The Danes (27, 28, 54 & 58)

There are some lovely people in Denmark. One of the reasons I decided to stay there, when on holiday in 1977, was because I felt comfortable with their outlook. This liking of the Danes was how I felt in 1976 when I arrived there. I also plucked up courage to go back there and lecture to an audience in Aalborg on high temperature electronics about 25 years later, although I have to admit to feeling rather paranoid at Kastrup, (Copenhagen airport), as my journey meant I had to pass through there. It was in Copenhagen that my self belief had been destroyed by some Danes at the Rebecca ø Fest in September 1977.

That there are still some lovely Danes, (that they have not on mass gone over to some “dark side” whatever that entails), I witnessed through, bizarrely enough, a lady concierge in a lavatory in Aalborg. I could still remember some of my Danish from 1977 so was able to have a brief conversation with her. There was also the smiles of two female staff at Aalborg zoo which made me feel all was not lost.

This section about Danes is in the area of the site devoted to some criticisms of religions because it is on what some of them believe that I would like to focus. In particular it is the Danes involved in what could perhaps be described as a Kangaroo court conspiracy against me or enlightenment that I will focus on.

There are many reasons they may have had for attacking me in the way they did. I had been to all intents and purposes a peaceful hippie type, (with a job though), that summer. Some people certainly viewed hippies as an evil in those days and I had entered a Lutheran church which perhaps did not welcome the rock and roll era. The hippie movement, while peaceful, did have a lot of rock and roll music associated with it which bordered on perhaps being offensive to religious bigots, the Stormcock and other albums of that period by Roy Harper and extracts from songs by groups such as The Grateful Dead with song lyrics like “a friend of the devil is a friend of mine”  being examples. However, other than my central thesis of this web-site, that both Satan, (some devils?) and God (or gods?) could be working together against human reason and enlightenment, I am still, all these years later, at a loss to understand why those involved did what they did at the Rebecca ø Fest. The rest of this page can only describe some of the possibilities that have come to mind.

1. AMUSEMENT: There were times when a disturbed state of mind was amusing to people. Londoners used to visit the Bedlam insane asylum for a laugh. It may be that the subset of Danes I refer to found it amusing to plague me with intrusion in my consciousness without good reason, because it is amusing to look at the disbelief of one to whom they have done this and say to themselves, (or even out loud to the victim), “Figure it out”, when there is nothing to figure out since they were simply after amusement. In that case it would amuse them still hugely today that I am still puzzled why they did it. They do after all live in a country and indeed region, renowned for compassion in politics and economics with their generosity to one another and politeness.

2. PURSUIT OF POWER OR KNOWLEDGE: I have told in another part of this web-site, of the bliss I experienced in the late Spring of 1977. If this was a Nirvana given by either Buddha or a God the it may be that the benefit attaining that confers on the one experiencing it can be transferred. Therefore, much like the “Whore of Babylon” in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament was reputed to have, it may be that this subset of Danes can ‘trade in souls’. The implication then would be that, because my enlightenment had surprised me as much as anyone and I had not therefore reached it by following a necessary austere lifestyle, such as Buddhists prescribe, I was therefore unprepared to live the lifestyle prescribed after my moment of bliss and was therefore an easy target for soul trading. In other words my enlightenment could be taken from me like candy from a baby. This may also be closely connected to the draining of my faculties effect described in the page on “Draining”.

3. TO MAKE LIFE DIFFICULT: I have never since the Rebecca ø Fest been able to reproduce the easy learning ability I had in my youth. Although I now have three degrees in Engineering gained since then, it has been a huge struggle. It has even often seemed as though the results are controlled as when I got my pre-degree course A level results, I got a grade B, an E and another E, which form the name BEE and I had read the Koran between leaving Denmark and taking the exam which has a chapter called “The Bee”, which along with Qom and Cow had stuck in my mind.

