Education is , of course, the vital component that enables humans to observe and consider their environment, by which term I include position in the universe as well, intelligently.


To appreciate what is written here the reader should have read at least the page “The Omega Course” and also the autobiographical pages “Brief Personal History” and “Spiritual Journey”.

This is intended as guide to those who wish to protect the gifts genetic evolution has given to their offspring.

My conclusions on education is that God (or Gods) and Satan (or devils) wish to control it to flatter himself or themselves. As the British people’s attendance at church began to decline from the 1950s onwards and especially from the period around the time I left the church (1969-70) the beginning of an effect known as “the dumbing down of education” began. At first the broad knowledge disappeared, (I am often amazed at how little friends from College, Polytechnic and University and now their children, know about the wider world. However they did all manage to achieve in their chosen subjects. Lately, as more effective campaigns against racism have continued, (which I am quite comfortable with as I consider all mankind my brothers and sisters ) the superior educational achievements of immigrants have been trumpeted as examples of firstly how good these immigrants are for the country and  secondly how well their culture works. I dispute both these conclusions which the press often gain their anti-racist credentials with.  On the first point I would recap on what I have stated elsewhere on this web-site in the recommended pages that God and Satan or Gods and devils individually or together are well able to inhibit the human brain or conversely stimulate it or allow it to be stimulated by not inhibiting or distracting it. My own experience, of having devil’s released against me and the book dumped on my back as the Koran describes as God’s methods of attack, incline me to these beliefs.

The result in the natural course of events, in genetic terms, would be, if British indigenous people’s are dumbed down by Allah /Jehovah, is that an apparently natural tendency will begin for British women to choose successful males from these communities as sexual partners. This their communities exist with their religious codes of conduct but their offspring integrate with the native genetic pool. This has certainly happened with Jews who formed communities here quite early. For instance Michael Howard, the former leader of the British conservative party and a former Home Secretary in charge of prisons and crime and punishment etc, apparently has a reputation as being a favourite of the ladies while at university, is of Jewish descent, has married a native British woman and has a son who is now a vicar in the Anglican church. With the election of Britain’s first black archbishop it would not be wrong to say that Michael Howard’s son could become the archbishop of Canterbury. Such a role would give him the power to crown the monarch of the United Kingdom. Thus through one successful immigrant family God can control laws and punishment and take a leading role in the church which in turn is the rock on which the monarchy is built.

 The nation that gave birth to Darwin now also has declining birth rates so the likelihood of another such as he emerging diminishes. Those genes are replaced by immigrant genes but is that a problem? In general the answer must be no, I myself come from a genetic group which emerged in the Ukraine some thousands of years ago, yet was born in the United Kingdom, but there are two circumstances from which it is undesirable. Firstly, in order to constrain human greed which may destroy when rampant and unchecked, the concept of biodiversity must be upheld. The British people are divergent from other peoples to a small extent. Much research in 2005, (which the British newspaper The Independent of 23rd December 2005 reported, shows that Darwinism still remains the cornerstone of the biological sciences. Studies reported showed that small changes or mutations in the DNA of a species can result in dramatic evolutionary transformations such as the creation of two species from one. The Atlantic stickleback is an exemplar of this. What does this mean to the British or indeed any nation of people largely composed of a stable gene pool? It means that if breeding levels reduce below replacement levels for instance, the chances of such a change occurring reduce and also the chances of maintaining such a change, if it has already occurred reduce. Unless the change occurs on the Y chromosome in males it will pass on from generation to generation regardless of who the person breeds with, provided they do breed and this is a cause to celebrate against racism. Secondly however , if God Jehovah/Allah is a racist, as I have proposed in this web-site,  since he originally chose one people, Jews, that was his decision to be racist and the consequences to the rest of mankind, who through science accept they originated from an evolving species in Africa many thousands of years ago is that if the only trace back reaches a dead end at an original Semite, Jew or Arab, then the destiny of mankind will be to accept the story of Abraham as given by the Bible and Koran, not Darwinism.  Would a world of say Michael Howards descendants deny Darwinism. Sadly I am inclined to believe they would. I have witnessed many intelligent Jews and people of mixed Jewish/Other race descent and a fairly common feature seems to be a fascination with reflection of their people’s history as the bible records it., (but also see the Holocaust Denial page) This is generally focussed on self-pity and praise of guardianship of god’s word. Suffering of other  people’s is ignored. Names among those who show this trait are Goldie Hawn the US comedienne, Albert Einstein who despite the science he was privy to wanted to “know the mind of God” and Lord Winston the media face of British science who is a devout Jew. No matter how clever there is a constant desire to seek after this God of theirs

 In the Book of revelation, St John talks of the whore of Babylon, who tries to control nations with her witchcraft. I would argue that the dumbing down of Britain to encourage its politicians and business men to have more faith in employing cheap already educated immigrants as opposed to investing in their own genetic pool by encouraging educated attitudes and childbirth shows that God is the whore who is trading in souls, making reasoning and educational achievement difficult for the native people’s unless they attend church. It is obvious that investment is not the only key since many immigrants eg. nurses from Jamaica, come from far less wealthy societies but achieve much better results, including being more compassionate. Is this God working with them? It could be but I would also argue it is God working against the British people and I would not exclude Satan as I see his mission as being as much against reason and acceptance of evolution as I would see Jehovah/ Allah and Mohammed and Jesus’s mission  being such.


My conclusion is there is much for agnostic or atheist parents or those considering being parents to be cautious of in the world at the moment. My personal experience is that a gentleman such as Darwin isa rock upon whom one may build one’s beliefs about the future of our world, its biodiversity and the biodiversity of its human population too. Buddha and belief in compassion which flows from understanding his works is another rock who stands steady among the snares of illogical madness that trust in any one faith almost certainly demands, despite it offering, as I propose here, some children, perhaps only in the short term, an opportunity to benefit from the disadvantages others are burdened with by these gods and devils, even if in some case those gods and devils are only figments of imagination induced through cunning neural linguistic programming or other forms of brain washing. 

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