The Ten Commandments (7)

It is important to realise that the vast majority of people who are religious are sincere, although these pages on other religions are criticisms. My intention is to invite people to think about their faith as everybody cannot be right. There are some self-seekers in every religion too so anybody joining a faith must be aware of the flaws to see where they are vulnerable. I cannot point out every inconsistency, only show some and describe some of my experiences. The rest you have to figure out but I believe personally, though I do not expect people to also believe this as it is from personal experience, that there are souls who are out here who will try to help you, quiet guardians of peace, love and reason.If I have any ambition it is to be one of those guardians myself, to protect the gentle caring unambitious souls who often lead lives of such suffering

The Ten Commandments are not all dealt with here but rather the focus is on those whch are significantly wrong.

Elsewhere on this site in the Lord of the Rings page and the page below it I have explained how it easy using Arabic and Jewish mythology to cut us off from understanding our evolutionary ancestry. Partly this is because they philosophies were formed in the deserts where few examples of nature to show the patent folly are available. Look at these below

1. Thou shalt not kill - Take for a moment the view point of evolution even if you are a convinced Christian or Muslim. In evolutionary terms our ancestors killed without a thought of morality. This has been going on in gradually evolving species for hundred of millions of years, the selfish gene won through. The vast majority of our ancestors have killed their own and others in order to provide for us to exist today. The Japanese Shinto religion worships ancestors and this is not as mad as it sounds, but we need to take it farther now we understand evolution. It provides the basis for a resistance to the Middle East mythologies. If you believe that you should not kill, you effectively curse most of your hominoid ancestors and probably all of your non-human ancestors. This provides an excuse for the God of the Middle East to turn the world into a desert. This is why so many Christians, Jews and Muslims do not give two hoots about biodiversity. Firstly they believe their God could recreate it when he is ready and secondly the destruction of biodiversity will reduce the evidence for evolution that Darwin and other gentlemen scientists needed.Having as they believe, allowed God into their lives they probably also cannot reason anything such as I describe here because God is in their heads convincing them otherwise.

2. Thou shalt not steal - A lot of communists and anarchists have held the maxim “all property is theft” dear to heart. In many ways this is true but it is also a lie. In terms of nature there are no laws as described elsewhere in this site. Laws are a way we create civilisation, not something that God has exclusive right to claim. In effect, before we started civilisations, there were no laws and we existed in tribes by generosity to each other and mutual co-operation in times of plenty, much as apes do in the wild. But just as an ape will take a banana from a store of some anthropologists studying them, so we really ought to understand that freedom is not available to us simply because we believe we can exist better as a civilisation. unfortunately, many people choose religion to crush the truth of this perception. In some ways this has resulted in an “Animal farm” effect which continues through generations. each time movements for change towards peace between humans arise, the white horse gets persuaded to chase away the farmer and the realises the pigs have taken over. In the context of my life, the hippie ethics were chased away by the media, governments and the police and more powerful drugs have taken over and destruction of the natural environment has accelerated. What the media and law makers should have done is ask themselves why people were like this and what of their beliefs were valid. Buddha talks of cause and consequence and when people govern and comment they should consider the effect or consequence before criticising. The old North American Indian proverb asks that an individual be allowed to walk in another’s moccasins before he criticises him. The vast majority of theft in my country, the UK, by incidents is caused by drug abusers these days. Walk in their shoes first.

3. Thou shalt not commit adultery - jealousy over mates has existed in most species for millions of years. It is nothing new. Now we have contraception it is difficult to see what the objection is if you have not been tricked into raising another man’s children, though some take it on anyway when they marry a second time. people who hold this commandment dear to their hearts are generally imagining eternity with one partner. The Buddhist side of my argument here would be that reincarnation does not necessarily guarantee you will be reincarnate near or at the same time as a previous partner. However, that having been said, if mating for life is your thing there are examples in nature of this and it is not a crime against any of the beliefs I express here.


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