4. BECAUSE THEY ARE SELFISH IDIOTS: While working in the Skovshoved Hotel in north Copenhagen, about three months before I started dreaming for the first time in my life and about five months before my moment of bliss, one of the chefs, while smoking some marijuana quietly outside the hotel and suddenly said “Candy from a baby”. It may be that soul trading I talk of above had already begun at that time and they were pleased with the progress. A very content “stoned” feeling. It may even be that such trading led me to dream, as an unintentional consequence, which then led me to nirvana, again, as far as the soul trader was concerned, unintentionally. The Rebecca ø Fest may the have been set up by some of those involved in this ‘soul trading’ to extract even more of what they saw as a rich soul to exploit. This is interesting because since then the world has turned to exploitation of nature including the likely mass extinction of many species. Politically the world has turned to the right, or at least stopped the march to a communist autocracy. There has also been a move to globalisation with massive corporations ruling the economies. I titled this paragraph, “Because they are selfish idiots” because although perhaps not exclusively, those at the Rebecca ø Fest seemed to be largely left-wingers, a few hippie types who would be concerned about the state of the planet and some small businessmen like Sven the veggie shop owner. It seems the result of their actions has been exactly the opposite of what they wanted. That “wanted” though is past tense since another twist may be that simply want to be popular, to get sex for free and be admired, so they will follow any zeitgeist. Seeing perhaps something was about to change they decided to change their agenda. This goes back to paragraph 1. It would amuse them hugely to have got sex and be admired for being on the Hippie trail to the Far East in a spiritual sense and materialistically unambitious, while puzzling someone like me as to how science fitted into all this. My puzzlement left me ill-suited to finding a soul-mate of sexual partner so they would feel content with that as they would be certainly admired. It would then amuse them even more hugely to force more puzzlement and confusion on me as to their behaviour by changing to a “greed is good” attitude, working with the soul trader to exploit me to the maximum and thus being admired and finding it easy to get sex by being part of the new right enlightenment of the eighties, exploitation being the name of the game. This also might tie in with Hindu expansionism and the establishment or branding of me as a a lower caste, toilet cleaner type who they are free to exploit under their new god Krishna’s wisdom (see criticism of Hindu faith). It is interesting therefore that as I said at the beginning of this page, the friendliest Dane I have come across since September 1977 has been a “proper lady” toilet cleaner in Aalborg, in my opinion a vastly superior human to the hippie, small business minded and left wing sell-outs of Copenhagen.

5. MODERN PHYSICS: God or Satan or both may hate enlightenment, since in scientific worlds it implies understanding which refutes the absurd interpretations of religious texts and in Buddhist terms it implies that gods are not all they claim to be in the spiritual life either. The Rebecca ø Fest was about forcing me to make a decision, to choose to get off some fence either to the left or right, which had nominally been labeled, left as ‘for a joke’ and right as ‘for love’. Some physics work at Oxford University is focusing on the concept of multi-verses rather than a single universe. This research has even looked at the idea that every decision made leads to another universe in the multi-verse. Essentially it is one of those enormously complicated theories linked to string theories and quantum mechanics to try to tie in all our understanding. If the theory is correct then by making me, as I was still connected to my enlightenment, make a decision, the Danes at the Rebecca ø Fest could force me (or perhaps us all), into a universe of their preference, where none of us can reach enlightenment. In that universe perhaps the Danes have stayed connected to my enlightenment, where by contrast they split me from it, which is now in another universe. They could thus gain an advantage over all mankind, perhaps living in a happier nation, perhaps being able to control others from another dimension, perhaps by generating fear, almost certainly by being able to get more pleasurable sex than otherwise. At least that could have been their hope. They certainly must have got more of the joy of life than me since I have been forced to retreat to a fairly austere sex life through an altered metabolism and have struggled to understand every new challenge and cope with every change of direction in my life. I am primarily disappointed that the implication of that is that they feel the rest of mankind should have these things hidden from them, that only they and perhaps their friends should know about it or profit from it.

