Hindu (65)

The Hindu faith has much to be said for it. My concerns are:

  • It could be construed that an attempt to export the caste system and embed it in political thinking is underway. While it is dismissed in India as a political concept, it still remains embedded in the religion.

Things which are positive are:

  • The vegetarian diet which will help preserve biodiversity, reduce cruelty, permit more land for food production and reduce CO2 emissions from meat production.
  • The answer to the abortion debate which has been to declare that the foetus becomes ensouled at 17 weeks, i.e the soul joins the body at 17 weeks. This fits with rational thinking which might say if our souls are out there, largely without senses of the material world, how would they know what flesh is what flesh? At the Roman Catholic level, where they object to stem cell research because they believe life begins at conception, one can extend that argument to how is one cell known from another, since at conception there is just one cell. Would one be at risk of incarnation as a single cell microbe or as a plant? It makes more sense that, even if a God is involved, some time would be allowed to lapse before incarnation, whether reincarnation of Hindu and Buddhist belief or simply the one and only incarnation of Christian belief, to avoid incarnation with birth defects and natural abortion or losing of the baby. this of course implies some belief in karma may be affected by the idea that the soul, prior to reincarnation, is conscious of a fate to befall it to some extent as it gets sucked into life, (the eternal cycle of suffering that Buddhists refer to) but loses that knowledge when having to cope with a new flesh incarnation because the brain occupied is blank and needs to learn to survive.


 The above 2nd bullet fits very well with the concept of this web-site, of the truth being somewhat close to Buddho-Darwinism. That incarnation should be a balance between:

  • seeking to survive (and after death perhaps seeking reincarnation without birth defects and not as an animal) [see also the page on reincarnation)
  • seeking Buddha enlightenment so that the eternal cycle of suffering can be avoided for ever more.



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