jewish) talked not as a scientist but as a man who wants to explore the mysteries of the Universe to know the mind of God, (see Aczel “God’s Equation”). Einstein’s contribution in any case was not as great as many make out since if Isaac Newton had had a camera much more would have been possible in his day and Einstein used other people's maths to add to his own small equations. (Sorry Albert fans but praising Einstein and him alone as great becomes boring and the sound of idiocy to other engineers and scientists.) It is interesting to speculate that the Mormon tablets talk of one bad tribe being eliminated in North America in the past by the good guys since like most religious writings about Semitic monotheism it could be used to say what is to come, while apparently reporting what was in the past. Thus the last Armageddon may be the triumph of those on earth with Semitic genes over those with Jewish Semitic genes since Islam may be content, (in Taliban format) not to know the mind of God therefore be held up as the good guys in God’s eyes, as God talks of Satan always trying to attack heaven. This paragraph also illustrates how the conflict between Jews and Arabs, which is not a very serious thereat to their survival since both now have a Diaspora, is constantly used on the world media stage to obfuscate other issues. Are they really at war with each other, or merely distracting their real enemies (as God would have it), white, democratic, scientific, and liberal arts cultures? It is impossible to believe in a conspiracy by all participants but it is not impossible to recognise that it has the hallmark of the techniques used in a recent film of the resistance in Gaul to the Romans where the women and children were put between the two warring camps to try to seduce the Romans into feeding them



Judas Iscariot - Crime Stopper -

Because of the lack of education in Christ’s day Judas was vulnerable. Jesus abused him and abuse is often a cause of suicide. It is said at the last supper the spirit of Satan entered him but the Koran states God knows when to release devil’s so it was a planned exercise. Jesus selected him for three years of hard work as a disciple but knew from the start he was to be the scapegoat bad guy. Even after Jesus said “business men pay your workers well” - what pay did Judas get for three years following and supporting? None - except the food he ate and shelter, which has cost him an eternity of behind despised to the lowest level of hell in for instance Dante’s vision. You have to feel sympathy for someone being played with by fate dealers

God said “All my judgements are correct” If such was true then whatever happened to any of us could be interpreted as just. However, in the past many have suffered diseases which we now know through medicine that they need not have suffered. Some Christians these days will excuse this by saying “ But Christ is the new deal for mankind” but this is not true since the Old testament also reveals that Moses argued with God and God changed his mind and agreed to change a harsh judgment. Hence things got worse after Moses with all judgments suddenly being claimed to be correct, going back on Moses deal, so how do we know that he secretly is not blessing Islamic immigrants with strict practices while  condemning the welcoming white families that allow them into their neighbourhoods.


Jewess Angela Dworkin, like a released devil tempting ridiculous genetic suicide by the Europeans takes a good thing, feminist demands for equality and respect and turns it into a pro-Israel and pro-nation of women diatribe. (It is important though to realise that she could be self-motivated or her neural network may be subject to the will of one or more exterior forces when she says these things, it may even be natural to suggest survival strategies for her people, a sort of genetic programming, but my hunch in this paper, (in which I am advocating that God’s intents are bad,), is that she is saying things that if accepted are a win for God against Europeans, or if rejected will tempt a backlash against Semites which their God can turn into a win by making people regret the attacks later). The nation of women can be seen as akin to Islamic conservative separation of the sexes. The pro-Israel stance is bizarre considering that a large portion of European male chauvinism, which she claims to deplore, has been interpreted from the Bible and the spiting of Eve for her sin of tempting Adam. It is difficult to know how much is seen as "white people possessed of democracy and Christianity and therefore such suckers it is now easy to win the sperm war", or whether those involved are possessed of something themselves - a Jehovah/Allah controlled neural network that only sees such images as right, when they are patently wrong. like an electronic neural network being taught to output “I am looking at an ‘H’” when it is in fact being shown a ‘Z’, a very simple thing for a neural network electronics engineer to demonstrate


Jesus says “Lest a man be as a little child he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” This leads to people who can be bullied away from what they need to survive. At Slimbridge WWT they have to keep young birds away from the public enclosures where all the adults are because they will be bullied away from food. By making Christians feel that such is right they are being opened up to being bullied away from survival by any immigrant non-Christian such as Hindu and Jewish businesses in this country, (and of course any others). This takes away their natural enterprise.

