Woman and Polygamy

Statistically there is a slight imbalance around the world in which sex there are most of, but such a small imbalance is fairly irrelevant. In isolated communities it can have relevance, such as in the Himalayas where in some regions so few women are born that they take many husbands. Clearly it is nothing to do with religious chauvinism but a practical solution to the needs of the community, for many of the males to have a relationship with a woman.

Currently, (2007) US legislators are trying to become polygamy friendly for Mormons as the UK Labour government has for Muslims. In my opinion this is a way to create another hierarchy, like the appalling Hindu caste system. In a balanced population if some men have ten wives or more some men and possibly many will have none at all. the complete opposite of the rational Himalayan solution. The religious men who practice this will denounce as sin masturbation and prostitution so the isolated males are left with nothing. they are in effect worse off than if they had been born in one of the Himalayan communities to which I refer.

So the real aim of polygamous religions, as opposed to cultures where it is practical due to genetically related imbalances in the population, is to create cultures which groom young women to accept the lesser role of submission to a pseudo alpha male. I say pseudo because these males are ‘alpha’ only in the sense of the religious law their God has given them. In nature most would lose fights very quickly to other males and wold probably die. Other ,ales then are expected to do without partners for the religious ‘alphas’.

It is my recommendation that a vote is made against permitting such systems, regardless of how much a woman may wish to tolerate other life styles. It is detrimental to our planet in that it is giving passing acknowledgment to reducing biodiversity because most future children will only have the genes of the few alpha males who, as they are not true alphas, will weaken the human race. If this is God it is God planning an easily manipulatable humanity, not a rosy future for our race as we reach for the stars.

Women should be allowed by education to see that their greatest advantage is to have many partners not one, to father their children as this offers a better chance of survival but also that one partner is likely to provide the best security, in theory, but often not in practice. A balanced decision needs to be made by each woman in the light of these concepts. To seek diversity is Darwinistic, to seek a compassionate male is to seek the Buddha. this is the lesson for reproduction.

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