Healing Miracles (22)

Much these days, in nouveau ‘Protestant’ churches, is given over to proclaiming healing miracles as evidence for what faith can do.

While there is very little evidence for this in a scientific sense, because this site deals with what is loosely termed the paranormal as well as science in dealing with Buddha and Darwin it is as well to examine these claims.

Looking at the book of “Job” in the old testament. After a conversation with Satan about one of his faithful servants, God orders Satan to cover the man with boils and bring other afflictions on him, even death of members of his family.

Jesus is supposed to have said “I shall put you to the test”, (a test of faith one assumes, like Job) and like much of what he said it is simply a re-writing of Old Testament work, like the , Lord’s prayer is in the book of Daniel whereas if you listen to priests and teachers educating children you would think Jesus had come up with it as a special thing for “us non-Jews”.

Now there are many “miracles” of science in medicine. Cures for diseases, unheard of in thousands of years. Though I am not suggesting you do this, if you went in to one of these churches with a sledge hammer and broke the leg of one of those attesting to miracle cures, they would soon be begging for the modern miracle of an ambulance and a doctor.

What we see from “Job” though is that a connection between the metaphysical world, which the god or Gods or devils wish to control, as autocrats controlled the physical world for centuries before democracy, could be used to take away from someone the natural health they had, as Satan covered Job in boils at one point. If such is the case then healing in “nouveau” Protestant churches, as  opposed to healing as science understands it, may be more to do with the absence of God actually or by proxy through Satan. In other words if a family is regularly attending church and a child falls ill with a mystery illness that medicine cannot identify, then God can put the parents faith to the test, as he tested Job, by making their child sick either through his own direct actions or by releasing a devil to do it for him. God may then free the child from illness, which is torment by a devil, if the parents regularly pray for a miracle. This will seem like a miracle to the innocent thinking Christian parents and they will proclaim it as such, in fact it is more to do with a cunning plan to get them to preach about miracles. The child would not have got sick in the first place if God had true compassion as Buddha preaches “compassion for all living things” and science as exemplified by Darwin and declared in the Hippocratic oath for doctors, is about working towards healing “not making anything worse”.

In order to demonstrate the miracle of healing, God, as the book of Job demonstrates, has to first make things worse either directly or by proxy.



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