Manipulating trusting Children (78 & 79)

There have been many examples in the press, as I write this, of manipulation of children such as the scandal in the United States and Ireland of sexual abuse of children.

Throughout this web-site you may notice I have written of manipulation of conscience, especially by The Danes in my case but also most believers try to practice it on others by inducing fear. This can be fear of eternal hell, fear of being ostracized, fear of being labeled a coward etc.

One of the conclusion it is easy to come to if you are looking for evidence of God is that the goodness of God can be shown in his instructions in holy books. As an example, look at Leviticus 13 on how to deal with lepers. In fact many cultures of the jungle and forest have an enormous wealth of knowledge of the medicinal benefits of certain plants. However, I would read the chapter and the one that follows it and believe God had been so good and wonderful to the Jews for showing them how to deal with leprosy and think that god had really spoken through the writer of the Old Testament book. In fact of course it is simply the writing down of known practices which any culture faced with a regular problems comes to. South American Indians in the Amazon, Aborigines in Australia and many African tribes simply offer to the sick, the cures their culture has discovered in a lot more humble, open and honest way.

This can also be seen in a recent Islamic document I was allowed to have in Guildford. A man called Maurice Bucaille who claims a PhD and to have lectured at the French Academy of Medicine, (although he does also claim to have given the lecture at the Commonwelth Institute in London which can be hired for raunchy Alternative Clothing shows among other things so perhaps that is what he means, he hired it), states that God can be proved because the evolution of the embryo inside the maternal uterus is described in the Koran by sura Al Muminun (23:14): “We fashioned the thing which clings into a chewed lump of flesh and we fashioned the chewed flesh into bones and we clothed the bones with intact flesh. Then we developed out of it another creature” He then qualifies his statement with, among other things, ‘the term chewed flesh corresponds exactly to the appearance of the embryo at a certain stage of its development” It is an utterly laughable claim to say even link these tow let alone claim nobody could have known this in the seventh century. A view of a miscarriage could easily give such an opinion.

Please however for the moment, look at Leviticus 13 and see how it can easily persuade the child or the mentally suffering of some greatness in God which, as I have described, is really little and repeated in many cultures without a fuss. It actually sounds more like priests trying to sell their services to the people.

As a parallel to my enlightenment in 1977 and the draining (see After Bliss) after, my country, Britain, in the years since 1977 became obsessed with believing provision of services was the future and that industry could be left to decay. This was led by conservatives who talked of the New Right Enlightenment, (shades of my own enlightenment) and two Jews had the UK Prime Minister Thatcher’s ear at this time, Keith Joseph and Alfred Sherman who together founded the Centre for Policy Studies, CPS or like the analogy of the Jewish priests in the Leviticus verse quoted, might be called The Centre for Conceiving ways of Selling People Ideas that seem Impressive and make the Service Conceiver Wealthy and the Service Buyer Poorer. It was during this draining period in Manchester in 1979 that I was persuaded to take another look at my beliefs and bought a bible, partly to try to relieve myself of a certain burden of self-doubt and self-torment. Having been induced to consider again what the rules of life are by the Danes aggressive attitude to me it is no surprise that I ended up, in this period, looking at the bible and its book of rules, Leviticus, in the bible I acquired at the time.

As a footnote, I included Keith Joseph and Alfred Sherman, above for the following reasons. Keith Joseph while being lampooned by socialists, talked of ‘life being much to serious’ for trivial considerations”. That is actually not a bad thing to consider if you seek a path to enlightenment, as I have noted elsewhere on this site that Buddha felt jokes were inappropriate. But contrast this with his CPS bed-fellow Alfred Sherman who chaired a meeting of the Federation of Conservative Students in the late 1980’s at which a Nicaraguan revolutionary was the guest of honour. The circumstances of this are interesting and my recent discoveries make the whole thing seem a bit odd.

  • The revolutionary had been a member of a revolutionary group along with the Sandanistas which had fought the fascist Somoza regime. The Sandanistas had promised power sharing but this particular revolutionary had become disillusioned as the Sandanistas were reluctant to share. (This reflects my arguments with communists and clause 4 socialists in the years up until my enlightenment in 1977 when I had argued that all the communist regimes at the time were autocratic. some tried to convince me that once the whole world was socialist or communist democracy wold be permitted but I never really bought that and the Sandanista reaction to their fellow fighters seems to bear that out.
  • The Federation of Conservative Students, (FCS), had among its prominent leaders a Jewish young man John Bercow who is now the speaker of the House of Commons in the British Parliament, having been supported by socialists and married one now. Another prominent leader was Paul Goodman who is now an MP and has been a prominent member of the Tory Party group “Conservative Friends of Israel”, (CFI) , though I do not know if he is Jewish himself. At the time of this meeting with the Nicaraguan revolutionary, some FCS members supported CFI partly because Israel supplied arms to the then racist regime of South Africa which otherwise would have found difficulty in arming itself.
  • The FCS was regarded as fascist by English left wing organisations, such as Searchlight, an anti-fascist magazine founded by a Jew, and Jewish Keith Joseph was ridiculed by Ben Elton a Jewish, I am told, left wing stand-up comedian and writer.
  • In front of this left leaning but disillusioned Nicaraguan, the Jewish Alfred Sherman, said he had recently visited Chile and met General Pinochet, a fascist, who sent his fraternal greetings to the FCS, the news of which prompted a cheer in the audience albeit not a very loud one. I would have been insulted if I had been the revolutionary since Pinochet’s actions mirrored the Somoza regimes, but maybe tact was missing from Sherman’s personality.

If Hitler had no case for claiming the Jews manipulated the media I would say that my Buddho-Darwinism has a case for saying that their God, whatever or whoever it is or should I say currently is, certainly tries to cover all bases in manipulating populations of countries he has sent his people to. Many Jews of course may passionately believe what they are doing is right. Those on the right wing because they want the money, (Keith Joseph, Paul Goodman and Alfred Sherman), and those on the left because they do not want the right wing to be anti-semitic, (Ben Elton and the founder of Searchlight whose name I do not recall as I write), not forgetting those who change their minds like John Bercow. I just wonder if they ever stop to consider the rest of us had a culture and a way of life which may have had a perfectly legitimate and peaceful path to follow before their God decided they had to be in charge or at least decided we could not control our own destinies. In summary it is perhaps not surprising Christian preachers maintain that God moves in mysterious ways although whether what he achieves are ‘wonders’ is open for debate, to me it just seems to be an intent to frustrate those who dispute his, her or its authority

One thing that irks me is that while the materialism of socialists and capitalists on the left and right respectively is destroying other legitimate cultures like the Yanomani Indians of Brazil by chopping their forests down, one tribe, with the help of all Middle eastern rooted religions, is somehow being given all things because it is the culture the God all these religions are adopting, insists is the only acceptable one. Readers may care to support “Survival” which tries to look after the interests of small tribal people’s around the world


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