Black consciousness

It is important to realise that the vast majority of people who are religious are sincere, although these pages on other religions are criticisms. My intention is to invite people to think about their faith as everybody cannot be right. There are some self-seekers in every religion too so anybody joining a faith must be aware of the flaws to see where they are vulnerable. I cannot point out every inconsistency, only show some and describe some of my experiences. The rest you have to figure out but I believe personally, though I do not expect people to also believe this as it is from personal experience, that there are souls who are out here who will try to help you, quiet guardians of peace, love and reason.If I have any ambition it is to be one of those guardians myself, to protect the gentle caring unambitious souls who often lead lives of such suffering

Most people would recognise that black people in recent history have had a raw deal by human rights standards. Where does the omega course above sit in relation to this fact.

If you dear reader have already read my genetic history you will have seen how I share a common ancestry with 95% of non-Africans by the M168 marker and of course 100% of all people including Africans and those of recent African descent from the genetic Adam who fathered us all and emerged 60,000 years ago.

My sense is that the God behind the Koran and the Bible and derivative books such as the Mormon tablets and the New Testament is driven to try to advise and oppress with guilt, shame and attempts to force undemocratic institutions  such as theocracy on genetic nations because, he, she or it feels oppressed by genetic developments. The Middle East from which word of this God has emerged is a genetic stranglehold, (the reader can see this on the map of genetic progress at the National Geographic Magazine genome project web-site). It divides Africa from the rest of us gentically.

Telling others how they should behave is a sign that the dictator considers himself or herself superior. Unfortunately one could argue that the genetic changes which have gone on since the movement through and beyond the Middle East actually mean the opposite, that those who went on from the Middle East have evolved to be superior to Semites. God could argue that, assuming for the moment he is a Semite which would be why he chose Semites to deliver his laws to the world, that he considers the gene marker M168 the gene that differentiates superior from inferior. Therefore it would follow that God claims he is the father of mankind, if you exclude Africans, and that Africans are inferior. The attempt to integrate Semitic genes through a diaspora of Jews and Arabs into other races would be an attempt to make sure than any benefit, which had occurred from genetic mutations since the first peoples moved on from the Middle East, were re-absorbed into the Semitic races.

Is there evidence that Semites are averse to Africans and conversely determined to integrate with other races. Certainly, there is a little. The oppression of black people in Sudan in Darfur is racial. The de facto slavery which exists in Western Sahara is more evidence as is the enslavement of a black tribe by the Arab Tuareg tribe, (this last is because the black tribe ‘owes’ a debt because the Tuareg saved them from starvation once). The irony of this last in the world as I write this is that the Muslim terrorists waging Jihad tend to portray the West as being the oppressors when there has been much Western aid to starving Africans which never carries a price tag of slavery. There is also evidence in the reluctance of the Jews in Israel to accept Black Ethiopian Jews and allow them to settle in Israel. That is even before one considers their acceptance of other races of which they are not part. (As an anecdote, in my ‘love and peace’ hippie youth I at least once thought of going to work in Israel on a commune but gave up the idea eventually due to the racisim inherent in the principle of Judaism)

Jesus said that “wherever two or more are gathered together in my name there am I”, but where was he when slavery was being transported to the Americas by Christians. It is my suggestion that God wanted to give the white man bad karma so tricked him into believing himself superior, (Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive), thus justifying Arabic salesman who sold the slaves in Dakar and elsewhere.

Happily the story of whites deceived does not have too bad an ending, since now many black people, liberated and living in democracies, are discovering they have white fathers from the slave period and this is giving the Africans a toe-hold in the gene pool which contradicts any temptation to believe in superiority Allah may try to tempt whites in to. It also gains exactly what I propose the Semitic Diasporas are sub-consciously seeking, integration. As I hope I have made clear, I do not have problem with integration, I have a problem with the motive behind it in one case, that of Semites. I must also repeat that my problems is God’s fault not the fault of Jews of Arabs who I assume are blissfully unaware of what they are, potentially, being driven to do which is the potential to dispute monotheism as given to them.

What perhaps does not help African peoples claims to be part of civilisation is encouragement of stereo-types. Recently a programme on British television was interviewing 2 Rastafarian priests. they said that the commandment they felt was of paramount importance was “Keep the Sabbath Holy”. This seems fine but could be interpreted as saying that it is OK to have sex with your neighbour’s wife while his back is turned, it’s OK to steal BMWs, killing to keep your drug dealing turf is fine and desiring everything you see other people have got rather thinking about love is  not really a problem. I also have read that some Gospel church leaders are now saying that wealth is a blessing from God, which is quite opposite “following me” as Jesus is supposed to have told his followers. Obviously I am not the person to advise these churches but as an outsider, a degree of incredulity about their efforts is not hard to feel.

Lastly perhaps a bit of evidence for my proposition here is the change that occurred in Malcom X when he visited Mecca. Nowadays many Muslims get told to oppress the west by perverted Islamic teachers. Malcom X preached against white people until he visited Mecca. I would say that the reason he changed to a man who would preach living together in peace is because he saw the absurdity of Islamic superstition, like throwing stones at a phallic symbol of the devil on pilgrimage to Mecca. He realised, I would speculate, that education, which white society currently tries to preserve, is better. I note it has been said that the Arabs preserved education when Europe passed through the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages. However, I would argue that such was the intent of converting Europeans to Christianity, to show the superiority of Arabic culture after crushing European culture, not that Rome did not deserve crushing after it turned from republic to Empire and with its dependence on slavery, but if Christianity was “the light”, as its followers claim, it should not have thrown the baby, (reason, culture and science) out with the bath water.

Arab culture under Islam, (a uniting influence for the Arabs as was achieved), flourished when Christianity, (a dividing force intending to generate wars between brothers as Christ said), reduced education to either Jewish mythology for monks or training to be a warrior for the rest. Ask yourself why God united Arabs but divided Europeans? If one of God’s weapons is war, as he claims in the old testament, why was one war, “The Fourth Crusade”, the sacking of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Constantinople by Catholic Crusaders, which weakened it and made it vulnerable to Islam so that Turkey is now largely Islamic. The only reasons I can arrive it is either he hates us or he wants at some point, perhaps now, to show us all how wonderful Arabs are because they preserved intellectual thinking when Europeans only schooled themselves in war and the Bible.

Is western civilisation currently going through similar turmoil with battles of reason between Christianity as a tradition and academic scientific enlightenment, democracy and liberal art. Ultimately will that lead to the Islamification of Europe, Allah moving into the vacuum, where the academic will survive but minus the fierce passion for truth, submitting all science to the opinions of high priests. It is an open question.


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