Fantasy and Science Fiction Analogies (4)

This section of the web-site is dedicated to helping the reader expand their thinking in relation to what constitutes entertainment and what insights those entertainments can give in the context of the whole of this site. Science Fiction and Fantasy films and books will be shown to contain analogies with most major religions. It is hard to discern what is ultimately good and bad although we all experience pain of various sorts when bad happens. If a virus is not bad when it attacks us and causes death or disability, why is a human bad when they attack us? Is an elephant which tusks other males to death in order to claim a harem evil? Were Islamic potentates evil to kill their opponents to claim harems for themselves? These are mysterious questions, but a look at science fiction and fantasy can put religion and the sense of supposed justice they claim to bring to our lives, in context

One of the apostles said all the things Jesus did would have filled all the books of the world. They certainly would not have filled Darwin’s “The Origin of Species”, so I make no apologies for using populist fiction to illustrate some points here. In point of fact if all three years Jesus preached for had been recorded on video tape it would have required four six hour video tapes per day for 365 days per year and three years which makes a grand total of 4380 tapes. Hardly enough to scratch the surface of human thought and writings even without taking the hours he slept into account.

This is a new area of the site and is under construction at the moment. not all pages are started or where started not necessarily complete.

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