Jewish feminism (38)

Judaism, along with the other Abrahamic traditions, has evolved from Genesis as a male dominated religion. This may in part explain why God, whatever that means, has sought to overwhelm Europe and then use converted Europeans to spread the inflexible belief. reality is that women play roles in societies other than the submissive wife and mother. To modern feminists Judaism might seem feminist friendly, as Islam does to some, but in my opinion that has been driven by the god of the Middle East, by proxy, through the converted European culture which keeps hands clean of the, at that time, lesser religions in Europe, Judaism and Islam.

Evidence for the above is that European cultures had female Gods , spirits and respect for the female principle until the Christians came. Look at any of the female gods like Athena of Greece, equally in ancient Rome and in the Norse legends of Freya etc.

My intuitive bet is that the Abrahamic traditions are using women on a subtle level, as vehicles for lies and genetic aggression. It is likely that, as mitochondrial DNA changes less quickly, most women in the Jewish faith or with a Jewish ancestor are actually less different from the rest of the women on planet than males as the Y chromosome apparently changes more often, simply a pot pourri of mixed genes without the Y chromosome genes unique to the male line. many women indeed will be passing on genes to their female descendants which reflect their own heritage as coming from different clans as it is also likely that a male dominated principle will mean that in the past many Jewish males will appear as alpha males to women of non-Jewish backgrounds and will have persuaded them that their best interests and love lie with reproducing with the Jewish male. The cunning of Judaism is that it passes the religion on by the female line, which may induce some pride in the ladies involved and a feeling of being important, but has very little significance other than using the women to manipulate their sons and daughters into particular traditions.

I would therefore recommend that women with Jewish ancestors or Jewish lovers or husbands do something similar to the women of ancient Greece, which is to refuse to have a part of the male chauvinist tradition, refuse to pass on the traditions to their offspring and be determined to be part of their sisterhood with other women. intermarry wit men of other races and abandon what is supposed to be your duty of passing on the religion, but without cursing your ancestry as those were less enlightened times.

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