I am not at all comfortable with extreme feminist claims that all men are rapists. This is partly the Andrea Dworkin syndrome of society. When I was in Denmark, after the incident at the Rebecca Ø Fest detailed elsewhere on this site, I went to “Huset” one night to try to ease my troubled mind with some music or theatre. there was a play on the top floor in September 1977 called “Luk Vinduet Op” (apologies if my Danish is bad). I went up to see if it was still on for that night and when i got to the floor below the performance there was podgy 30ish Danish woman, looking as though she was collecting money for the performance, sitting at a desk all alone. I asked if the play was still on and she looked at me with venom in her eyes and said “it’s over they are waiting to judge”. This added to my already growing paranoia. There was no friendship in her manner and unusually for Denmark I thought at the time, though I may be changing after thirty years of pain no desire to be helpful.

I know lots of people in Denmark at the time had started to act strangely toward me, but by no means all. This sort of attitude seems to me to have left the world with a situation where the amount of space children have to play in has been reduced from about 400 yards around a house to only the back garden. Parents are frightened that there is some evil man close by. That feminists for the sake of political ambitions, should curse childhood so, appalls me. In my youth I and my friends wandered far and wide, especially when there was more than one of us. Local old men gave us sweets and talked with us while letting us pet their dogs or bought us ice creams if we went and got them and bought him one back to his house. Men are not all ogres. Lots are well intentioned, generous, protective and indeed as war has shown, many would give their lives for other’s children, not even their own.

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