The Terminator

In the New Testament, Jesus said “My word will live on” and In the Koran it is written “Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive”.  Jesus also said he was here to divide families and divide the kingdom of Satan, (apparently the latter is a reference to earth according to a catholic priest I spoke with).

 As an aside, but also linked to the concept of this page on The Terminator, the whole of this Life-Class web site describes events which may occur. As an example, 95% of non-African men being able to trace their ancestry to a Jew but not to a common male ancestor who at at one time in the history of the world, (namely now), had descendants that in number represented 95% of non-africans, as dealt with elsewhere in this site. As in the terminator, the message is that this is just one of a number of possible futures, but my contention is that because there is a deceiving will behind it, the God of the Koran and bible, then it is more likely to happen than statistics would incline you , dear reader, to believe. My own preference is for any awareness that is going on to be the enlightenment of Buddha than the self- awareness of a neural computer linked to other serial and parallel processors.

When describing the Terminator machine executioner in the first film of the series words to the effect that “he knows no compassion” and “he absolutely will not stop” are used. It is therefore my contention that no matter what science shows us to be patently true, evolution, light years of distance and almost incomprehensible ages of time, God and religious leaders, through their many “retail outlets” if churches mosques, temples and synagogues can be called that, will continue to try to convince people of things that either are not true or need not be true.

For the first of these, “not true”, I would include the idea that god had created the universe in seven days.

For the second I would include events which are led by possession or control of the human mind. The film “A Beautiful Mind” describes one mans’ struggle with insanity, while being undoubtedly hugely intelligent. He throughout his life, (the film is based on fact not fiction), saw make believe friends which he, at times in his life, thought were real. This is how religion works so that converted people say they see things, or while reading a holy book feel pictures drawn in their minds which appear to make sense and be true. The human voice can paint pictures and this is how religious leaders can paint pictures in people’s minds. In my opinion religion should be kept out of education because these pictures are very hard to get rid of and can colour people’s lives, as they did the mathematical genius in “A Beautiful Mind”. So “need not be true” refers to people who create environments for themselves in their minds, or have environments in their mind created by religious leaders, which they undoubtedly believe to be true but in fact are not and can only be true while their mind is in the environment they have created for it, or the way they perceive things.

As someone who has had many people try to force their perceptions on me during my life I can assure you it is very difficult to resist, especially if you are suffering. This is where Karl Marx got his expression “religion is the opium of the people”. It can take away pain but it is not reality. However, I would argue that materialism is not reality either, which Marx did not. In fact just as there are many cultural and behavioural norms in different species and within different human cultures, so there are many influences competing for the spiritual world. This is the challenge to humanity, to build a future where what is currently beyond our comprehension can be comprehended and people can enter it with the compassion and love they do in a democracy, allowing others to express themselves. Placing things before others for collective decisions may be confined to the material world of higher order beings but compassion is the root of a spiritual world which is as pleasant as the most wonderful democracy you can imagine.

Many will come who will always want to destroy, to acquire comforts for themselves. Religion will try to destroy belief in science, greed in some people will try to destroy biodiversity and religious leaders  and gods and devils will try to destroy the hold of the human mind on its own ability to comprehend its position in the universe, to live harmoniously with the material and spiritual.

Returning to the Terminator, religions are the machines of the Gods and devils. Religions will break out from time to time when they become self-aware, as the Skynet defence system did in the Terminator. This self-awareness is their awareness of their ability to deceive, to control, to gain power over others, to be the centre of attention, (how childish), to create illusions and to criticise others who disagree.

As described elsewhere in this web-site,  the human experiences of love and compassion can be drained and attacked and I would contend that all the love and compassion Gods claim to have is actually born of humans and drained from them or mirrored from our evolved behaviours. ( I should admit that after my own little enlightenment, my behaviour afterwards may have made it easy to drain from me, but that was really about preventing me having time to learn what enlightenment is about and what can be achieved rather than anything I would blame myself for).So whenever a burst of human compassion occurs the Gods arrive to mop-up, just as in the sixties when the love generation was growing up, religions such as Krishna consciousness began to emerge in the west  and bizarre versions of Christianity emerged. The Gods and devils will not stop and whether they have compassion is arguable since they suppress naturally evolved compassion and love in humans and claim it as their gift.

“The Terminator” especially I feel could be used to describe the combination of all religions emerging from the Middle East God, the Torah and Old Testament, the New Testament, The Koran and the Mormon Tablets. The idea is that whichever way you turn, your thinking will have been preempted by one of God’s thoughts written down somewhere. This God absolutely will not stop trying to make you think all good thinking comes from him/her and you are something neither natural nor good. in fact you are both natural and good, the latter since in truth there is no law, (see the page on the law)

Finally perhaps I should say that it would not surprise me if some new supplement to the Koran emerged in the future. The enlightenment that was drained from me in the years after 1977, when I experienced my moment of bliss, would form the basis of this. The fact that I became enlightened shows there is a crack in the limits God, (the limiting of our understanding is done through inhibiting people with guilt), and satan (through practising on the natural fear and pain centres in the human mind), try to impose on mankind through these books. To believe this is to be like an opponent of the Terminator. To be John Connor. This new Koran supplement may be needed, despite the claims of Islam that Elijah was the last prophet, because God will have to write something that plasters over the crack that I slipped through entirely by accident or luck. This mirrors the delivery of the Mormon Tablets in which Moroni claims an abominable church had been built. In fact an abominable tissue of lies had been written in God’s books, as scientists and engineers around Europe were discovering in the decades prior to and after the delivery and as social scientists and arts writers and politicians including the French revolutionaries were responding to and in later decades were to respond to. The 600 plus laws in the Bible are not right nor are those in the Koran, there is no absolute right in nature, but humanity can work towards a better future for all creatures which God does not want. Again see the section on Law for clarification of these closing points


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