Interpretations of Buddha and Darwin

About Buddha:-

Some of the important principles of interpreting Buddha in this web-site are:

  • Buddha would not have had the scientific understanding we now have so applying our modern reasoning to his teachings may enhance understanding not detract. That is why this web-site balances Buddhism with Darwinism
  • What Buddhists have written since may not actually be what Buddha would have written.
  • Buddhism encompasses the practice of directing the human heart, via intelligent thought and use of the intellect, to compassion for all living things
  • Compassion for all living things grows as one becomes aware of the suffering of all living things which comes from understanding that what one understands is not the truth. the easiest way to illustrate this is to look at young peopleís ambitions, say to be doctors or mathematicians. Now look at a goldfish in a bowl and consider that reincarnation may be true. If  karma was also true, which this web-site neither confirms nor denies then if you lived a bad life but were a top mathematician you may get re-incarnate as a fish in a tank. thus it is compassionate to both teach people that selfishness may be ultimately a bad road to travel and to have compassion for the fish which dwells in ignorance, not understanding the wonders of the universe and evolution.
  • Buddha says ambition causes suffering. While in extreme this may be true, such as Saddam Husseinís desire to rule and Tony Blairís desire to wage war on his nation, it is also true that Darwin was wise. To wish to reproduce and have offspring may actually be an act of compassion in itself if one happens by chance to be the carrier of the best genes for future generations.

 About Darwin:-

Some of the important principles of interpreting Darwin in this web-site are:

  • Darwin observed correctly that life has evolved on this planet.
  • Darwin was unaware of any spiritual dimension to evolution which may be going on in parallel to material evolution.
  • The future for genes is unknown and while, for instance, some genetic changes have occurred in populations of non-African peoples this does not mean that those changes are necessarily the way forward for mankind. It may be that the best mix for the future is white men with black women, or Chinese women with white men or South American Indian women with men from Finland. the principle is that the future is impossible to predict since the challenges are unknown.
  • The future may involve choices by members of the human race to design genetic changes into their offspring as medicine progresses. This could be interpreted as a form of racism but in fact may be best if viewed from the point of view of re-incarnation since it offers the opportunity to have a better mind and body in oneís next incarnation.
  • About Buddha and Darwin:-

About Darwin and Buddha:-

I have drawn a picture of Darwin and Buddha as being at opposite ends of a spectrum. Some readers of this web-site may be tempted to try to make a balance between the two. This is how most people who are religious in a non-violent way exist. They have families and they are charitable. Many non-religious people exist in this state too. However, my belief is that God is about cutting off humanity from the true sources of their inspiration, Darwin and Buddha and placing himself between us and those two. Thus a more useful visualisation of Buddha and Darwin is that of them as the ends of a horseshoe. If you can take on board the two beliefs and believe them both then you may be able to find the moment of bliss I discovered through a tendency like myself to dismiss nothing. So while I was abandoning material world desires in the 1970s I was also conscious of my scientific appreciation. At some point I believe you can bridge the gap between the ends of the horseshoe and that is the moment of bliss as best I can describe it. If you drift into Godís denial of these two then you become bound in the iron of the horseshoe, to use an analogy, rather than the space between the two ends because God has created tow false walls at the end of the horseshoe, so that you cannot perceive the truth if you a rebound in between the limits dictated.

God believing religious people can laugh at Buddhists as the religious have a taste of Darwin in God blessing their family life. God believing religious people can also laugh at Darwinists because they in theory could have no compassion and be so selfish as to blindly bring themselves before a court of justice having made the mistake of thinking that might was right and that they were the mightiest. I postulate from my experience that only be experiencing the gap between, where God has not created walls can you truly know what is wrong and right in the affairs of the human race if you are one of those deceived, as I was. Although I do acknowledge that God could enlist people to create a conspiracy against individuals in which case you would not be deceived but would be cruel, as many religious people have shown themsleves to be over the centuries, such as the Catholic Inquisition, The Protestant torturers too, the Burmese pseudo-buddhists the current Arab terrorists etc throughout the centuries.

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