Islamic France (17 &20)

Consider this:-

The neuroscientist,”Sam Harris” states, in his book “Letter to a Christian Nation” that within 25 years the majority of people in France will be Muslim even without further immigration. About 18 years after that, when they reach the age when one is entitled to vote, there will be sufficient Muslims in the country to vote in an Islamic Theocracy. Thus within 300 years of the founding of a modern secular republic, a no return religion will have taken over. I call it ‘no return’ because in seven of the 57 Islamic countries, changing back from Islam to secularism or another religion is punishable by death.

You would think this might worry Europeans, since it implies that within 50 years, a nation with nuclear armed submarines, potentially controlled by a Muslim Ayatollah, could be sitting, (to paraphrase Tony Blair the British Prime Minister who used the words ‘forty-five minutes” to send his nation to war against Iraq) in their midst with the ability to strike European capitals within four to five minutes.

So the lesson is we need to liberate Islamic women to see their responsibilities to others, so that they resist subservient reproductive duties and limit their familiy to two or three children. We should also encourage non-muslim European women to have two or three children. Two replace the parents and maintains a steady population, three helps replace those who die young without reproducing.

Men of course must take responsibility for paying for the raising of their children too.

Where do these mis-understandings between people come from?

In my view even the most mild mannered Christian or Muslim would have to admit God has some interest in denying Darwin. Recently a Muslim with a doctorate wrote to a newspaper I read stating that Islam had no problem with science. I accept that since the evidence is that Christianity for centuries went into denial of science, whereas Islamic intellectuals embracing it from time to time were tolerated. However, broadly, evolution does not fit with the Abrahamic traditions and to say Islam has no problem with science is really saying liberal Islam does not want to have a problem with it since it reaps so many benefits. The Christian monk tradition may oppose science though since lifting the poor out of poverty takes away the understanding they have of God’s intent when Jesus says “the poor will always be with you”.

The threat of Islam is France is best looked by examining other nations. There is an International protocol on Biodiversity to preserve all species. We expect though that millions of species will go extinct as materialism born of scientific progress continues. Take Russia, India or China, they may be persuaded by their religious leaders or politicians to create laws that each couple must have tow or three children maximum fort he reasons above. What though, if one tribe or religion or nation decides that this is their opportunity to win the Darwinist race of evolution, using God’s name as the cover for their operation, complemented by God using his teachings as an excuse to eliminate from the planet any people who by genetics or culture have the ability to resist his deceits about evolution, (since Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive). This tribe or whatever it is labeled would have four or five children and their offspring, eventually, by pleading overcrowding in their own space, wold move into occupy the space the Indians, Chinese and Russians had set aside for nature and biodiversity. Biodiversity in many ways is the beauty of our planet and it is a worthy reason to restrict population growth. A number of Islamic and part Islamic countries do have high birth rates, eg. Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia and of course some less well educated Catholic countries too. As Jesus said “the poor will always be with you”, the reason being that uneducated people will believe what the Pope says about contraception and celibacy in marriage, which is also prescribed by branches of Krishna consciousness. (If you are looking for an organisation committed to population control to support then the International Planned Parenthood Federation is trying hard). Where recent generations in France may have taken note of the threat of overpopulation, unfortunately the appear to have over-compensated, as in many European countries and reduced their indigenous population growth to much smaller than the average, (this is important since one may see figures saying French population growth is an average 1.8 children per couple, but that does not take account of the growth of Islamic families so that actual original French population growth of those who can trace their ancestry back to the revolution, may be as little as 1 per couple, effectively halving the descendants of the revolution every twenty to thirty years, 40 million, to 20 million to 10 million etc.

This reduction could be viewed as God’s revenge, since France now has secular education system and rebelled against their laws leading to the executions of religious figures and rulers.  God wants believers and power, (for instance Jesus said all power comes from my father and the catholic Church is quite insistent on offspring having a catholic education). The catholic church may therefore be secretly happy that the French revolution is having its  come uppance while shedding a little tear that the instrument God has chosen is Islam.

On the biodiversity side, God could even use global warming as a component of Armageddon, the religious declaring it a vial or plague or scourge on the earth for turning from God. Islam is used to the desert so my survive better than most in these conditions. The religious will not worry since they will believe that god can recreate it all tomorrow. To be fair, some species would undoubtedly survive any disaster on earth but the chances of something like ourselves re-emerging after extinction are very remote. Two factors would be at play. The first is the actual random nature of evolution which may not favour a similar chance again which led to our emergence from the apes. The second is time, since some studies, while acknowledging that the sun may have a few billion years to go before it disappears, have estimated that the sun will begin to swell in about just 500 million years. just a little swelling, a natural part of its dying out slowly, will make life on earth too difficult for ape like species to emerge. even if another human race did emerge, within 200,000 years they would probably do exactly as we are doing and threaten their own survival. Consumerism and religion are the current mistakes that make us believe everything will go on happily ever after.

Finally on the subject of business and its influence on the future of France as an example and other countries in their turn, no doubt. The rich may use religion to make the poor feel guilty about sex, eg. masturbation and orgies. God may sanction this sociological control by the rich, regardless of whether the rich engage in these activities, as they will tend to, since if there is a rich elite, which is equivalent to alpha male and female dominated ape behaviour anyway so not all that unnatural, that elite enables the fulfillment of the superstitions of god as Jehovah through Christ and his quote to his followers, “the poor will always be with you” and allah through the Koran, which Tariq Ali describes as being the foundation of a business oriented religion rather than a socialist society, (which for one reason or another surprises some socialists who imagine the passions of Islam are the same as theirs). this incidentally supports my theory expressed elsewhere on this site that the Koran was intended to restore the god of the Old Testament after Christianity had captured anyone straying toward Buddhist denial the necessity for aggression but acceptance of a compassionate spiritual existence.

The greatest threat to the common man therefore potentially could be Islam which may be why God is creating a situation where some Islamists, through the gross error of excessive sexual reproduction, will take over from the “rights of man” establishing, secular, post-revolutionary France.

I therefore make a recommendation to all business men of whatever religion to make an effort to bring ethics into their business dealings, in order that their desire to dominate and succeed does not blind them to the fact that their existence now is due more to the cooperation of others than the competition of others.

There are perhaps just two things left to say. Firstly what I have written here is not about racism, it is about human genetic biodiversity. I have worked with an Egyptian now resident here. He is great to work with and to socialise with, even if he does not drink and pulls all the girls.

To end I should make a statement about politics too. I wrote a letter, published, to a newspaper, the next to the last  paragraph of which was about the facts on French people dying out as an original race, “This may encourage the members of the UK Independence Party, who like to generate hostility to foreigners to perhaps wind their necks in and start loving the French before they disappear.” Love is unscientific and to a Buddhist perhaps best kept as compassion, but it is undeniably a force which holds back people from conflict, please try to be loving.



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