Yidolatory (121)

Previously, (see The Omega Course page), I have mentioned the idea of the mind as a neural network which can be simulated on a small scale in electronics or software.
In a neuron electric signals pass down the neuron, which is one of billions. If something reduces the current flow it acts like a resistor in an electrical circuit. Another analogy is an a tap in a water pipe enabling the restriction the water flow. This is not about a God or devil dictating what is to happen to any individual neuron but about chemistry, like those chemicals currently used to relieve madness, which affect the brain as a total.
When we pass across the worlds between dreams and illusion we can sometimes wake with a changed view of the world. Somewhere and somehow, the neural net that is our minds, that is us in this life has changed. Understanding your dreams as an avenue to change is fundamental which even religious people acknowledge from Mohammed and his journey to the seventh heaven and the words of god in the book of Daniel that the future is passed in the dream consciousness. This, I have contended, is a competitive environment and is close to how well practiced gods and devils can do as fascists and autocrats, as well as royalty in the past did, which is to control what happens to us, what we fear, our fate and the laws we can be forced, if we wish to survive, to obey.
What I am examining in this page is how we can be brought, by manipulation of our conscious brains, to believe in, adore or, through fear, accept things we may not have accepted previously. An example of this is the Luther himself became a monk because of a hell he was cast into one night, offering himself to God. 
The trick I am exploring is, as the title of the page suggests, what I have named Yidolatory.
To digress for a moment, the God of the Jews has supposedly said at Isaiah 43: 1-4 to the Jewish people:

