Naked Renaissance (74)

When leaving Denmark I stated my intention to get study for a degree. It seemed to me that I was being dismissed as a fool and a joke by quite a few of the people I met, some of whom I did not know but seemed to know me.

I duly returned to England and eventually managed to get a place studying Computer and Control Systems at what was then Coventry Polytechnic. While there I became friends with a variety of Roman Catholics with a variety of opinions. Talking things over it became apparent that one of the teachings was that there is nothing sinful in the human body because that is Godís creation. it is in the mind that observes sinfully that corruption lies. You could equally say the same about sex and although some cults probably believe there was no sex in Eden one would have to enquire why God had created genitals if such was the case.

Obviously the Buddho-Darwinism of this web-site is not part of Catholicism but I learn from sincere people and develop beliefs from that. This Catholic viewpoint, given their belief in a paradise garden and the fall of Adam and Eve, is at least logical, if nothing else.

Freeing the mind from guilt, however it is achieved, is the essence of spiritual liberty and an open heart which is honest at least to itself should have no problem with current liberal western culture. Anyone who thinks it should should perhaps reflect on the Catholic belief.

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