Feminism Darwin and Buddha

Darwin, as most understand, is about adaptation to change. For many young women, as I write, Kylie Minogue and Madonna represent role models. The reason given is their ability to re-invent themselves. This itself is appreciation by young women of these two creatures who can adapt to the changing environment of pop culture. However, that women should prefer the icons, which is also reported, to Nicola Horlick is, in my opinion, a mistake.

Nicola Horlick is adapted to the unchanging role of motherhood and to the fairly steady principles of business in an ever changing business environment. She has compassion for her children and the sense to see a genetic future for herself.

Therefore it is my belief that young women should look for the Buddha and Darwin in their role models and utilise what they see as the best, emulating behaviour in order to succeed in being both enlightened and survivors. Look to the Madonnas and Kylie Minogues of this world but do not forget to look to Nicola Horlick and the other conventional work/mother role successes.

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