Catholicism (1, 2 & 8)

It is important to realise that the vast majority of people who are religious are sincere, although these pages on other religions are criticisms. My intention is to invite people to think about their faith as everybody cannot be right. There are some self-seekers in every religion too so anybody joining a faith must be aware of the flaws to see where they are vulnerable. I cannot point out every inconsistency, only show some and describe some of my experiences. The rest you have to figure out but I believe personally, though I do not expect people to also believe this as it is from personal experience, that there are souls who are out here who will try to help you, quiet guardians of peace, love and reason.If I have any ambition it is to be one of those guardians myself, to protect the gentle caring unambitious souls who often lead lives of such suffering

Like many people, I have been disturbed by the decades the catholic church has spent dragging its heels about the use of contraception. On 26th November 2006, the BBC programme “Heaven and earth”, (an open and frank discussion about all religious matters) was discussing the move to take a more liberal approach to the use of condoms in some circumstances. A retired British politician said it was long overdue, the primary need being to stop the spread of AIDS, but on behalf of the catholic faith a lady interjected that “If everyone had followed the catholic church teachings AIDS would not have spread.” That may be true but, as I have pointed out elsewhere on this web-site, Jesus called the sick “Oh ye of little faith” because someone of sufficient faith would heal themselves. Therefore in fact while there may not be any AIDS if everyone was a staunch catholic teachings follower, in fact there would be diseases like smallpox, diptheria, tubercolosis, cholera, malaria and polio ravaging the planet because it is clear most Catholics, if not all, have no defence against these diseases other than what science provides. They do no have the required faith. In fact we should not find this surprising because in fact it is an absurdity of Christ to make such a claim and we can be sure that if he had not been crucified he would have eventually died of something. Of course you could continue to believe in the absolute truth of the New Testament but then you are more likely to join the Plymouth Brethren or Jehovah Witnesses, but even then they accept most medical treatment except transfusions these days and of course the catholic church publishes pamphlets against those two faiths. So the argument against a more liberal attitude to the use of condoms falls and the current pope is quite right to start the ball rolling.

The most rational argument against catholic intransigence about contraception is that they have no hope of any other ‘policy’ they preach coming about while they continue to object to the use of contraception. What the pope is doing is trying to persuade catholics that they can have a slice of Darwinism by reproducing in large numbers. This falls on several counts. Firstly, other religions may follow suit such as Islam in Pakistan, so the result is the pope sets up a competition for diminishing resources. In advocating the competition the Pope makes inevitable the destruction of Biodiversity. Biodiversity is a state the earth has iterated toward after each mass extinction. It is the ideal state for earth. a sort of paradise of many creatures. In truth, to pursue a course of increasing competition for resources, the opposite of what the Bible talks about, that we came from a paradise, is true, since with Christ, as the pope hopes to be, he has a paradise of biodiversity, but will destroy it all. God therefore did not create paradise and followers of Jesus will destroy the natural paradise we have, created by the principles of Darwin, the survival of those most adapted to the environment present at any juncture in history. The pope in effect is hoping to offer catholics this taste of Darwin by adapting earth’s most voracious destroyers, humans, into a species without compassion or tolerance of any other, because resources will be so short to feed the billions that will be potentially born of catholics, that no other species could survive, except in battery farms which they are not adapted for.

Now look at Catholicism with Buddha’s compassion to answer the question, “Where does population growth and the consequential competition for diminishing resources fit with the cult of the Virgin Mary? My answer to that is that if we take Mary as innocence and compassion, which is probably the religious experience that keeps people going to church, then Mary in heaven would be trusting her son and God to have told the truth and to have been honest when they created a system of judging individuals by faith. So population growth might never have been anticipated in the world of this great bosom of love because the expectation would be that population growth would be checked by those who had little faith dying, in effect God setting up a regulating system for the earth he claimed to have created. I cannot say that is what I actually believe, it is possible for individuals to love unequivocally, but surely there must hypothetically be a dawning realisation in Mary’s heart that the growth in human numbers is due to medicine not faith and that competition due to population growth for resources and destruction of the natural world are inevitable consequences. Finally, that only promotion of contraception as the de facto essential part of  a happy relationship between a man and an woman can move humanity forward to a better future in greater harmony with the natural world without being subject to it.