That begs the question, “Why were Europeans not privileged to be given the Koran?”. Perhaps because they would become as chauvinistic as Islamic people seem to be these days (though admittedly perhaps not always in the past or in the future), making Europe thus impenetrable


Remember when reading this that both Satan and God, in this theory could have the same intent, like two policemen asking questions one nice the other hard.

So why do the Koran and New Testament differ on whether Christ was the Son of God. Because the object of God is to have written in books that it is claimed are inspired by him, every thought a human could possibly have. Thus he can seal mankind in a deal with evil people that want an environment in which the truth cannot be ascertained.


Jesus states “Woe unto he that complains about my burden because my burden is light” . His burden is actually denying Darwin, as Christian fundamentalists do while watching as an Islamic community, following the Jewish Diaspora,  that believes in might is right, forever tries to find new ways to dominate Europe either by invasion (Spain, Greece, Turkey and the Balkans), or by demand for rights in democracies while refusing democracy in their own cleric controlled states. The implication is of course that our priests and vicars are compliant with this and are trying to control the state themselves, more so than they were able to when monarchs had sway since it was the whims of monarchs that counted rather than the ability to be charismatic which they have now taken as a queue from monarchs. This is perhaps why the USA and England cannot elect unbelieving leaders, unless Jewish like Disraeli and perhaps Michael Howard, (although one suspect in the near future Islamic politicians will emerge to triumph over agnostic politicians too).

I would call all the above "The roots of Theological terrorism" if I ever got to publish a book but...............


It is important to understand the vast majority of religious people are duped, as not all can be right and whatever they were born into, or even just raised in, they would probably feel comfortable with. That shows sincerity. This is not intended as an attack on those people regardless of their faith. As an example of they cannot all be right Christians believe Jesus was the son of God whereas Muslims believe he was just another prophet and that God has no son. He could not be both.

While Christ may have been sincere but illogical, one can also highlight a number of areas which do not add up to the perfection claimed for him.

1. Overturning the tables in the temple is encouraging vandalism especially if you consider that he is wrong about the origins of life on earth.

2. Misinforming people of the nature of life on earth when he advised his followers to look at the birds of the air and how his heavenly father cares for them (Luke 12). This is not true since millions of birds die by predation, by starvation in cold years, from consumption by snakes, by falling out of nests and even by their own brothers and sisters out competing them for food. Life is just not like that. He also alludes to contradicting Darwin and palaeontology when he says to some questioning him  "Hast thou not read.....". In other words he believed the Bible was all truth, even though some trendy vicars try to portray him as looser and more flexible than that as anew deal.

3. He brought centuries of squalor to European converts by refusing to wash his hands when it was pointed out to him that he had not done so, by some people at supper. (references: Mark 7.2 - 7.5 and Matthew 15.2-15.20). This made Europeans believe that cleanliness was not important, something even cats and monkeys know better than Christ when grooming themselves. How many millions of little babies died because the key of basic hygiene was kept from their mothers. Jesus tries to focus the rational West away from issues such as this by getting his preachers to focus on abortion rather than the illogicality of his own standpoint on hygiene. Consider this along with the previous, now that Avian Flu is considered a threat. Advice currently circulated by bird experts is “ Cases of H5N1 in humans have been in countries where people live and work in close proximity to poultry and where hygiene and bio-security measures may not be as high as in the UK. So Christ persuades us not to adopt procedures such as washing our hands after contact with birds, the God who he says cares for the birds. Just look and see and what do we have in reality, birds dropping dead all over the place from flu and people likely to catch the flu if they do not ignore Christ and wash themselves properly. He also challenges people to adopt this un-cleanliness by calling the sick “Oh ye of little faith” and St John the Divine says we are mostly going to die in the last plagues released from vials. We will survive plagues and diseases much better if we adopt hygienic practices.

