The threats to this planet, outlined elsewhere on this web-site, can be prevented from destroying much of our knowledge, civilisation and biodiversity by respect for women. Women may well, I believe, hold the key to a better future planet. It is simply through empowerment. the evidence I have is that when women are empowered they act far more sensibly than when they are subject to domination by males. Women when they control their own fertility generally choose to have fewer children. This is significant in that is shows that the primal Darwinist drive to ensure success of one’s genes, which for so long has driven men to war and to claim women for themselves, like autocratic Islamic leaders collecting Harems.

It is vital that we allow women to choose to control their own fertility to reduce the pressure on our natural resources and biodiversity of the planet. From resources we get a quality of life, from biodiversity we find joy, amazing scientific discoveries and an understanding of our evolution.

I therefore present a gallery, to the side here, of women leaders who are examples of empowerment and who, despite faults, mostly I would say from taking notice of male advisers like Thatcher listening to Sherman, I believe are the trend which must be followed. Males, especially in many chauvinist cultures must take a step back from selfishness to allow us all to bathe in the social nature of women leaders. As I write the Saudi leader King Abdullah has said Saudi Arabia will expand the rights of women and eventually allow them to drive (reported on ABC television October 2005). Anybody admiring that is taking the pee.

I hope reader you can trust me when I say support your local female political leader, they are always half our future and the contribution they bring to the next few centuries may well be seen in later centuries as the only reason mankind did not destroy itself and the panet which had nurtured its evolution for billions of years.

If you have read the pages under “The Omega Course” you will notice that I have my doubts about the intention of God. Continuing tha analogy of “The Lord of the Rings” I make there Palestine and Israel could be thought of as arguing Orcs in the third book of the trilogy, drunk on thier aspirations, or rather the aspirations of their God (Jehovah/Allah/Sauron), to deny evolution. For liberal feminism this is a problem as the line gets drawn  as to what women can do by these cultures. Prostitutes and actresses face almost total exclusion for instance. Right wing Christians would even ban nudity on the stage and probably most beaches as well. This however is just another excuse for Islam to appear to hold the torch of intellect since the Christians would have acted irrationally out of fear. The anti-liberality of these Christians would then drag us away from science in general, as theories of Intelligent design are doing in states like Kansas in the USA. Once Christians are irrational Allah/Sauron can pick up the pieces and claim rationality and sensuality for Islam, as he did the last time the cycle (ring cycle?) of his interjections ocurred, when civilisation was destroyed in Europe, (“If God divides the Kingdom of Satan it cannot rule itself” as Jesus said, which is why infidel Europeans are labelled the spawn of satan by ambitious fundamentalist Islamic leaders and priests, {take for example David Frost’s interview with Mohammed Ali}. All this hatred of natural loving female liberality will lead to an increase in the power of the ring (the one) which my analogy refers to destruction of evolutionary thinking and the evidence for it. perhaps there is something in women thinking about reducing their impact on the planet, as many do. In order to preserve this evidence as to not do will be to fall into the power of the one, to acquire things.

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