God explained

To explain God simply I will look at the English speaking world.

The British empire is undoubtedly the greatest empire that ever there was on earth. However, there is always a nagging suspicion that empires are the works of Satan. How better then for God to farm the benefits of empire than by declaring it a work of Satan, even though most of those who sought to expand it would give much more than passing regard to the notion of Jehovah. Islam is the religion that, as I have pointed out in this site, acts as a return to the pre-Christian Jewish God, (just as a recap, by that I mean that the old Jewish God was one of fire and brimstone and stoning people to death and slavery, Jesus came along because of God’s worry about the influence of compassionate Buddha, but then once that was established God restored fire and brimstone etc., by introducing the Koran and Islamic faith which may still have slaves and stone people to death)

Why does it seem that in that ex-empire, or British commonwealth as it is now known, as well as the other great part of the English speaking world the USA, the creative forces in business, law, politics, cinema, (both acting and directing), theatre, writing, art, music, domestic life, (cookery sex and child rearing), psychology, comedy, medicine and journalism are taken from the indigenous either immediately as in the USA from native Indians or slowly as in the UK. The answer appears to be in what is the principle of the superiority of the Jewish God, (hence Christian and Islamic too), among all other ancient gods and that is that whereas old gods choose to be unpredictable and controlling, the Jewish God declares himself the God of law. Of course to create law one needs control which originally was via priests and kings of Israel. Now that the world is moving to democracy the constant for the Judao/Christian/Islamic God, assuming that democracy is reluctantly accepted, is that laws require government, government requires finance and taxes provide that finance, (although of course, if one accepts the principle above, that Islam is the crafty restoring of pre-Christian principles, then one might believe that so called democratic Islamic nations may well be nations of ‘tyranny of the majority’ by which I mean that Islamic principles rather human rights will rule those countries and it may be that god has a reserve to not accept democracy).

To provide taxes one needs workers whose products can sell. Now if God is still holding to his principle of his covenant to the Jews, (Deuteronomy 14.2 "For you are a holy people to your God, and God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on the face of the earth.") that they will always be his people,(see the footnote at the bottom of this page), and in view of the arrival of Islam after many nations have succumbed to the principle of poverty as part of Christianity, it is not difficult to believe he has, then they will have the joys of a successful people in life, (the after life is, of course, conjecture on which many Christians have maintained that poverty ensures a way to heaven rather than wealth). Given the Jewish talents it would appear they are offered exactly this happy creative successful life, although one might maintain, looking at the talents of non-Jewish people before Christianity took over, (such as roman architects and artists, Greek mathematicians and philosophers, ancient jewellery creators of the area now known as Bulgaria, China and the Lycean civilisations), that it is not their talents but Christ’s unfailing talent to take away from non-Jews, including Muslims, any creativity they may be developing to maintain in the case of Christians, their obsession with directing upholding the mythology of Jesus in anything creative and in the case of Muslims their obsession with regarding all creativity as ungodly unless restricted to patterns in architecture and decoration which should still not be repeated. Such a theft would of course leave Jews as the only talents by default. Now what about the other services of life, the workers lot. Of course that is where taxes come from to maintain the law and in turn the God of law.

In the English speaking world at the moment there are constant attacks on bureaucracy. Civil and public servants are losing their jobs on mass. many non-jewsih people will go along with this, as we see in the elections in the United Kingdom and the USA where taxes are always brought up and cutting them is popular. this is purportedly to assist a culture for entrepreneurs and those in management as well as businessmen like to think they are part of that. However, as Professor Ha-Joon Chang of England’s Cambridge University points out, in fact prior to the principle of limited liability, businessmen had to accept responsibility for their debts entirely, if they failed, (hence the story of Shylock in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”  wanting his pound of flesh from the failed business). By such a definition, all managers of companies as opposed to sole owners, are bureaucrats themselves, in that they handle other people’s money, (I am grateful to professor Chang for pointing this anomalous thinking out). So even in times of peace, when the God of the Jews cannot set people at each others throat in war, such as the Crusades, he can still get them attacking each other in a sort of suicide pact.

The only people who escape the conflicts in the past were the nationless Jews, (though they often got attacked even when non-combatants), and now that they are citizens in most countries of the world, the only ones escaping that are those who are entrepreneurial, monarchs or rich from their creativity who can avoid taxes by using lawyers. Allow me to show two examples in the English speaking world. Firstly, there is the Jew Sir Phillip Green, who is feted by the middle management class English, who cannot see they are bureaucrats themselves, even though his vast ‘Topshop’ corporation profits go to his wife in Monaco where he pays no tax to the British government and his factories are in the third world for cheap labour, (until the empire is so impoverished that the English working people will take any wage to survive). secondly there is the relationship which i have described elsewhere in this site, wherein after Prince Charles of England becomes a monarch and subsequently passes on, the ultimate tax collector, or the ones in whose name taxes are collected, the UK royal family, will be of Jewish descent, Kate Middleton having a Jewish ancestor called Goldsmith and Prince William being the son of Diana whose mother was having an affair with the financier James Goldsmith at the time of Diana’s conception.

So God has cornered the market on the law of the former empire because he is ultimately the God of tax. Even though the empire as it grew was considered well done in his name, for the people who were building the empire. They would have considered the Jews to be the people God had abandoned for their iniquities. So, we need to ask ourselves is there anything more iniquitous than setting up your chosen people to be admired as the tax avoider of a nation other than ones own, (Israel) and also admired as the tax collectors of that same nation? The English are obsessed with their royal family so this situation is likely to remain, as is tax avoidance by the rich, who are likely to have a high proportion of Jews among their numbers.

as always I should point out that this is a criticism of the God of the Jews, not Jews, Muslims or Christians. In fact if it makes you angry instead of smashing Jewish business windows as on Kristellnacht in Germany of the 1930s, you could just as well smash a church window since the innocence is there in the majority of Jews and Christians and Muslims. It is their God who is a deceiver and admits it in the Koran, (nothing like honesty eh?).

Perhaps a faith in the peaceful and loving anarchy we might like to believe our ancient African ancestors enjoyed, or should have enjoyed if they had known what we now know, is the respectful way to proceed.


In Judaism, "chosenness" is the belief that the Jews are the chosen people, chosen to be in a covenant with God. This idea is first found in the Torah (five books of Moses in the Bible) and is elaborated on in later books of the Hebrew Bible. Much is written about these topics in rabbinic literature.

The three largest Jewish denominations—Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Reform Judaism—maintain the belief that the Jews have been chosen by God for a purpose.

 Deuteronomy 14.2 "For you are a holy people to YHWH your God, and God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on the face of the earth."


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