Lord of the Rings

The “Lord of the Rings” is a fascinating book. It draws on legends but it is difficult to identify where legends themselves arise from. The ring that is the centre of the story , in the wrong hands, would bring darkness to Middle Earth.

To recap, the theme of the web-site focuses on Buddha and Darwin. Looking now at Buddha, he formulated his thoughts on infinite compassion towards all living things about 600 years before Christ. Their tow messages to the people of the world are similar in many ways except that Christ centres on their being a God. This period, 600 years previously, seems quite an age of enlightenment because much  of what is now considered educated, democracy, philosophy and politics was also in the ascendancy at this time in Greece. So what happened in the intervening centuries?

Each winter, about the time of the solstice  I experience a watery spiritual state of mind, it seems the old year must be forgotten and the work necessary for a new year considered. The “Bliss” pages of this site  and “The Omega Course” page explain about why that is. Generally I do not feel comfortable with the work I do until June of July. It is my belief that such feelings may explain the root concept of the Lord of the Rings, that something is related to the orbit of the earth and the renewal of life as the days begin to get longer. This is akin to the beliefs of the ancient Britons for instance when they built and then worshipped at Stonehenge for tens of centuries.

I believe that as Buddha’s teachings became popular, God realised that he would need to substitute some theology which put him in as good a light if not better. Thus was born the concept of  Christ. For the 600 years after Buddha God collected the thoughts of Buddha to formulate a method of taking a person, Jesus and re-interpreting Buddha to include concepts like , “sell what you have and give to the poor”, (Buddha of course was a prince so had a lot to abandon) and “love one another” which is as Buddha’s teachings on compassion or forgiveness. However, the substitution involved a supreme being who cold do as he wanted at the core rather than a human, Buddha, who felt he could do nothing but give his compassion to all living things.

More puzzling perhaps again is that about 600 years after that God/Allah/Jehovah produces another monotheistic theology which declares that God as Allah is “the compassionate one”. This religion has also re-introduced a lack of compassion by claiming there has to be ‘justice’. Of course the Old Testament, which was threatened by Buddha’s teachings had they been allowed to spread worldwide also demanded justice prescribing punishments such as “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”. {It may be good to read the page of this web-site on “Law” if the relevance of this seems obscure, but briefly as an evolving species Law is a tool we use to settle disputes without resorting to ‘strongest wins’ practices of the animal kingdom , but it is not an absolute and anarchy should be considered the natural state from which we have evolved. Don’t curse anarchy or curse your ancestors, simply believe in democratic law as a way to less trouble.} So it would appear there was a God claiming all laws are his creation and to be obeyed, then came Buddha and he decided to use the vehicle of Christ to suppress any growing beliefs in Buddhism, in effect saying “No need to believe in Buddha, I am a much safer pair of hands and look, I am kind hearted too”. Then he followed this with what might be equated to restoration of the death penalty, the Koran. Note that Islam now, (in the times when it is seen to be causing terror sponsored by a few but also believed in by a fairly large number of adherents, though not the majority), emphasises that the word Islam means peace, but it is only in the context of the falseness of believing that laws are immutable and come from the creator of all things that such can be asserted. Peace through having a police force in effect. This accuses Buddha indirectly of abandoning the kingdom he was to inherit from his father to anarchy, trying to deny that belief in what Buddha said can co-exist with civilisation as it has in Thailand for instance.

About 1200 years after the Koran, which itself was about 1200 years after Buddha, we now have the Mormon tablets. I wonder is there a key here. Are the rings of the Lord of the Rings something akin to the orbits of the nature of earth, the seasons. 600 years to sap Buddha of compassion, 600 years to prepare to restore the God of Laws, (false as they are) and 1200 years to strike the final blow to Buddhism, wiping it out in the far east with an age of materialism, which Buddhism says is the cause of our suffering. Eliminating Buddhism from China and waiting in the wings with Christian evangelism USA style to convert them all.