I can recommend some viewing on Quantum Mechanics to help with understanding of this but it may be difficult to get hold of. During January 2007 the television channel BBC4 broadcast a programme about Mark Everett, also known as ‘E’, the lead with the group The Eels and his search to find out about his father, the quantum physicist Hugh Everett. His father’s life bizarrely reflects my own experience in Denmark in 1977. As I have wanted to pepper this site with recommended music you might like to listen to a track by the Eels called “Railroad Man” before proceeding. The programme is called “Parallel Universes, Parallel Lives” and I hope it is released as a DVD to all schools for anyone pondering what to study before University to see in order to encourage them toward science, which when well explained is not as difficult to understand as perhaps some churches would like Darwin’s thinking to be.

Hugh Everett was an aetheist and loved Einstein as a teenager. Personally I prefer Isaac Newton because he had a spiritual awareness dimension to his thinking without letting it distract him totally from his science. (As an aside, one of the key problems for me with my Protestant upbringing is that it tends to engage in suppression of dreams and illusion inspiration whereas Islam appears to accept it. Indeed the book of Daniel is quite specific that dreams area communication channel but the jealous guarding of authority tends to encourage Protestant and catholic faiths to criticise or deny those who experience this). It is though difficult to hold on to both the material and ‘illusion’ worlds. One of Hugh’s papers ,(as a reference) was “The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics”. This describes how our decisions at junctions in our path through life enable the co-existence of parallel universes.

First to describe electrons and protons the programme describes how there is no common language to describe the photon which behaves much like the electron. The electron is described as being known as a particle but exists like a smeared cloud around the nucleus of the atom. It is as though they are everywhere at once. One should of course bear ion mind that heavier elements have more electrons than others but that is not important for this description of Quantum Mechanics. There is a famous experiment called “the double slit” experiment in which photons or electrons are fired at a card with two slits in it.

Now here is an interesting fact which I will return to. As you will have gathered from this site, my experiences of attempts to destroy my free thinking self were in Denmark in 1977 shortly after my enlightenment or moment of bliss. The first theory of the energy levels of electrons were developed by Niels Bohr, a physicist from Copenhagen in Denmark in 1913. My energy levels slipped away in 1977 after I entered a Lutheran church in Copenhagen. Bohr’s theory is now replaced by the theory of wave mechanics because it did not hold well for anything more than the simplest atom, hydrogen. This wave mechanics theory refers to electrons as existing in a cloud as the BBC programme described.

If electrons and photons have wave and particle behaviour then a large number of effects can be considered to do with diffraction at slits and plane wave fronts but I will stick to the BBC programme’s level of description because I found it easy to understand.

The double slit experiment is that if a laser beam is fired at a double slit onto a light recording device, then over time three intense patterns of landing sites for the photons occur rather than two. Two are where you might expect them, through the slits in the direction the light was heading and one in the “dark” zone between the slits. Niels Bohr thought he had the answer to why this occurred. He stated that the electron or photon particle behaves as theory predicts until it is observed. At that exact moment it stops being the probability that it is somewhere in a cloud but a well behaved particle. basically it stops being a crazy unknown. Now interestingly, as I have described in the section “After Bliss”, after entering a Lutheran church, on the night after I found myself in an illusion where I was pinned down by what felt like a stiletto knife to a pain centre in my head being, bowed down by it. So perhaps the price of entering a Lutheran church in Copenhagen is that the Danes were allowed to “know” me,  rather let me be who I was, in accordance with the Danish physicists theory of electron phenomena, (such as Leonard Jorgensen, son of the Prime Minister saying “Yes I have to know everything about you” ). I make this statement because as much of this site describes, the Danes did exactly seem to know a lot about me in the run up to the September Rebecca ø Fest” and my behaviour, with people like Sven the vegetarian shop owner saying “be quick and see just for a joke”. (Please read the After Bliss) section from the link above and then return to this section if needs be, but again I will return to the Bohr theory later here.