In saying a full Rosary Novena, much as meditating on love in a familiar way may be satisfying, one crosses the page which describes how In Gethsemane, the night of his arrest, Satan showed Christ all the suffering that was to befall his followers. Should this be true then Satan must also have known Christ would die and be resurrected and that Thomas would doubt. That being the case I am curious as to why he did not tempt a Roman to decapitate the Messiah. That would have scuppered the resurrection completely.

Thomas felt the hole in Christ’s side and those in his hands. If he did that there must have been no damage to the tendons of the hand nor vital organs in the bowel cavity, including the intestine. The alternative is that if Christ did not leave himself as found then he would have only half-healed himself, presumably for Thomas’s benefit. So Thomas felt a hole but not the whole hole. Christ also later ate fish with the disciples after resurrection, so the hole of the Roman spear could not have damaged the internal digestive tract. However, had the head been chopped off and kept elsewhere under guard then Christ could only have reappeared in one of a certain number of ways. Either as a headless corpse or a body-less head or with a regenerated head or body. Thomas when having a feel to check would then, if the holes story is true, have as an equivalent, the opportunity to feel the cut, (or indeed presumably lift the head off the body). This would clearly be trickery of a supernatural order.

So can one believe Satan was such a fool as to miss the opportunity for giving Christ a dilemma, or is he, as in the book of Job, clearly a collaborator of sorts with God’s commands and not out to scupper the whole project but merely to play a role in deceiving us all?

Another unnatural thing about Catholicism is that it is led by men who desire to be alpha males or females but do not engage in sexual activities. In Darwinist terms this is strange behaviour, especially as much of their focus seems to be on accusing people who engage in various sexual practices which wold be perfectly normal for alpha males or alpha females. Imagine an alpha male monkey claiming a harem of females and then not having sex. This is why the alpha males in Islamic culture have come to harems and ordinary males are allowed four wives, (sadly the British government is now allowing Islamic men four wives as ‘common law’ wives while bigamy laws remain in place for the people who have lived here for generations). In this way Allah rewards the followers of his Koran facet by giving them a government which tolerates the importation of their culture and rewards the politicians which permit this hypocrisy with election into government. This again illustrates the points made in “The Omega course” pages. These points include that God/Allah/ Jehovah approaches defeating reason and intelligence by opening up on a number of fronts, many directly opposing, eg Judaism, Christianity and Islam and that this is planned some time before it happens.

Catholicism is also not particularly helpful, while appearing to be exactly that, by compiling the bible into the Roman Missal, which gives a positive spin on the bible but does not allow one to engage in examination of the texts in full, checking for those bits which patently do not fit. This is a hangover from the inquisition and may indicate that the Roman church wishes to reverse back to those days at some point in the future. The original translator of the bible into English, (may Buddha bless his efforts) was burnt at the stake in Belgium. also most people know of the attitude towards science illustrated by the churches centuries of hatred towards Galileo. In this latter case the church still refuses to say that it was wrong, refusing thus to accept the scientific methodology that their faith should be treated as a theory, at any juncture in history, not a fact on which they can act against others. Science still calls Darwin’s thinking the theory of evolution so that it is open to argument and scientific discussion. The Catholic hierarchy likes to pretend they know everything, thus enabling them to rule by fear those who trust them.

Finally perhaps we should look at the the evolution of sex. In my opinion, nearly all Christian sects, had they existed before human orgasms, would have tried to prevent the first humans to experience orgasm from reproducing, burning them at the stake as possessed of Satan. This is easy for them to go along with, even with Buddhists, since it is possible to claim that all pleasures are temptations, the Americans from the Amsterdam Hells Angels club, whom I speak of in the “After Bliss” page would go along with this since the one called Larry said to me, smirkingly “Oh it’s alright if you can pay” which fits with the Mormon text that states “you cannot pay the last mite” so there appears to be a modern movement against Buddhism and Darwinism led by a principle that sex has to be paid for and only soul sellers and converts can do that, the former being appointed sellers and the latter having their debt forgiven under the new deal. To me it is just another attempt to catch humanity between two options making out they are the only options. the simple option wold actually be for the adherents of these beliefs to give up and get more realistic before they do permanent damage to their ancestors, descendants and well wishers alive at the moment.






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