The question then is, as far as I can see, “Is God actually Sauron in the Lord of the Rings?” If so he may be collecting the earths annual harvest of an evolving spirituality, in order to press home his Alpha dominance of that other world beyond mere dreams. Does everyone who believes in the Koran, the New Testament or the Mormon tablets become a mini Saruman. Now that England has produced Darwin, whose great and brave thoughts destroyed much of the power of the church to foster Jewish mythology, are the forces of Saruman back in the shires, as at the end of the trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’ in the shape of a Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who wants to create schools which teach creationism, with it’s attendant denial of our evolution in anarchy? Does belief make people act like possession of the ring made the Hobbits feel, tempting them to do evil to us all by denying science and the arts for an obsession with law as Sauron/Allah/Jehovah dictates? Is the ring in the hands of the likes of Tony Blair going to lead the world into darkness again?

Elsewhere on this site you will find comments on the inherent racisim of the mythology of Judaism which Christianity depends on. You will also find a section on Scientology, a belief which L Ron hubbard introduces as being one which bases itself on acceptance that two thirds of the world will dominate one third. I would suggest that if such a creed was race based it wold be condemned but apparently it does not matter if it is not. The extent of domination is not normally understood by everyday people but if you take the example of the sort of amateur Scientology which was practised on me at The Rebecca Ř Fest in Denmark in 1977, described in the section “After bliss” then this causes an ethical problem. It is also akin to the Dalek intentions described in this section on fantasy. If it was race then it could well be aimed at Africans or those of African descent. To show how rings could be another aspect of this, think in terms of how, in this site, the idea that God and Satan work together against science and reason as powers in a world dreams sometimes connect with but which science cannot (as yet) measure. We have evolved out of Africa via the Middle East and my contention is that the Middle east is being used as a centre of religious thought to cut us off from the truth of our evolution. Topographically, God can look at Africa as the core where scientific understanding of our origins comes from. The Middle East then is as a ring around that core which allows no Africans out unless they believe in God and is trying now to let no white people in to understand evolution through hysteria of the believers, eg US fundamental Christians, against evolution, integration by males of the middle ring of the Middle East and the already dominated Africans  into fathering all mankind in the future through mating with non-African and Non-Middle East culture women. Please see the page link for a simple graphic of this. Just as Christians two thousand years ago worked against Greek philosophy and basic science, ( eg. Saint Paul calling Greeks like the coppersmith who did not believe it ‘Satan’s people’), so they will work against modern science over the next few decades.

Rings also have a place in understanding insanity since much madness is about going round in circles in the human mind trying to understand why others cannot see the way your head is wired. (See the page on Madness too ). I contend in this web-site that as it was easy for some Danes to push me to the brink of insanity. This could well be happening all over the world where whenever a soul arises who is near to the realm of non-science they are attacked and indeed this is endemic in our culture to believe in expressions such as “Those who the Gods wish to destroy they first drive insane” and Jesus recounting a tale of how God released devils among wise men to drive them away from wisdom. As a footnote to this, whenever religious apologise for reasons you give for not believing with the words “The ancient texts are ambiguous and the word also means something else” be very careful because in another time and place they may well choose to make it mean exactly what you thought it meant, once they have power over society. They only give the mild interpretation while they are trying to get their beliefs accepted by society. As a example, I have reported elsewhere in this web-site how one Christian in Copenhagen, (Kirsten Pedersen who worked for the telephone company), until the Rebecca Ř Fest in 1977 had a friendly relationship with me, but immediately after, once I was forced to re-examine my perspective from a state of abuse bordering on driving me insane said “Don’t you believe? You are heading for a nervous breakdown”  A strange conviction to me for someone who sought salvation in forgiveness for her own ignorance in her past of God.  Now however I see the implications and the danger to science of how believers can instantly metamorphose into corrupt power hungry judges of others once they have the upper hand. It is a form of terrorism not well understood by the scientific community as yet.

While I have indicated the possibility of the Abrahamic tradition God being Sauron, I have to say that something in Denmark equally may be the same. A culture hidden within Denmark, perhaps only known to a few, which derides the rest of mankind and seeks the equivalent of “the rings of power”.

See also the page “The Danes”





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