Feminist (5 & 69)

This section of the web-site is dedicated to my thoughts on feminism.

At the principle level I think it is great.

Contraception for all the world’s women is liberating, provided they understand compassion for other people and reproduction in a Darwinistic sense. The evidence from many studies is that when women control their own fertility then the economic paranoia of the male which induces him to demand his wife has many children, is shown to be an illusion. It is possible to look at nature and see many examples of where the male strives to be dominant, to claim all the females and have offspring, but that is the short sighted nature of animal existence which we should have compassion for but not accept in totality. Humans are gregarious and successful through co-operation. Women seem to understand this better than men in less well-educated cultures and we should support these women’s efforts to reduce the burden of repeated childbirth through health and contraception programmes. I don’t want to lecture but this will sound like it :- “Women should be loving but where possible go for at least two children but not too many more” Not all will manage it so there is of course room for women who want more than three. However it is wrong if it is a cultural/race thing, as it appears to be for some Asians. This leads to over-population threatening other cultures and races.

 If you have read the page “The Omega Course” you will know that I have said a God may have a small point if by inhibiting your consciousness he or she allows you to concentrate on the things of life. However where abortion is concerned it is simply a curse of God. many women are having abortions and many not having children, especially in Western nations. this is making the in Darwinist terms total failures and if God blesses the seed of Abraham then he curses the seed of the ancestors of such women. If you cannot perceive the spiritual world you may well have a successful career but you will not see a reason not to have an abortion. It is important to understand that this is the opposite of nature. Females who reach the top in the animal kingdom, the alpha females, are reproductive. In my opinion the church and biblical ‘authority’ have created an environment or climate wherein women find it difficult to be successful and have children. Indeed a survey published by a British national daily newspaper on Saturday 20th 2007 indicated that many high flying women do not have children.  My advice is do not let the opinion forming religious affect you, even if you are a believer. If you are successful then the world should want your genes reproduced.

Super-mums are super but it is cool to be less than that as your children should be asked to understand the expression ”It is nice to be cool but it is also cool to be nice” It is nice to have a cool mum but it is also cool to be nice to under achieving mums. So no need to resent what might have been if mum is not, to a certain extent, perfect (have to draw the line yourself).

Abortion needs to be clarified. One third of conceptions end in natural abortion. Nature gave us life through evolution. Can we blame nature? We should simply try to help those who want to conceive to avoid these losses. The question arises though if what we owe our existence to aborts, can it be so wrong? Take the question of do we owe unemployed people benefits? The foetus is no different from the unemployed in that it is dependent on others. In a sense it is lesser, in that it has no voice to articulate its desire to live, nor a vote to frighten politicians with, therefore many feel its needs can be ignored. If a concept like Karma could be brought into the argument it would appear the world will go increasingly right wing if women continue to have abortions since it implies that no care should be given for unemployed. Every woman for herself. Promotion and use of preventatives such as the pill and the condom is almost the only way to stop the smugness of those who oppose abortion. The only other is to show that typically a Southern Baptist minister who opposes abortion is treading a twisted path when preaching Christianity because Jesus said that the birds of the air are cared for by their heavenly father so his disciples need not fear going out without money to preach because food will come their way. Birds in fact are murdered by cuckoos, by stronger siblings who push them out of the nest and by weather which God is supposed to be responsible for. In all nature, survival is a complex pattern of domination and compassion. By advocating observing nature as an example of God’s love Jesus actually points the road to abortion.

My own view on abortion is similar to the Indian government compromise with Hindu beliefs that the flesh becomes en-souled (or occupied by a spirit reincarnating) at 17 weeks. This seems rational in that  if there is “karma” then the identification of an appropriate developing life form would be when the form is known. This ties in with the page on reincarnation where I describe how it is logical that the mind is wiped clean on entering flesh because the brain is not programmed by experience. However I acknowledge that between death and reincarnation, the soul or spirit may have knowledge from a previous existence and therefore is able to determine the paths to reincarnation and hence sees the sense of waiting until flesh has developed. This even applies to animals although the point of sufficient maturity toward birth is different in many species, for example if some form of rodents are born 15 weeks after conception then the point of reincarnation for a mouse would more probably be about 6 weeks, not 17.

