Working for Charity

Time for others is the compassion  that is necessary to maintain a civilisation. I dedicate time in my life to others through a number of channels. The Koran says one should not be ostentatious with acts of charity so perhaps I am pushing it in some peoples’ eyes by giving the information below. My advice is to try doing a bit for charity, it should open your eyes to aspects of yourself which you will probably be comfortable with. The reason why I am saying what I do is because I have found that in order to retain a watchful consciousness on the extraordinary things that happened in my earlier life, I have to practice compassion quite frequently. That is not to deny Darwinism is an important component of existence, (I have a career which I hope helps to build and maintain civilisation), but to be true to myself I must focus on things other than personal genetic survival. It is quite a difficult balancing act believing both Darwin and Buddha have messages for us all. However, in the most extreme case I would estimate that what I describe below is sufficient compassion to maintain an intellect which is seeking enlightenment but also wishing to pass on genes to future generations etc


I work for an Oxfam on two Saturday mornings per month in a shop. This provides for impoverished people in the 3rd world, recycles goods which is eco-friendly and provides low cost clothes and housewares for the less well off in a district

I work for my local hospital on Saturdays taking tea round and helping with menus. This gives nurses more time to provide more care for the patients

I work for a telephone help-line for 3 hours per week average. This provides a listening ear to the distressed and suicidal. Many religious organisations put pressure on suicidal people by implying they will burn in hell, (I’ve heard this said to a caller on US radio phone-in programme). If you are concerned or in a religious quandry over suicide please read the page “Suicide” and contact The Samaritans or a similar organisation.

I spend holidays working on environmental projects around the world from saving the Giant African tortoise to keeping an Italian bird reserve in good order. There are many organisations involved in this such as BTCV and Earthwatch. You may ask why do I do this rather than relax on a beach? Follow this link for some of my reasons.

I give, at the moment, over £100 a month to charity, plus donations to collection tins on flag days. Charities include Amnesty International and CLIC Sargent and Medicin Sans Frontieres. I try to make it a rule never to pass charity tins without giving.

I started a part-time business to raise funds for ape charities looking after the animals especially in their natural environment. These charities include The Jane Goodall Institute and The Orangutan Foundation. By helping to preserve the species closest to us genetically, these organisations are providing a lifeline for the truth about evolution. This business sold British designed and manufactured clothes to support up and coming designers who are largely ignored by the large high street retail chains. Also with our minimum wage it means no sweat shops were used in manufacture. This is now becoming an e-bay based stock disposal which is less time-consuming for me

I provide seed for birds in my garden (sun-flower hearts seem the most popular) and plants to interest insects have been planted. Grass is not mown short to provide a haven for grasshoppers

I have in the past organised an annual charity fashion show for Whale and Dolphin Conservation, though I am becoming more active politically for the Green Party as I see a terrible future around the corner if we do not change our consumerist habits, so I have not for the past two years.

  I know for people with families to raise, it can be hard to afford charity, but even if you are an aetheist you could at least give £5 a month, the equivalent of what you would probably give if you went to church every week.

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