Schrodinger’s hypothetical cat theory shows a problem with Bohr’s theory. In the Schrodinger cat experiment the fate of a cat is determined by a random emission of a radioactive particle. The cat is in a box we cannot see inside with a radioactive source, a Geiger counter, a hammer and a bottle of poison gas. The particle is detected by a Geiger counter and on detection the Geiger counter releases a hammer which smashes a bottle of poison gas thus killing the cat. The inside is in two states until we open the lid and observe it according to Bohr’s theory, so the cat must be both dead and alive.

This did not ring true to Hugh Everett but his theory of parallel universes satisfies the conditions of Schrodinger’s hypothetical experiment.

Now as well as losing energy levels after visiting a Lutheran Church and experiencing a pain which was as though I was being fixed for observation and experiment like a butterfly pinned down, I also found myself a victim of a forced decision at the Rebecca ø Fest in September 1977 which led to me feeling I had died and all my love of self, self understanding and self image destroyed. Worse still the Danes involved had clearly known they were setting me up, perhaps because the price of entering their church had provided me as an observable, like an electron in Bohr’s theory. If Hugh Everett’s theory is true then somewhere, which only the Danes know about presumably, the happy alive me continues. Of course as I also report in the “After Bliss “ page, the next morning after the stiletto pain, one of two US rocker types from a Hells Angels type club in Amsterdam came up behind me and said “Get a fuck Nick”, as if he too knew about me as though I was butterfly he too had gazed fascinated about

The questions then are:

  • Are some Danes so obsessed with protecting their image of themselves that they must “prove”, (if that is the word), a Danish understanding of Physics theory, rather than accept Hugh Everett’s theory?
  • Do those Danes feel comfortable with the spiritual and material world as long as they are the controlling experimenters or observers as Niels Bohr wold probably describe them?
  • Is it possible that our interaction with the non-material world can be governed by laws of physics as much as  our material world is?
  • Am I able to come together again and be who I was before the Danes “Rebecca ø Fest”?
  • Can I become an unobserved free cloud/soul again rather than known position fixed in suffering as either the Danish church or the US rockers wish me to be, presumably to inspire those who organised themselves for the Rebecca ø Fest?
  • Were the rockers, if truly “Hells Angels”, really released by a God/Allah as the Koran and a bit of the New Testament indicate is the case?
  • Is to be enlightened as Buddha, a state of being in which one is no longer observed as these strange Danes demand you be?
  • Can anyone rational, like Isaac Newton, survive being both capable of reasoning and experiencing phenomena of the mind if some Danes are determined to crush them until they either close down their minds by inhibiting the neural brain or control them?
  • If they are so paranoid they must attack those who have not yet agreed with them, what are these Danes trying to hide?

One last thing that concerns me about action, decisions and consequences and what God expects to happen is the following. These free festivals and pop concerts around Copenhagen usually occurred on a Sunday and the youth hotel I worked at had closed early that year rather than mid-September. It may well be that the Rebecca ø Fest occurred on Sunday 11th September 1977, though I cannot be sure. Most people are probably aware that the date has a notorious connotation for terrorist attacks, being the date 24 years later when the Twin Towers in New York were attacked. I expect if anyone tries to find out for themselves in Copenhagen what occurred those thirty years ago they will find the answer as elusive as Osama Bin Laden, the initials of whom, OBL, sound very like Joanna Øbel, the girl who was in the middle of the Rebecca ø Fest decision forcing and who also unfortunately has a name that sounds like Chernobyl if you say it drunk.

You might now like to listen to the song by The Doors called “Strange Days”.