Even more shocking is that by subtle sociological neural programming over the centuries, Christianity has persuaded Europeans and those of other races who follow the beliefs to be meek and accept martyrdom as the early converts did in Rome. This is preparation for abortion of culture and race. The cuckoo, stronger sibling or bad weather depending on which aspect of the parable’s falseness you wish to look at in Europe, (possibly China and India eventually too) is the Semitic culture, laws of God from the Old Testament and a theocratic future state from the Koran. If we accept this parable, that God will care for us and we need not worry about the principles Darwin shows us of the survival imperative, we are doomed. European women will not see the truth of Darwin, the essence of sexual reproduction. The women of other races will be allowed to see this but ascribe it to their God and culture. European women will cling too strongly to careers and pleasure trusting their inhibited neural networks which cannot see beyond materialism, a deliberate plot, (of this God I speak of), I would suggest. This will be the triumph of Abraham’s seed. This parable appears then to be pivotal in suppressing democracy as created originally by the Greeks in preference for Theocracy, which was significant part of ancient Egypt where the Jews are known to have lived before God adopted them as his Israel.  

At some point on this page I will discuss Andrea Dworkin who has died very recently as I write this.  She at one point was talking about her Jewish ancestry being great after spending all her time criticising male dominated society, (see also the page on Jewish feminism).My view is that Christianity crushed female centric aspects of our culture through the legend of Eve, the story of Abraham thinking of fucking his servant because his wife was infertile etc. Why could Dworkin not accept the period she grew up in when people were turning to ancient ideas of the goddess in spirit, fertility and love in order to educate that chauvinist society, which it was. Why choose Jewish mythology? Check out these quotes for examples of what I am talking about. Dworkin shared a common trait among feminists, (probably many religious males too),  to conclude without evidence. Indeed though this web-site is dedicated to Buddha and Darwin, Buddha could certainly be said to have concluded without evidence since he did not understand evolution and the necessity of breeding to improve perception of the universe and thus understanding. But as I have said elsewhere, my happiest vision is of the two gentlemen, Darwin and Buddha, discussing their conclusions so that they could create a joint philosophy on the way forward for mankind in both spiritual and survival terms.

An example of such female conclusion without evidence in my own experience was with the feminist author, lecturer and newspaper columnist Ros Miles. I was at Coventry Polytechnic when she was a lecturer there. One day I coincidentally got into a lift with her. This was a period when she was writing for the local paper as well as lecturing. It was also the period of my life when pain i was experiencing inside my body and mind had drawn me to listen to the Polytechnic Catholic padre.  I recognised her from her photograph above her column in the newspaper and smiled when she looked at me. I was a bit taken aback when she looked at me in the same manner my mother’s doppelganger had looked at me in my nightmare during my childhood illness which I describe elsewhere in this site. This look was also a feature of my mother’s descent into insanity which I have since concluded was possession by this same doppelganger.  A short time later she described in her column how she had got into a lift and a male student had eyed her with some kind of sexual aggression which she described as having “clocked”. That she should have drawn such a bizarre conclusion either showed she had learnt nothing of human silent attempts at friendship initiation in her life, ( since my smile was one merely of recognition and acknowledgment of her importance locally as a journalist), or she was on the borders of insanity or possession, or she had become so obsessed with feminist thinking that her brain was looking for reasons for extreme feminism when none existed. I am utterly convinced that the incident was the one she wrote about because my mother, before her treatment would come out with similar outbursts.

Could that be God at work. Was it a devil released to turn her crazy as the Koran promises “We know when to release devil’s “ and the new testament “certain people were becoming wise so God released a devil among them”. Obviously for the agenda I describe elsewhere in this site as being what I believe the God of the Middle East is trying for would fit with this. It continued the pursuit of my soul which appears to have been going on from a very young age, it sends a feminist off in the wrong direction which clearly Islamic society would appreciate and probably many Protestant ones too, The unfaithful has been shown to be a foolish evil wishing women etc. etc.

My conclusion is I would urge feminist to check their motivations. Could they be inadvertently doing the will of something far older and more experienced in cunning than they could ever aspire to, like in evolutionary terms the angler fish with a small fish swimming lazily in front of it concluding the bait is a tasty morsel?

As I have mentioned my own nightmare and comforting terrified children is part of a mother’s natural action perhaps a guide to my own terrors would help. If so follow this link.

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