Physics, buddha and Darwin (55)

I am no great scientist but if you are familiar with this web-site you will note that it is largely about Darwin and Buddha and the truths they perceived.

Their writings seem irreconcilable opposites, the one saying life is about the struggle for existence and ensuring your genes continue in generations to come. The other is saying abandon all ambition, it is a deceit and happiness is elsewhere.

In physics there is some kind of irreconcilable difference between the views of quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity. The hope is that superstring theory will solve this. (A good book on this subject which is comprehensible by non-scientists is The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene).

I suspect that such a unifying principle exists between Darwin and Buddha. That principle promises great peace on earth and harmony with nature. The story told of my brush with a kind of enlightenment in Denmark in 1977 may be the tale of brushing against this unifying principle. Existing for a few seconds as a superstring of happy consciousness in a void.

Reading the book may help you perceive that the apparent madness of this web-site may not be purposeless, just as creating the general theory of relativity was not purposeless. It provided something to build on.

There is also quite a bit on Modern Physics and the challenge of understanding the two theories of Niels Bohr and/or Hugh Everett on the page on “The Danes”. The former about the universe at the atomic level and the latter  about parallel universes.

A concern I have is that the judgement that many religions hold is intrinsic and part of an assessment of our lives is actually to do with parallel universes. That when we make a decision, one universe moves forward in time with the decision, the other moves off wit the alternative decision. If you consider say, the catholic attitude of absolute evil and absolute good it is intriguing to speculate that while they repent to seek forgiveness due to a guilt complex it may actually be the case that the Gods promote the Bohr view of the universe because in the Everett model one can, when one’s consciousness is free, get back to the point of decisions and forgive or, more properly, change oneself. So if you make a bad decision the aspect of judgement that is termed Satan is happy but God is not happy, but if you make a right decision, god is happy and Satan is not. Everybody seems to get caught up in this problem of wondering why they made bad decisions. To use a childlike analogy, consider Nemo the cartoon movie. When one of the fish encounters a swarm of jellyfish for the first time, the wrong decision is to imagine they will not be dangerous. Religions such as the Jehovah Witness’s preach a tale of the truth of the Garden of Eden where man is presented with a decision, to eat the fruit of knowledge or not. Reality is that the god concept has spent the next five thousand years filling humanity with superstitions about why they fall ill, why they feel guilty etc. Buddho-Darwinism is about teaching the unreality of that both as an assertion that evolution is true and a confidence that there is more to our lives that what Satan and God want to do as concepts, namely to tie our minds in knots about being judged (Bohr theory of observing the minute holds) and/or about chasing our decisions to profit whichever we make (Everett theory) where a wrong (in their judgment) decision profits god since he can judge your error and Satan can ‘collect’ the parallel universe where you took a different decision.

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