England a 2nd Jewish state - statistics

In 2006 the UK national newspaper, the Independent, published an article about Jews in Britain. It stated that a Rabbi estimated that there were about 400,000 Jews in Britain and 30% of them married outside the faith. That is their figures which I would think is probably conservative as I have read elsewhere the figures is put at 600,000.


I need to stress as always in this web-site that is not intended to generate hysteria, merely to examine what appears to me to be the will of a god or devil of one sort or another, determined to spite my teachers of truth Buddha and Darwin.


Assuming about 5,000 Jews are born each year which would give a steady state if the average age was 80, then one might assume on average 5,000 marry each year or enter into relationships which produce children.


A conservative 30% marrying outside the faith means 1,500 enter into mixed relationships each year and if they have an average 2 children then the product will be 3,000 children with Jewish ancestry, (traceable on a gene if the Jewish gene is not carried by the Y chromosome only in which case only down the male.


If the 3,500 relationships in the faith have 2 or 3 children on average, since religious people tend to have larger families than the current British average which is falling below 2 per couple, then they produce maybe 5,000 per year and the population of Pure Jews in the country stays at 400,000.


In the rest of the population though, assuming random maths governs relationships,, (there is no reason to think otherwise) then, as stated, 3000 Jewish gene carriers are born each year.


Assuming a year zero when the effect starts, then after 20 years there are still 400,000 Jews but also 60,000 mixed race who are now on the road to, reaching or have reached sexual maturity. This 60,000 will be more likely to find partners outside the Jewish community, since many would not consider themselves Jews. This claim is quite common and one of the causes seems to be that Jewish men mating with non-Jewish women tend to tell them that their children are not Jewish because the religion passes down the female line. This is true in practice but in genetics is utter rubbish. If the Jewish gene is carried on mitochondria DNA then it would hold but if it on the Y chromosome then the daughters would be practicing a religion when they do not carry the gene and the sons would be claiming they are not Jews when in fact they were propagating the gene. If it is on other genes then both children will carry it. Assuming both carry it, although remember that God made his promises to Abraham on the basis of his ‘seed‘, then those 60,000 will double their numbers in the next 20 years if they have 2 children each and another 60,000 will emerge from the 30% of the resident Jewish pure genetic lines who marry outside the faith as the rabbi stated. The after another 20 years a static snapshot of the spread will be 400,000 pure Jews plus 60,000 newly marrying outside the faith, plus 120,000 from the previous generation of mixed marriages. The 400,000 remains static but then after another 20 years, or 60 years from year zero we are of the order of 400,000 pure, 60,000 newly married offspring, 120,000 from the previous generation and 240,00 from the mixing of subsequent generations. If this is God’s intent and God is controlling who loves who or who is loveable then that is exactly the sort of mixing one would expect.


80 years on the picture is 400,000, plus 60,000, plus 120,000 plus 240,000 plus 480,000. Now the Jewish gene pool is larger than the number of pure Jews that a census would reveal, 900,000 hidden in the population but the press reporting that right wing parties talking about the threat of Judaism is false because there only 400,000. It seems a bit deluded and as Jews have had a fairly liberal treatment in England for over 150 years I expect the actual figures are quite staggering already.


Worse still it is if the people for instance of the  M9 marker, (non-Middle-Eastern or African), on Y chromosomes are gradually being eliminated. This could be done by inhibiting them from childbirth or deluding them into avoiding having the responsibility of children by releasing devil’s among them to tempt them with the anti-compassionate Darwinism of selfish materialism. Eventually God will have effectively cursed England for nurturing men of Darwin’s intellectual stature by making sure no males existed in the country who were not of the M89 original Middle Eastern marker or earlier from Africa. This experiment could then spread to elsewhere in Europe or North America etc. Though such would take at least twice as long as what I have alluded to here, about 400 years in fact, since the markers exist on the Y chromosome only which is only half the story.


Going farther forward in time we can seen that each 20 years each of those figures doubles and another 60,000 emerge. So after 100 years  there are approaching 2 million Jewish gene carriers in the country. After 120 years just under 4 million, after 140 years something over 7 million and after 160 years about 14 million. With the indigenous population projected to shrink to 32 million it is not difficult to see why I believe that within 200 years England will be a 2nd Jewish state.


This would fulfil one of the Anglican school and church congregations favourite hymns, Jerusalem, in which they sing of hoping to build Jerusalem in England. As Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive I would assume they are deluded into this apathetic acquiescence to genetic suicide.


This mixing of genes would not be problem if the Jews did not come with the baggage of a religion which offers them everything and denies science. That is the problem and I should emphasise that in all other respects Jews are like us. I am simply suspicious of a God who picked them in the first place ,( which is a racist decision), who might well have given them the opportunity to inherit the world since Jesus promised that the meek would inherit the earth and the Jews went meekly to their deaths in Germany in the 1940s. This God also sent them to be a Diaspora  in all other countries prior to mixing of races occurring when science began to make people doubt that their previous resistance to racial mixing was right since they perceived there may actually not be a God that their ancestors had imagined. So they were ready to reproduce once acceptance of mixing tribes occurred.


