Recommended Reading (60)

To appreciate some of the things reasoned through and described on this web-site and to appreciate the threats to the planet, biodiversity and yourself, it may be helpful to read some of the following. These are the books that have helped me keep my head above water and my dignity through some difficult decades since a festival in Denmark in 1977. Since the festival occurred after my enlightenment I cannot say reading any will set you on the road to enlightenment, but they should make you think:

Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder - a good introduction to philosophy and where human thought has been without prophets.

Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett - a demonstration of how what appears to be good can be bad and vice versa

The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkein - an introduction to the idea that our minds can succumb to a force without realising it.

In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall - shows how animals, in this case chimpanzees are like us and that behaviour can be common.

River out of Eden by Richard Dawkins - Clarifies much of Darwin’s thinking by addressing genetics in evolution.

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin - Still relevant today as an example of how orthodoxy must be challenged to reveal truth.

Essential English Legal System by Jan Mc Cormick-Watson - Shows how law can evolve to be offer secular equity.

Ill Fares the Land by Susan George - more essays on inequality around the world from the author of “How the Other Half dies”

Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris - I cannot describe it better than its sub-title ‘A challenge to faith’

The Aetheist’s Bible - A collection of quotes which can be a life saver if, as I did at times, you are made to feel alone in doubting.

Hegemony or Survival by Noam Chomsky - an analysis of how the animal in us can be manipulated to shape a nation.

Autobiography of Richard Nixon - a balance to Chomsky’s work showing how the ‘villain’ can do good, as Nixon did in China.

The Truth that Sticks by Martin Bell - demonstrates how parliament can become degenerate due to ambition of politicians.

The Clash of Fundamentalisms by Tariq Ali - lucid view of conflict and the, usually negative, religious influence of leaders.

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