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine. …. when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze……I give Egypt for your ransom,
Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
and because I love you, I will give people (that is the rest of us in case you did not realise it) in exchange for you, nations (that is perhaps England’s turn at this juncture in history), in exchange for your life (to rescue them from fascists like Nazis in the Second World War and Iraq’s ambitions in the modern world)”
In the period when such a transition takes place in one nation, the people appear to dwell in a dream world where they think everything is great. Ezekiel 20:6 On that day I swore to them that I would bring them out of Egypt into a land I had searched out for them, a land flowing with milk and honey, the most beautiful of all lands. (England now or wherever at any time there is money and wealth to be had). I believe England is one of the most beautiful of lands and cows enjoy the pasture and can indeed, if you have wealth, provide with a flow of milk on tap. While there is a disease hitting bee colonies at the moment there is still plenty of honey potential. But the basic metaphor is more probably where there is money to buy milk and honey.
Weighted or inhibited, by God, even when having no children and clearly becoming a half nation (check out that quote, “nations in exchange for your life“, again and reflect on milk and honey of England now in Jewish hands, after many nations such as North American Indians were destroyed by us (the ignorant suckers, blind to the reality of the God of the Jews desires as in the Isaiah quote above, doing the exploitation and killing for them).
To this dream state of the English, (myself included in the past and from time to time still), I have given the term Yidolatory. This is akin to what George Bernard Shaw said about the British, that their love of Shakespeare could be called Bardolatory. (but note that Shakespeare grew up to become such an excellent artistic literary  creative individual in the years when Jews were banned from England).
Think of English speaking culture in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries and you may consider it defined by Jews in complete contrast to Shakespearean times:
Comedy and light entertainment: Ben Elton, Stephen Fry, Bernie Winters, Bruce Forsyth, Zoe Wannamker, Maureen Lipman, Sachs, Dot Cotton, Peter Sellers, (loved his Inspector Clouseau role), Michael Winner (liked the vigilante films with Bronson)
Art: Lucien Freud, Robert Lenkiewicz, Anish Kapoor
Philosophy (not my interest but liked these because when I heard them thye were just British to me (apologies for my idiotic nationalism)) Karl Poopper Isaiah Berlin, Alain de Botton
Theatre plays: Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard
Polymath: Jonathan Miller (play director, comedy, chat show host) 
Music; Amy Winehouse (UK greatest modern Jazz diva), Paul Kossof (guitarist with Free, one of my favourite UK rock bands), Cat Stevens, 10CC, Elvis Costello.
Politics: Jack Straw, Nigel Lawson, Oliver Letwin, Lord Levy. Lord Winston, Lord Sugar, Benjamin Disraeli
Sport: English football captain Beckham (styled himself and his wife as married on thrones)
Royalty: Kate Middleton (by known descent to be part Jewish) and Prince William (by suspected descent) married to take the throne of England.
Captain’s of business former and current: Robert Maxwell (Daily Mirror), Alan Sugar (Amstrad), Philiip Green (Top Shop), Marks and Spencer’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco (Shirley Porter most infamous clan member)
Books: Harold Jacobsen (declared to be akin to Shakespeare with his book about Finkelstein), Jackie Collins (sister of Joan), Stephen Fry (reported in the press as a national treasure, Muriel Gray (Prime of Miss Jean Brodie which portrays anti-semitism as almost a naturally Scottish trait), Zoe Heller, Arthur Koestler, Will Self, Muriel Spark.
Poets: Siegrfried Sassoon (I loved his war poems as a teenager)
News (opinion formers – Adolf Hitler’s paranoia), and Television presenters, David Jacobs, Dominic Lawson, Bernard Levin, Eve Pollard, Marjorie Proops, Claire Rayner (I loved her open attitudes to sex education for young people) Jim Rosenthal, Natasha Kaplinsky, Esther Rantzen (created Childline on the model of other helplines)
Acting: Joan Collins (very sexy actress from ‘The Bitch’ and US TV series, Alfie Bass, Helen Bonham Carter (beautiful in Harry Potter), Bernard Bresslaw, Eleanor Bron, Marty Feldman ( I loved his comedy shows when I was a teenager), Fenella Fielding (very sexy in Carry on films etc), Leslie Howard, Ron Moody, Elizabeth Taylor (yes the one married to Richard Burton), Lionel Blair, Lesley Joseph, Andrew Sachs
US entertainment Carly Simon, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, (first album I ever bought was one of theirs) Elvis Presley (grandparent), the Marx Brothers, Benny Goodman, Barbara Streisand, most of the credits at the end of the movie ‘Ghost’, Bob Dylan.
For your own list see Wikipaedia and search using terms like ‘Famous British Jews’, ‘Jewish Entertainers’, ‘Jewish scientists’ and especially ‘Nobel prize winning economists’ which in these times when the instead of just an end to communism (largely on the intellectual side inspired by Marx and Trotsky, both Jews), we are seeing the divide between rich and poor growing.
Obituaries in British national newspapers, (it sometimes seems that there is an industry of writing obituaries for Jews which the friends and relatives of worthy non-Jews have not realized).
All of the above I have enjoyed during my life without realizing how many were Jewish. However, the state of Yidolatory appears to be induced. The inducers are sometimes Jewish by selective admiration of their tribe, but also other non-Jewish opinion formers. I have reached states where I could see differently or ignore these people or more truly, treated them like others. At times I have not liked Bob Dylan, Alfie Bass and others. I just wonder why particularly my head is twisted back to liking them. Is God, a number of gods or devils pulling the wool over my eyes? Are they having a laugh, like the Greek gods of ancient times are often portrayed at a mortal’s struggle?
This is the state of Yidolatory, where a combination of the church inhibiting natives, the lack of expectations of people, driven by dismissive attitudes to wealth and admiration for but unwillingness or liberal lifestyles of the stars and a lack of drive to survive, epitomised by the small number of feminists who become nihilistic in the face of Darwin’s writings, allow God to give the land of milk and honey to his people or take it from the natives. As ever, this is not particularly the fault of the Jews as they are doing the natural thing, but hwy do not we do the same. Do the English suffering Yidolatory not see their own potential?. Why did some Danes with delusions of their own judgemental perfection want to set me back to states I had escaped after leaving the church?
If Buddha Karma affects nations then when Buddha said not to join armies and God said that he would send his nation, the Jews, into other nations as a punishment but also to spread his religion, he created the perfect conditions for the Jews to be relatively innocent and only interested in business and creativity, whereas he condemned, through Christ, who made a point of mentioning the inevitability of war for Christians, the rest of us to bad Karma through participation in war as a religious duty.
“Do not think that I came to bring peace on Earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:34-39 )
The latest manifestation of Yidolatory is the British joy in the royal marriage of William, son of the princess Diana, herself suspected to be the product of an affair between her mother and the Jewish financier James Goldsmith, and Kate Middleton who is also the product on one side of her family of a lineage back to another Jew named Goldsmith. How many English are aware I do not know but as I have a long history of loving Jews without knowing they were Jews, I suspect many.
My only answer to my own Yidolatory, eg Tchaikovsky, is whenever I see, read or hear something new which I want to be enthusiastic about, I try to pull myself back and remind myself that they are probably Jewish. At least that way if they are not, it is uplifting when I discover that fact. This is quite a sad state I admit, but where have the non-Jewish creative of past generations gone? It appears the God of the Jews is trying to create a symbiotic relationship in which England can never again ban Jews from its shores, because most of what England is defined by can seen to be historically rooted in Jewish achievements. As an aside this is a technique by which most of the press commentators advocating more immigration try to convince others that it is a good thing. They define England as needing immigrants to start businesses, as if the Victorian industrial revolution had not proved that the English gene pool along with the others that formed the United Kingdom, especially the Scots are quite capable of creating industrial works of genius along with genius in the arts, science and literature.
As for the God of the Middle East, he or she is apparently basically proposing that we, the English gene pool of Shakespeare’s time will lose unless we go back to his churches, but lose to his people of course. If you read the bible, as well as Jesus saying woe unto he that leaves my church, God is also suppose to have said he is comfortable with seeking revenge.
 The lesson then is never to let politicians, commentators in the media etc, grind you down by telling you that you for your health are dependent on others achieving, this is a scientific fallacy looking at Darwin’s conclusions that the dominant and adapted wins in the end and the dependent loses and in denial of the Buddha ethos that being a junkie is the worst state of a soul.
I apologise if this argument appears incomplete but once one understands where Buddho-Darwinism stands in all this, (if one is inclined), it should be easy to see why I could ramble on for a long time providing evidence and turn the idea into a mini version of Mein Kampf, Hitler’s autobiography and philosophy, which is not what I am trying to do. I a asking you to try and wake-up your mind.

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