If you examine the pages on the National Geographic Genome Project pages you will see that the predominant marker on the Y chromosome gene of the Middle East is the M89 marker. My what if scenario is as follows:


What is the result if all women are by nature or by manipulation of their minds, either through the spiritual world as Buddha conceives of it, or by techniques of Darwin’s world of materialist survival of the best adapted , inclined to marry African males or Jewish and Arabic males. One would then achieve a situation in which all history not recorded by the bible could be eliminated by faith.


All males with markers on their Y chromosome which had occurred after the tribes I am descended from of the M9 gene marker could be gradually eliminated form the gene pool. This may well be the situation in Europe in a relatively short time as many women I know are having children by men of African descent or Jews, though Arabs appear to be less common at the moment, at least in England, but probably more so in France which is a nation with a history of colonisation of Middle East countries and therefore has many immigrants from these countries now. I would guess, form the above statistics that in 200 years, given ideal conditions of all European women disliking all but Africans, Jews and Arabs for various reasons, then that situation of no males except those of pre-biblical (M168 Y chromosome marker) and of biblical (M86 Y chromosome marker) descent could be achieved in Europe. Those descended from the M9 marker which succeeded temporally the M86 marker, would disappear.


If God is love, which may just be a chemical reaction in the brain, easily controlled by someone with access to and power in the metaphysical world, then he could easily turn the hearts of women to these non-M9 marker people only by the device of the book of Malachi at the end of the Old Testament where God says he will “turn the hearts of the sons to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to the sons but first he will send Elijah and he cuts”. Perhaps he uses the same turning of hearts of women preceded by Elijah (perhaps a reference to the founder of Islam). Is cutting a reference to blood shed such as terrorism, organised by Arabs like Osama bin Laden but perpetrated by gullible non-Arab Islamic convert people from Pakistan and elsewhere in London. Does that not turn women’s hearts to reconciliation with Islam, not wanting to blame them all for this act of a few.


You may doubt the above but the pages on my experiences in Denmark in 1977 are an account of how easy affecting the human mind can be. Are you sure you are not a victim? Are you childless by what you believe to be your own rational choice? You may be being deceived.


Do you believe that, in a world where all have traceable descent from either Africans of Middle eastern men, free thought to oppose the Talmud, Bible and Koran could exist? Such a question, along with the history of genetics which shows that 30% of Hindu males carry the same gene marker on the Y chromosome as me, even though I am a white male from England, is a very good reason for being tolerant of Hinduism as a religion, ignoring its problems with the unsavoury caste system. This is an example of how with science we can all be very tolerant, but the God of the Jews is crafty enough to get converts hating Hindus and being driven to convert them. My obvious contention is that once converted they would easily fall prey, in liberal times, to begin the process of mixing all genes in India to eliminate all post middle eastern genetic markers as done in England.

 There is a school of thought which might say “it does not matter if we all have Jews, Arabs or Africans as fathers, but no trace of anything after that, since thought comes from the human mind which is free”. They are saying that they do not believe my personal experience in Denmark, that there is anything other than a material world, or that they know there is but do not want anyone else to know. But I say that it does matter because when people know they are Jewish by ancestry they go back to what they perceive as their biblical roots rather than their genetic roots. Read this article from the BBC. Having read that perhaps you agree that all may well get dragged back eventually to where belief governs science.

In London now there is an organisation, Jews for Jesus. It does not surprise me that he is now seen as a friend after so many centuries of seeming an enemy.

The present Labour party in the United Kingdom is imprisoning far more people than any conquerable European state. Why is this I ask myself? If I think of the book of Mormon stating you will be sent down “Until you can pay the last mite, but as you cannot pay the last mite there you will remain” and wanting the Jews to be “a fair and comely people” I wonder if there is something in this. By denying Darwin and evolution Jewish mythology sets up a God who creates all laws. This in their thinking gives him the right to condemn who he perceives as having broken his laws , (not our laws though because ours are of a democracy and we work to rehabilitate offenders not condemn them eternally). Now who goes to prison? Well to answer that it is generally the poor who do because they, with their Darwinian survival instincts, who will turn to crime to try to survive comfortably when their prospects are not good. Why are they poor? The answer is because they live in A SOCIETY WHICH HAS CONVINCED THEM THAT THERE IS A VIRTUE IN POVERTY AND MEEKNESS, this is the Christian testament. However the Jews are invited to trade to be wealthy without guilt over wealth, certainly they are not told to sell what they have and give to the poor. So now the Christians are more likely to go to prison and they are now being told they will never be eligible for release. The Jews meanwhile will be fair, comely and rich and therefore well educated and in summary unlikely to end up on the wrong side of the law. Why is the party which is supposed to support the workers doing this? My belief is because Tony Blair is possessed of the will of the God he believes in to deceive us all and hide the truths of science and social science. The Mormons too are establishing bases in England. As I have said elsewhere in this site it is important to understand that this is not about a Jewish conspiracy, it is about religions and their outcomes. The Jews would only be doing what is natural, to dominate, to dominate the media, business, the arts etc. What I object to is priests persuading Christian converts to abandon principles of survival as Darwin describes. They promise things they have no evidence for, in fact on the contrary, Mormons believe the one who has come back from heaven is a Jew called Moroni, and the Catholics see visions of a Jewess, Mary, so what is the point in believing if you lose both on this planet and in the other world you believe in. The alternative I propose is that Darwinian attitudes of competing are tempered by the compassion of Buddha


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