Other work by Jim Morrison and the Doors, which might help you reflect on what path or decisions you wish to take in life, I would suggest are:-

  • Take it as it comes
  • The Crystal Ship
  • People are strange
  • Riders on the Storm
  • The Ghost Song
  • The End

The Doors were one of the groups whose music I felt at one with in the days before the events of the late summer of 1977. Though having little artistic talent myself I could at least appreciate beauty in such music

6. TO GET BACK ON THEIR ROAD: It may be that they perceived a change had come to the world, identified me and my connection to my enlightenment as the source and wished to spend the rest of my life exhausting me in order to get the world back on a road to autocratic politics but divided economics. Leonard Jorgensen, (a socialist son of the then socialist Prime Minister Anker), one of those at the festival whom I had worked with during the summer, had certainly said “Yes I have to know everything about you” and I now live in a socialist controlled country where our ancient rights are eroded, we are constantly watched by cameras and identity cards are to be introduced. I, though, am simply a democrat and have moved between voting for four parties in the United Kingdom as I saw fit since 1977, The Labour Party, (1980 to 1983) which i left due to Clause 4, a clause later identified by Blair as a cause of  unelectability, The Conservative Party (1983 -1989) which I left when I received a leaflet telling me how to support apartheid when campaigning for votes on the doorstep, The Liberal Party national elections and an Independent outlook in local council elections, (1990 to 2003) and The Green Party, (European elections 1989 to now and national and local elections 2003-now). I cannot for the life of me, sympathise or have compassion for those who wish to control populations. It is so patronising to claim the right but really is the root of all religions in both a theocratic materialist world sense and in the ambition to cast souls after death into hells, purgatory (or heavens where they are ignorant of suffering). Polarising society, as they polarised my consciousness at the Festival may be the net result of their ambitions.

As I have said elsewhere on this site though, it should not be forgotten that I could not definitely say there is another dimension to life unless the festival had happened because until then a doctor could have argued with me that it is all in my mind. Some of people considered insane are perhaps no more mad than the people who voted in Tony Blair as British Prime Minister of the Labour Party, who later decided they did not want the Iraq war. In both cases it is a matter of lack of knowledge of what the thoughts you have may lead to and how to avoid those consequences, which are the root problem. Buddhists explaining causality probably explain this better than me. See also the page on madness.

There is a short page on the established religion of Denmark below this, (click on the link).

I have also created a separate page about the Dane, Bjorn Lomborg, who wrote a book beloved of destructive capitalists. This book’s fans wallow in the attitudes of the characters of L Ron Hubbards book, or series of them, “Battlefield Earth”, which, by my reading of it, encourages people to imagine a future in which planets (including their unfortunate citizens), can be bought and sold for exploitation or destruction. This theme is mirrored in a far witty way by Douglas Adams in his book “ A hitchhikers guide to the universe”, in which earth is destroyed to make way for a space super highway or autobahn. I prefer not to take the issue seriously, (but also see the page on humour). The page discusses Lomborg’s disbelief in conservation, his ecological beliefs solely being centered on human life and its needs. As he is homosexual I have called the page “The Pink Dalek” and the page has a second explanation of the Dalek analogy in this web-site, (if you find either difficult read the other as sometimes looking at a thing from another angle can reveal insights one previously missed.

7. TO RE-ESTABLISH THEIR ANCIENT MYTHS: I was such a fan of Scandinavia from my early teens that when I dropped out of school my choice of leaving gift was a book of Mythology which included the Norse Gods. I thought they had got some rough treatment from the legacy of the Nazis which implied that those Germans involved were trying to use dark forces to establish power on earth. As I have talked of in the page on Lord of the Rings, I have come to a belief that many myths probably have some root in early non-scientific perceptions of the world. One of the ancient Scandinavian myths was of the Norns, female Gods who wove the fate of mankind. The squeezing out of my own self-control at the Rebecca ø Fest and with a Danish hippie girl Joanna Øbel reclining behind me with her feet at my back seems to have some echoes of that. The fact that after looking at the koran with a chapter called the Bee and my subsequent exam results of a B in physics and two E grades in Maths and Computer Science seems evocative of being controlled too. The idea as I mention above that I was forced to make a decision between what I think are fatuous and simplistic ideas of whether life is for love of just a joke seems about ensuring not that you can love people if you choose love but that you learn to hate comedy. There are times I find I am not interested in comedy and times I find it irritating but that is not to say I hate those engaged in it, at worst one might believe some are misguided in the targets of their humour. Norns may be feminist too so the rejection of comedy such as that developed by Benny Hill, mildly sexist, might be a target for the fate weaving.

