The letters (126)

Over the past 22 years since my burden became slightly less, since I left Nottingham University with a masters degree in Modern Electronics, I have written a large number of letters to local, national and international newspapers, (though mostly local).

The pages below this page contain what I hope, when I have transferred them from cuttings to the computer, will represent a potted history of my thinking as it developed.

Sadly, for me but perhaps not you, many of the issues raised have not been addressed to do with poverty and the environment.

The categories of letters are divided into:

  • Green
  • Poverty
  • Politics
  • Religion

Some I find difficult to believe I wrote as they seem so prescient and some sound more intelligent that I credit myself for on a day to day basis. I concede many of you will find some of them rubbish but it is here as a history to assist in understanding where ‘enlightenment took me.


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