4. He guaranteed poverty by saying “the poor will always be with you”. Hence New Labour Blair is a non-socialist labour leader since his trust in God means he will inevitably not cure poverty, otherwise the poor would no longer be with them, the Christians, since there would no longer be poor.

5. Jesus said “In God all things are possible” and this must include presumably imagining that the universe is 7000 years old and that evolution is false. That dinosaurs once strolled slowly round Eden saying hello to the humans and it never rained in Eden, (the latter being a belief Jehovah Witnesses have put forward on my doorstep, the former being on a US faith web-site). the explanation for rivers in Eden by the JWs was because the trees were supplied by water that sprang where God ordained. This goes back to my point that a neural network, (or the human brain which is a neural network) can be convinced of anything if it taught falsehoods from the start.

6. Another trick of the church is also about Neural Linguistic Programming. It is about getting people content to sing the hymn "We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land, for it is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand". If true the greatest possible injustice is putting the lives of 3rd world people at the whim of Christ’s followers charity - on the agenda of Tony Blair as a Christian non-socialist leader of what in the 1960s may have been called a compassionate Labour party, (before Christianity became a by-word for millionaires like Cliff Richard the Blairs and  Reg Vardy, US evangelistic millionaires etc. 


On balance the opposite of what I am saying has to be mentioned, i.e. extreme liberality through immigrant religion. On television recently a Rastafarian priest stated that the number one commandment was "keep the Sabbath holy". Kind hearted as that may be unfortunately it will allow mockery of black Christianity. It does that because it portrays the stereotypical West Indian as believing, while waiting for the day when God comes to take them to heaven, that  it is OK to screw around with everyone’s daughter (thou shalt not commit adultery is not really important), shoplift at the supermarket (thou shalt not thieve is not so important) and claim social security, (six days shalt thou labour is not important), .


Jesus said to a tree which bore not fruit “Wither and grow no more”. (Matthew 21) It is claimed the next day it had withered. A fig tree that had not born fruit is clearly either diseased or dying or not pollinated due to few insects that summer. It is a petty show of lunacy, more akin to eugenics than anything. Ironically there is now a forced fig which does not flower or fruit. If I went to the town parks and found an apple tree that had no fruit one year I could presumably chop it down as a Christian. Is it an allegory for the Europeans as they turn from religion by education. Does that explain low fertility rates? Is Christ telling white European testicles and wombs to wither and grow no more because they do not bear the fruit he wishes, namely promotion of the testaments.



Quoting from the Koran "We know when to release devils" This simply means the basis of the religion is a refusal by this self-styled God to allow a civilisation without fear unless it it believes in monotheism. If we do not believe the required words in the required way then the level of paranoia is increased by releasing devilry to incite odd misguided individuals to do things for which excuses by governors can then be found for demanding higher security. On the virgin birth,  it is said “that God should have a son” i.e. that such is preposterous . If God did not have a son, but the Koran believes in Mary as a virgin, then where did the Y chromosome come from?


There is probably less wrong in the Koran that the New Testament since I believe God is trying to cover all the escape holes so that an individual cannot but believe in one religion or another. So he can listen in to the neural networks of those who resist conversion, (or kill them as has been done from Scandinavia to Spain to Arabia in the past). Each time he iterates towards closing all escape routes by making another claim. so if you don’t believe in Jesus as the son of God he can release tormenting devils or neural weights that only the Koran will relieve, rather than admit the individual is right.


So the whole conceit is a ridiculous attempt to encompass all possible arguments so that nobody can object to it.


A compassionate aim for mankind would be the establishment of human rights values in the spiritual world as much as they are respected in the material world. Consciousness and sentient compassionate thinking inspired democracy, the same needs to be applied to the spiritual world to stop a Saddam existing there, but I suspect God is trying to seal our neural networks with inhibitions, preventing compassionate enlightenment, so that we cannot add compassion to that. He wants to rule it.


