Dr Who and Star Trek

Dr Who’s most famous adversary is of course the Daleks. It is my contention that a lesson can be learned from this TV series. It relates to the environment. People who do not care about the biodiversity of this world are equivalent to the Daleks in a microcosm. (Let us not forget in the first series of Dr Who, the Daleks were in the microcosm of their own city before they took to space to destroy other civilisations).

The poachers in India who are out to kill the last few thousand tigers are Daleks in the making.

Each animal sanctuary and habitat is as a world in another galaxy in the microscopic. If you do not wish to preserve the life forms you are a Dalek.

Of course by this standard, most western politicians are Daleks since they encourage the avarice which destroys habitats in order to gain votes. Left wing and right wing Daleks stand up in parliaments throughout the world promising smarties and doughnuts for everyone because animals cannot vote.

In contrast to the Daleks, the mission of the Enterprise in Star Trek expressly forbids interference in evolving planet’s affairs. The creatures of the planet do not have to be so advanced as to have a place on the council which instructs the Star Trek mission. All are respected. There was a programme devoted to an incident where the crew observation areas became visible to a planet under observation and the more primitive life saw they were being observed.

I would therefore encourage all those who engage in politics or intend engaging in politics to adopt the moral stance of the Star Trek crew and prove their worthiness to travel to the stars by preserving biodiversity on this planet, by treasuring every species. This may convert you to vegetarianism in the interests of taking  a stance and rejecting the objectives of Daleks.

Be wise and know that the creativity in mankind that imagines Dr Who and Captain Kirk is with you.

If you ignore this analogy think of humans arriving on another planet after exploiting their own destructively. Any intelligent life on the planet might soon realise human intent was to destroy them in the pursuit of material goods and pleasures. They may then choose to destroy the human explorers and then send their own warriors to destroy earth and all its human inhabitants before they could do any more damage to other civilisations. Be very careful if you are indifferent to the extinction of tigers, polar bears, apes etc or indeed any creature. You will be condemning yourself because if you can read this web-site you are bound by responsibility to care for and show compassion to the natural world.


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