War of the Worlds (4 & 105)

The War of the Worlds is a classic example of the struggle of life that Darwin described. In the modern context there are many ways we can see this analogy.

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I have described how I believe that the effect of Christianity is to make us sleep walk into self extermination. Of course in many respects monks and hermits already do that. Think on this though, If my proposition that there is a cunning and patient God who despises those who are not of the Middle East exists, then what resonance there is in the words of the War of the Worlds.

Richard Burton’s voice talks of “minds immeasurably greater than ours” that gazed on our world and coveted it for it was rich in resources and the only problem was the humans. Does this reflect in Biblical prophecy? To me it does. The Jews are a “chosen” people, (perhaps analogous to the Martians i.e a different race). They have intellects immeasurably superior to ours, you only have to look how people fawn around such names in science as Einstein and Oppenheim, in pop music Robert Dylan and in musicals Hammerstein or Gershwin, in acting Tony Curtis, in comedy the Marx Brothers or Chaplin. As I have made clear elsewhere in this site though, it is my belief that Christianity is about inhibiting the minds of non-Jews and non-Arabs not about their superiority. They succeed because of what their God does to us and even what we ask their God to do to us, when we pray to be guided away from certain patterns of behaviour and thinking . Perhaps those that succeed in the entertainment industry and science require a less serious approach to life and a slight skepticism about Christ’s teachings and of course Buddha too in that one cannot seek enlightenment and succeed. the balance with the concept here is the middle road though, not the path of acquiescence.

The God of Judaism has declared himself a jealous God, as the Martians coveted our world in this fantasy, he also declares himself a deceiver in the Koran, as the intent of the Martians was somewhat. misunderstood when they first arrived on earth in this fantasy.

In the film starring Tom Cruise he and his film daughter are at one point holed up with a man losing his sanity but he does declare “this is not a war, this is extermination”. That is exactly what many business man and politicians are engaged in. The palm oil producers are destroying the forests of Indonesia, West Africa and Malaysia, they exterminate the flourishing biodiversity for the sake of the mono-culture of palm plantations. So when we watch these films and see the evil Hollywood is persuading us, (albeit temporarily), exists, in fact the evil lives among us and is part of our culture.

This is why it is essential to insist on moral and ethical business. If the politicians will not exercise the right of the people to restrict business practices then you have the power, even without breaking the law, to vote for a different party, buy ethical goods, give to charities protecting biodiversity, (eg Survival International, Rainforest Concern or The Galapagos Trust to name but three) and persuade friends to do the same. You don’t have to be an alien. You don’t have to encourage the belief in the minds of any aliens which may or may not be watching us that we are so self-centered and ego-centric that we represent a threat to that alien race if we ever send out an armed force to their planet. It is not inevitable that humans slowly change over the coming decades into Daleks. You don’t have to start killing the Narvi of the planet Pandora as it he film Avatar in an endless hunt for resources. Be content with what you have.


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