Fundamental Principles (84)

Below are twelve principles of Buddho-Darwinism. It is certainly not an exhaustive list and may be too many. I chose twelve in homage to the film “Twelve Monkeys”, which has echoes of some of the themes of this web-site, including, rather bizzarely, pictures of me turning up naked in public (see the Nudity pages and those below it). Primarily I would like to draw attention to the concept in the film that it may it only take one embittered, ill-informed and cruel hearted human to destroy us all and you may be barking up the wrong tree if you have joined one religion and think the others  (the league of the twelve monkeys) are to blame for everything being imperfect in the world.
1. That those who come up with policies in the political field frequently disadvantage themselves as a genetic lineage by either not acknowledging there is a possibility of a god or not acknowledging that the god may have a malevolent aim towards that genetic line or any other genetic lines or favouritism for one particular genetic line.
2. That the brief enlightenment of the author of Buddho-Darwinism was probably achieved with the aid of a mind calmed by non-addictive and mild recreational drugs, but that such a path to enlightenment may not be open to others as detailed in Tibetan Buddhist belief that numerous paths exist to nirvana, but each is suitable for one or more but not necessarily suitable for everyone
3. That mentally, unenlightened or deceived mankind is dangerously metamorphosing into the Daleks, the creatures of the BBC television series which, at the stage where they lost the constraint of limited travel within the city, whom then set out to destroy all other species in the universe that could not be exploited.
4. A caring person, in the interests of biodiversity, egalitarian responsibility and maintaining the breadth of the human gene pool will be responsible for two or three of their own children. A good society will ensure this average is adhered to, sometimes dropped below but not exceeded.
5. The natural process of evolution can lift any species above previous levels of pain, such that the principle of Buddha that all life is suffering becomes increasingly abstract, though still needing to be understood, and that therefore, it is possible to travel along the road to enlightenment while raising children, by simply being compassionate in all aspects of living.
6. The human mind can be inhibited by forces which have powers to affect the chemistry of relationships, both inter-personal and with the perceived material world, the latter making understanding difficult. This can advantage some races or beliefs enormously as they seek to dominate the planet, supported by those who can make rivals losers, in the sense that in a race only one wins.
7. That there is no right lifestyle other than to avoid excessive consumption and that therefore the survival of primitive tribes and their rare genetic gene pools and cultures is important and that for those born outside tribal cultures a vegetarian lifestyle is ethical and recommended.
8. That neither the human body nor sex are shameful, both being completely natural and essential in the evolving planet's material manifestation.
9. That the spiritual world is evolving as the natural world and that as such is prone to occupation by autocrats (aka gods and devils), as the material world has been and still is where democracy and rights are denied.
10. That the human intellect has developed to such an extent that ordinary survival strategies, associated with the observable science Darwin espoused, can be mitigated by family, tribal and global compassion. There is no excuse before Buddha’s compassion, for a life totally for the self, where those in question are educated.
11. That most religious books contain some wisdom but that such may seduce followers into chauvinistic behaviour
12. That the biodiversity of the planet is an ideal state, known to be constantly changing and in flux. This ideal is achieved from the first life by genetic mutation and recovery after disasters, such as Asteroid strikes.

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