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This page is really just about linking with people trying to say something important.


I recently went to a meeting at the UK government’s Treasury department. The meeting was about adapting to Global Warming. The meeting was held under what are called Chatham House rules so people are free to say thing which are not government policy but they are non-attributable. Professor Bob Watson was there who is the chief scientific advisor at DEFRA and he said he did not mind people using anything he said so I will mention him as evidence of the meeting.

In many ways it was a sad meeting. Fundamentally, what emerged is that things are worse than we are given to believe. While the press reports governments are working on plans to prevent a rise over 2 degrees centigrade in global average temperature, reality is we are only likely to hit that at a 10% probability level. Far more comforting would be if the government was trying to prevent overall temperature rising above 4 degrees by 2080

Note that 6 degrees centigrade is a catastrophe for most life on earth.

Saddest of all was a government employee, an economist naturally, who I suspect advises the government, who said he thought if people were prepared to pay the market value then things should be sold to them. Of course that means if some dying Chinese billionaire is told he can have the blood of the last two mountain gorillas to ease his passage into the after life, and an African economy under duress from global warming is prepared to sell it to feed its people, then the gorillas will die. He responded as this to my quote from an Oscar Wilde play by a character who is asked “What is a cynic?” to which the reply comes “One who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing”

Someone who is adept at moving the spirit of mankind toward a different future than this economist dalek seeking to exterminate all life and considering it just as simply a resource issue, is Daryl Hannah the beautiful actress.

She is link number 1 and I hope there will be more.

Please visit www.dhlovelife.com. It is later than you think and you may be able to help.


Nic Green is a feminist British artist. She expresses the idea that we need to take a new look at our bodies. This has been a central problem from both my own viewpoint of my body, or self-image, and the bodies of others.

For my own part, I was more comfortable with my body, due to a process of experimentation with belief, between about November 1975 until the Danes got me in 1977 (see the page After Bliss).

Nic Green appears to have come to a conclusion, as I did, that exposure of the body as normal, regardless of the shape or age, helps to restore a positive image of the self inside one’s own mind.

Once this positive state is reached many other deeper understandings can surface as one’s preoccupation with the self evaporates. Buddha spoke, so it is said, of the loss of self that is required to reach Nirvana. thus one’s nakedness becomes nothing.

Nic Green’s web-site can be found at www.nicgreen.org.uk



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