There are those among Semitic populations who are as Darwinist as any red blooded males have ever been so it follows that there long term ambition will be to seed all mankind, this is normal but is fed by their God via Christ to Europeans as being something completely different.


It is important to repeat that most religions, if not all, are trying to create an environment in which what is false appears to be true. This can be assisted by neural linguistic programming and passive NLP through book reading


Terrorism is good for God because it leads to reconciliation, as India and Pakistan are perhaps realising the situation with Al Qaieda is getting out of hand. However, this is like saying the bombing of Coventry was good because it led to the establishment of the peace and reconciliation centre at the ruins of the cathedral. God says in the Old Testament my weapons are war, pestilence, famine and plague and therefore logically the Messiah in whose name the reconciliation centre is built is exactly as described. The reason for the war God used as his weapon to force people to admire Christianity and its efforts for peace. A sort of pseudo masking of the intention of God to create war in the first place. This means the Spanish train bombings in Madrid are intended to bring us all closer together i.e. easier for immigrants to enter Europe after reconciliation or alternatively a more conservative society focussed on raising the fear stakes with security issues, which is the alternative intent if the other fails.


Imagine Islam, Christianity and Judaism could be forming a three pronged attack on reason and the human heart. The problems in the far East for Buddhist societies, Vietnam, China, Laos and Myanamar are a  reflection of that, and the ambition to prove socialist and/or science and reason based societies are evil. I would guess China must therefore become pro-active in supporting Buddhism. Otherwise the evangelicals and Islam will seem the only relief to the people so another foothold will have been made for this Jehovah/Allah God’s plans


As a final note against race hate I would urge tolerance. Why should I worry about race when I believe I am related by common ancestry to apes? Only regressive paths should be avoided and quite possibly continued belief  in the Allah/Jehovah God is just that - regressive. The only thing to fear is what God may dupe sincere Jews and Arabs into, namely poisoning the gene pools of other races with Abraham’s seed so that at some future date the book of Genesis will seem right to everybody who by then has Semitic genes and is locked in a world of crafty NLP programming by mullahs, rabbis and priests. The only thing Jews and Arabs have to fear is that their God, in a fit of pique, will tempt all non-Arabs and non-Jews to hate them because they are perceived as anti-Christ. this is a the paradox I wrote of at the beginning of this discourse. that the Semites are set up by God to be either the all-time winners or the all-time losers. there does not seem a middle path other than for all Jews and Arabs to abandon the religions they have clung to for between 1400 and 4000 years and live with the rest of us seeking a greater truth than the deceits delivered on behalf of the God of the Middle East peoples. Of course even if they did that and everybody relaxed and though integration was OK and we all lived peacefully together for centuries, in the end God may still show up again when everybody is of mixed gene descent and suddenly play the card he had always intended, whether or not any remaining Jews and Arabs of pure descent believe it or not, to trick everybody on the planet into accepting some cleric/priest/ evangelist delivered evidence, that they are all descended from Adam. It is a difficult call to make.

As I believe in this thesis that Jesus was a substitute for Buddha, it is inevitable some gaps were found so the Koran was designed to fill in those gaps. I would therefore say that we may also be in a situation where rather than deciding whether or not God is setting us up or the Jews, one might also say he is making the arabs likelable and settting up the rest of mankind at the same time, which may explain the popularity of Islam. but look closer and just a couple of years apart we have the people of Pakistan in their deceived Muslim belief, celebrating the destruction by Arabs of the World Trade Centre and then also thanking the US for aid after the Kashmir earthquake. What fools islam has made of them, a western education in the liberal arts and sciences would be better.


Of course God may be good and some other agency may really hate us, but then this site has been about why I do not trust God given the record so far. I hope it has helped those who have been stuck in faiths they felt uncomfortable with and  interested those who are sticking to their own faiths

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