Mormons (3 & 37)

It is important to realise that the vast majority of people who are religious are sincere, although these pages on other religions are criticisms. My intention is to invite people to think about their faith as everybody cannot be right. There are some self-seekers in every religion too so anybody joining a faith must be aware of the flaws to see where they are vulnerable. I cannot point out every inconsistency, only show some and describe some of my experiences. The rest you have to figure out but I believe personally, though I do not expect people to also believe this as it is from personal experience, that there are souls who are out here who will try to help you, quiet guardians of peace, love and reason.If I have any ambition it is to be one of those guardians myself, to protect the gentle caring unambitious souls who often lead lives of such suffering

I have spoken about the Mormon faith in other parts of this site. Some things are of concern. It says in their book “They have built an abominable church, it was a church of the devil”. No mention of an abominable mosque you may note. Why not? After all Moroni is asking the Christians to once again believe there was a Messiah for them but the Muslims are left to believe there is no son of God (the Koran states God does not have a son). Surely that is a terrible lie and if the Christians did build a bad one (and I am not denying the Catholic church could have been considered corrupt in centuries past or the Protestants just a little too heavy handed at Salem with their witch hunts). But who can blame them when they had to defend themselves from this “appalling lie” of Islam. Or is it a lie? Or is God delivering the Mormon tablets to deceive the non-Muslim nations again (for let me remind you the Koran says Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive)? How come Moroni says nothing about that, such as “God is sorry he let the lie that he did not have a son fester in the hearts of Muslims for so long that they built empires in the Iberian peninsula and the Balkans that made a lower class of the Christians”. 

You would think this next issue of God’s thoughts would at least clarify that issue as it is pretty central wouldn’t you?

I should recommend a book by Jon Krakauer for further reading about Mormons.

The basic of their book for which there is no genetic evidence whatsoever, (see the National Geographic Genome project for the truth about how people wandered across the earth), goes roughly as the following:

Shortly after his resurrection Jesus went to to the Americas to speak to some Jews who were already there, Nephites and Lamanites. They were descended from Lehi who left Jerusalem about the time of Buddha’s enlightenment in India. Lehi’s son Nephi formed a tribe and his naughty brother Laman formed another. God cursed these Lamanites to be dark skinned. Jesus persuaded them to make-up and be friends. The about the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire a war broke out again. The naughty Lamanites won and became Red Indians. Mormon was the last of the Nephites along with his son Moroni who documented the slaughter. Then in the nineteenth century Moroni came from heaven and gave Joseph Smith the tablets which give this history.

Actually Red Indians came across the Bering Straits. they have genetic relatives in Asia. Their genes have moved on considerably since the time all the people’s not of African descent moved out of the Moddle East.

So what do I make of it? It is another attempt at racism for Semites by God. The fact that he punishes people by darkening their skin is clearly an attack not only on Red Indians but on Africans too. In fact the Old Testament states that Ham saw his father Noah naked and so turned black, hence the use of the generic term Hammites to denote some Black people. So basically this is saying naughty people turn black and Jews are half and half likely to turn bad, a very convenient belief for a bunch of ignorant Americans who cannot be bothered with any science which contradicts their notions of their superiority. The fact that after Jesus reconciled everything it all turned bad again is more probably a hoped for prophecy, that after the liberation of the slaves, which was well under way at the time the Mormon tablets were supposedly delivered, and anti-racist laws of current politics, it all eventually turns out good for Mormons in that Red Indians and Black turn bad. the downside of course is that such may involve the massacre of all white people including Mormons. this is designed to generate white paranoia.

I would urge anyone considering the Mormon faith to accept the science, that if you are white or oriental, Red Indians are your close brothers and sisters and Africans are a large repository of our ancestral gene pool, almost our mothers and fathers genetically speaking.

There is also a thesis I put forward in this site that, while not blaming the Jews, the Jews are intended to rule earth and the rest of us are being deceived by god into believing otherwise, or that we are special. In the book of Mormon one can find “All fighting against Zion shall be destroyed” (reference: 1 NE 22). One can also find that blessed gentiles “Shall fight not against Zion” (reference 2 NE 6). OK so we should all roll over and let ourselves be walked over presumably. The laws of Zion are written down and what is being said here is that no-one is allowed to object, so much like my objection to Krishna “casting into hell all who disagree” I have to ask “Where is the democracy in these extracts from the Mormon faith. we have a lot of Jewish politicians in England, am I not allowed to differ, (that’s rather difficult since they are in different parties but maybe Schizophrenia is appropriate punishment to anyone who suspects all is not quite right).

Is Zion socialist or conservative, or more likely, out to claim all the money and all the art and all the land and all the comfortable living and all the health and all the easy lives and all the healthy children in order to be known as God’s blessed charitable people, patronising us all with their mythology. Of course God must know that if he judges it wrong and people get suspicious, the Jews will pay and, if not, we will all be ruled by Jewish myths, laws and traditions eventually. Nobody of course will suspect actually God is simply a liar trying to impose his ideas of blinding mankind to reality. The Jews may well be caught in the dichotomy of being tempted to believe God intends them to be the eventual winners or trying to humbly wander as God appears to have told them to. Many with Jewish genes probably want nothing to do with it all, but as they slip away from they own faith they integrate with others, threatening to inherit all things through genetic domination. I am glad to hear, after visiting a Buddhist museum in New York paid for by some Jews, that many converts to Buddhism in the US are Jews, but how many of those will have descendants who convert back to Judaism when they hear of their ancestors being Jewish. The future, due to natural competitiveness, is not a trivial problem, but compassion as Buddha teaches will help.

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