Nudity (54)

This page is dedicated to unashamed nakedness. The site is called Life-Class so it only natural that some naked bodies should be incorporated.

Music to go with this is “Let’s just Get Naked” by Joan Osborne. Those of a religious disposition my know her most famous work “One of Us” which has the line “What if God was one of us, trying to make his way home”

When all the stress of life is getting to you please enjoy these pictures which I hope are tasteful enough to appeal to both sexes and the artist in all. Some of the pictures I took myself

The philosophy behind this page is in opposition to the current trend of certain Islamic teachers to condemn the uncovered body. Clothes are merely a practicality. In a sense I am saying that where Islam tolerated the Harem for centuries when it was their own potentates who ruled, I am saying, harems for the people regardless of their faith.

It of course is also saying something to puritan Christianity and other body phobic cults

The Judaistic tradition gives a story of some ‘fruit’ being eaten which made Adam and Eve want to cover themselves. Clearly in any culture where it is considered shameful children will grow up believing that. One of the areas I can accept Jesus Christ preaching is when he says “I come to restore that which was lost”. If we take Milton’s title, “Paradise Lost” as a starting point then, at a pinch, Jesus may be about helping us all feel restored to a state where we are comfortable without clothes. The Greeks, Romans, Africans, South American and Florida Indians and North European tribes did not seem to have much of a problem in the first place, it has to be said. Present day Islam seems to be going the wrong way in this interpretation. Islam acknowledges Jesus as a prophet but insists Elijah is the last, it would be sad if God’s last prophet was to oppose the mood god had been in, allegedly, with Jesus, if indeed the restoration was about unburdening mankind of shame over nudity.

Someone once said “Youth is a mask”. This fits well with my overall view of Buddho-Darwinism that we are incarnate spirits in new “suits”. As we get old, the suit tires but our spirit can remain young. In the hospital where I do some voluntary work there was a frail old lady of 94 sitting at the nurses station who made a mischievous joke about something which happened in the ward at that time, which the nurse took seriously for a second or two. The realising what was meant she said “Oh you are having a laugh”, to which the lady replied “Well............, you’ve got to!”

Enjoy yourself, enjoy your body, get down a sauna or nudist beach, pose for cameras, it is an attitude of mind. Try to explore that attitude. If it helps think this is what Jesus wants me to do

Dame Judy Dench had a speech in the film “Mrs Henderson Presents” about The Windmill Theatre,

     “I have presented the Windmill for four years now. Let me tell you why. There was a war before this one. It was meant to be the war to end all wars. I lost my son in that war, my only son. He was 21. he perished from poison gas I believe, on a field in France. Sometime after I went to his room to clear away his things and I discovered the most amazing thing. what I believe you call a French postcard. A photograph of a naked woman. he had been hiding it and I realised Alec had probably gone to his death without ever seeing a woman naked in real life. well i thought that was the most awful thing. When you lose a son in a war, you do know, no matter what anyone might say, that his death has been in vain. It won’t stop others fro folowing - other wars - other young men. years later, after my husband had died and I was on my own i decided to buy a theatre and put on a nude review so that boys like Alec would never be in the same predicament. as long as the windmill exists there is no need for a sad little postcard stashed underneath the bed. .........If we are to ask our youth to surrender their lives, we should not ask them to surrender joy or the possibility of joy.”

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