Priest Teachings (46)

It is important to realise that the vast majority of people who are religious are sincere, although these pages on other religions are criticisms. My intention is to invite people to think about their faith as everybody cannot be right. There are some self-seekers in every religion too so anybody joining a faith must be aware of the flaws to see where they are vulnerable. I cannot point out every inconsistency, only show some and describe some of my experiences. The rest you have to figure out but I believe personally, though I do not expect people to also believe this as it is from personal experience, that there are souls who are out here who will try to help you, quiet guardians of peace, love and reason.If I have any ambition it is to be one of those guardians myself, to protect the gentle caring unambitious souls who often lead lives of such suffering.

For Buddho-Darwinism the preachers have opportunities to attack on two fronts:

Firstly they can deny evolution, which many American Christians and Pakistani Muslims are for instance. The former is obvious with the establishment of a museum of creationism in the US. The latter I had an insight into when I read of a Pakistani professor despairing at trying to teach young people about the movement of tectonic plates which cause earthquakes. He found his class full of students who declared it was the work of Allah judging Pakistan, (for presumably not being Islamic enough). This leads to the rather ironic situation for Muslims where political thought is developing in the young adherents which is identical to the ultimate atheism of Pol Pot’s communism in Cambodia int he late 1970’s. Pol Pot destroyed the educated Middle Classes to start the country off from a year zero of adherence to atheistic thinking. Taking to the logical end, at some point, in order to appease Allah, the young Pakistani’s would have to kill all the Professors of their Universities in order to purify Pakistan of teachings offensive to Allah. This is basically what the Taliban have done in Afghanistan at the behest of their preachers. Of course those same fighters fought to get rid of a godless Communist Russian backed regime, but if they did that you have to wonder why they are now behaving as the most godless communist regime ever known, the Khmer Rouge of Pol Pot. It is as though they are trying to evolve a creature related to humans which is just slightly more ignorant and incapable, or at least not allowed to reason and not allowed to be stimulated by educated people. This may be pro-religion but it is counter evolution.

The second approach is to deny Buddhism. A priest may say to his congregation “Man’s life is short and full of woe” and promise happiness in an after life. However, that is often predicated on some humans having created this situation by falling from God’s grace. I point out in the Law page that this emerges from a belief that law has not emerged from jungle ‘might is right’ thinking, iorder to permit civilisation and that religions have hijacked this. (One of the things I have considered is that priests are always the same and postulated for my own amusement (if that does not sound too egotistical), that if reincarnation, as Buddhists believe, is true, then some current English vicars may well be Druids of the past or an Ayatollah in Iran may well have been a High priest from the empire of the Persian King Darius. Souls addicted to placing fanciful notions in people’s heads for which they have no evidence and rely instead on the human capacity for imagining what they are told is true for their claims to power). If you look at most of “god’s creation”, as some believe it to be, then one could say “A coral reef fish’s life is short and full of woe”. This is the principle of Buddha, that all life is suffering, revealed. These same vicars, mullahs and priests will tell you all creatures are God’s creation, but why are they all suffering too?  Fishes suffer parasites, bird’s suffer flu, everything has to constantly hunt for food, sometimes other creatures for food. Other creatures spend their lives in fear of attack by other creatures. By contrast places which are just beginning to evolve can provide a moderate comfort, like the Galapagos islands, where there are fewer predators and the creatures are therefore untroubled as less subject to attack, though death and diseases are things they face as part of their natural cycle. The lack of a sense of criminality or guilt or sin in animals, who will happily have sex in front of others, is put down to them not having ‘fallen’ as the Jewish mythology relates due to eating “forbidden fruit”. Why then do they suffer? Buddho- Darwinism answers this by saying all life is evolving, therefore in competition, so suffering is inevitable, as some will lose, also by accepting the teachings of Buddha that on levels we can barely imagine, which perhaps touch on ‘karma’, (although as I have said elsewhere I do not believe in totally as I do not believe in God as an accountant controlling fate, though some people ambitious to be Gods’ would probably try to be), there is suffering until one becomes enlightened.

Priests depend on a developed sense of bigotry in their followers in order to rule by fear of torture in this life or the next and a promise of some kind of improvement in the after life. A modern self-styled advocate of a religion is the religious terrorist, who again chooses fear as the method of rule. Looking at Osama Bin Laden and his branch of Islam some things are apparent. Take the attacks of 11th September. The way the future has evolved since then confirms my own belief that our concepts of god and satan work in concert together against the interest of mankind, which is perhaps why Buddha recommended living the middle way and the Danes forced me to choose one side or the other of their dichotomy (ostensibly that life is either just for a joke or for love and you cannot mix your happiness, but more likely that the choices were nothing to do with that and the sole objective was to deny the Middle Way) at the Rebecca ø Fest, (see pages After Bliss and the Danes for more on this). The future I refer to is that there were some terrorists who you could imagine might have been making a political statement linked to some kind of biblical Babel’s Tower. They despised the twin tower symbols of democratic capitalism which contained people from all over the world speaking the same language, many of whom showed no respect to the terrorists idea of what is God. God according to Jewish mythology is supposed to have destroyed a the tower of Babel because the people were building it in order to reach heaven so he destroyed it and made them speak different languages. This is obviously a convenient way of explaining why people speak different languages to simple people who did not have science to show them the scale of periods of separation of mankind and the way languages evolve along different paths when one is isolated from other people, (like English moving through both Roman and Scandinavian influences). having destroyed this symbol of exploitation what do we find now? We find that in the desert peninsula from which their leader Osama came, they are now building, probably with some member of his construction family involved, (incidentally 75% of our global CO2 emissions are from the construction industry), towers to capitalism using exploited labour from Muslim places like Pakistan and Bangladesh. One of these towers planned in Jeddah will be a mile high, far higher than the twin towers and the other will also dwarf the destroyed New York buildings. So all that has been achieved is the monuments to capitalistic exploitation and exclusion have been moved and improved to the Saudi peninsula.

The above confirms a theme I have stated elsewhere in this site that somehow, by some force or another or even a combination, the Middle East and its people are being used to drive mankind to either insanity or an Armageddon of destruction. The Jewish tradition has a huge hold on the Christian people of the world to accept war, famine, disease, guilt and destruction as mankind own inevitable and just fate. The Islamic religion of the Arabian peninsula  has a hold on another billion souls around the world making them believe that war, famine, disease and natural disasters are judgments of their God for their crimes against him.

It could be their collective sub-conscious aim to dominate the world with absurdity, it could be well meaning though that seems unlikely, or it could even be a proxy con-trick by a people such as the small group of Danes who confronted me in 1977, who perhaps want to laugh at everybody else’s confusion, as the Rebecca ø Fest offered me a choice to accept it is all for a joke, or perhaps it is over now and it was all for a joke. If the latter was true they would almost certainly be trying to look for someone to blame for that so that they could hide their culpability in the deceit. This may also tie in with thinking on the pages The Danes and Madness and Lord of the Rings

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