Paradise Lost

A book by Fred Pearce describes how 5,500 years ago, the Sahara region became a desert. We know this because bones of animals requiring lots of water have been found in that desert. It is not difficult to understand that the story of the Garden of Eden in Jewish mythology came from this natural history of the region. The turning of this region into a desert took about 100 years. This is a bit of a warning to us all about global warming since similar things could happen in areas around the world, North West China being an early example which has been getting drier since the 1970s. In ancient times the people would have left the region, for perhaps the Nile area, where the Jews came from. They would have carried stories to tell their generations about living in a beautiful fertile place with plenty of game to hunt, which suddenly dried out.

To gain power over people lots of priests will invent anything or preach someone elseís invention. I have no doubt therefore that priests in the time of this crisis would have used the opportunity to blame people and accuse them of behaving badly leading to God casting them out of that paradise. Clearly these things happen all the time in the history of the world. the Sahara area has opened and closed before as a transit route for migratory peoples in the past 50,000 years and that is how my ancestors first left Africa.

These scientific facts about the history and geography of the world have been manipulated by priests, first among the Jews and in the last two thousand years increasingly across the globe, to make people feel they are descended from evil wrong doers Adam and Eve. This is rubbish. A natural event occurred and people naturally migrated away from it. Please see the page on Law for further details of why guilt is unnatural.

The warning for the future is that, for instance, events like the desertification of North West China could be manipulated by US right wing fundamentalist to signify Godís loathing of communism for evermore. In fact it is more probably a result of consumerism in both countries increasing the CO2 levels in the atmosphere leading to global climate change, nothing at all to with a requirement to feel guilty about economic system choices, more about political choices not to try and reduce the effect of CO2 by requiring economic forces to adopt less polluting practices. But that is just one simple example.

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