So the question then is are some of the Danes into a nouveau view of Valhalla. Charles Manson, the Californian mass muderer, promised his followers a sexual paradise existed and the man on my right at the festival was called Charlie so may be they are trying to create a mythology among themselves. The fact that he, after my decision was taken said “yes they will try and fool you” might be taken as indicating that he was trying to turn me into a mad bigot like Adolf Hitler before him. Running thus a proxy Nazi consciousness that e was perhaps confident everyone wold ignore and of they did not nobody would believe a resurgent right wing Europe was due to what the some Danes had done to me.

8. TO SUPPORT THE PRINCIPLE OF MONARCHY: There are some curious parallels between the Danes involved at the Rebecca Ø Fest and the British Royal Family.

a. Charlie was the one at my right at the festival when taking a decision was forced on me and he was obviously there because he felt he was entitled to take some kind of dominion over me as though I was his subject and I am a British subject who will legally be a subject of the current Prince Charles by 2014 according to the latest rumours.

b. Charlie was obviously a bit of a Lothario and Charles Windsor was considered one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.

c. Charlie was a hippy in a pair of stripy Lee brand dungarees. Prince Charles has been thought of as a bit of a hippy thinker.

d. Charlie liked to tell me what he thought so much he forced his views on me and Prince Charles likes to tell everybody about his thoughts.

e. Charlie was very popular and the Prince is very popular

f. My life has been as though I was in a prison since the Rebecca Ø Fest and prisons in England are prefixed as belonging to Her or His Majesty. This recall the maxim “Stone walls do not a prison make.”

I have spoken elsewhere on this site about the concept of parallel universes rooted in decision making and the conflict between Hugh Everett and Niels Bøhr. (see the Physics page). Is this some kind of parallel universe the Danes operate to prevent liberation from rule by Viking aristocracy? I ask that because I have been told that since the time of the Norman conquest I am told, all property has been the King or Queen’s and people only have freehold on their homes, they do not actually own them. The Normans of course were, I am told, Vikings by descent (Norsemen in fact). One has to wonder how long these issues have been going on and how many people have suffered deprivation over the centuries to fulfil certain destinies? Even that seems more about the Norns or fate weavers written of above. They could of course be paralleling it to overthrow it but a lot of people think the states of Northern Europe are stable because they retain their monarchs and Charlie of Denmark and his friends were desperate to destabilise me at the festival and force the decision. In the event I chose the side Charlie was sitting on so perhaps the House of Windsor is here to stay because of that.

Interestingly, I have postulated that God intends the Jews to inherit England, (See the page England a second Jewish state) and Richard Ingrams, a British journalist, has recently reported that Princess Diana’s mother was having a widely suspected affair with one of the Goldsmith, (Jewish), family at the time of Diana’s conception. Thus just as Jesus was supposed to be of the Jewish King David’s line, so now might Prince William or Prince Harry, the 2nd and 3rd in line to the throne of England, be also of a Jewish line. A master plan by God that goes far beyond anything the Nazis ever imagined. Should the princes  be tested genetically? It’s a thought. perhaps the 2nd coming of Jesus will be as a member of the British Royal family.

The important things is to remember that there are some lovely people in Scandinavia but under the influence of Luther and the Danish mini-conspiracy what ever it is, I fear  what I used to admire about them will soon be lost forever under a skin of religious orthodoxy from within and through immigration.

In a recent survey, (autumn 2008) showed the British people trust the Danes more than others. This does not surprise me. but then Shakespeare wrote Hamlet with only two caveats in it, the pride of the gravediggers and the presence of something rotten there.




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