Nazi Lunacy

For various reasons many people call the Nazis mad. For some the Nazi story probably represents something that will go down in history, like Genghis Khan, as an attempt to dominate other tribes on the planet, only it failed where Genghis succeeded. For me though, a classic indication of their irrationality is the incident which is celebrated in modern day Berlin by a statue on Rosenstrasse.

As the Lonely Planet guide to Berlin describes it, 7000 Jewish men were arrested on 27th February 1943 in Berlin and held in a building on Rosenstrasse. They were all married to non-Jews which had protected them until then. Their women folk protested outside for days and nights in freezing temperatures and on March 11th Goebbels agreed to their release.

Now think about this. Some may call it a miracle of prayer by these Christian women. However, the Nazi vision was of a pure Germanic race, so they went about exterminating the Jewish Diaspora who perhaps largely kept themselves to themselves, marrying within their community. Yet they let go the very Jews who were breeding with German women even though they would have, one would have thought, been perceived as poisoning the German race. As Jews believe the mother decides the religion, the children of these marriages would have gone forward for Christian education and, who knows, probably have many descendants accepted as Germans now. This is rather like Michael Howard, a recent leader of the conservative party in England, of Jewish descent, has married out of his faith and his son is now a vicar in the Anglican church.

My question is, in relation to the sub-thesis of this web-site, namely that God is out to destroy scientific truth, why would Goebbels have ordered this if he was not possessed by a lack of wisdom in relation to his own vision. If you have read the rest of this web-site you will know the quotes “See how God confounds the wise” from St Paul and “God released a devil among them (wise men)” from a gospel.

What is the result? In genetic terms God wins against science, starting cross-breeding and shaming people away from anti-semitism for centuries to come. If the quote “A day in the life of our lord (Jesus), is as a thousand years” and God intends “restoring that which is lost”, (which may be his power to deceive us all), as the Koran says “Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive”, then we may just have seen the end of the second day of creation, or creative thinking as it may more literally be, since it is a fantasy, of God’s intent to, in six thousand years, turn the world into a place where all reason is tempered by Jewish ancestry. If all of us can trace a Jewish ancestor then I have a feeling that we will all succumb to the spell such birthright puts on people. Most people I have seen being interviewed who are of this gene type dwell on and are fascinated about being part of this Judaistic story or novel. Goldie Hawn, Marianne Faithful, Albert Einstein to name a few. They tend to feel they have a destiny and I sense that they almost certainly are part, albeit unwittingly in most cases, of a story which will deny evolution of other races from a common ancestor with apes, at some point in the future.

Goebbels had killed all the ones who were no threat to German purity, although they would have been seen as a potential threat, but allowed to live those who had actually achieved what he claimed was some kind of worry of the Nazi party. Utterly bonkers Goebbels.

There is a film about the brave women who married these Jews called “Rosenstrasse” by Margarethe von Trotta.



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