The Pink Dalek (42)

If you do not understand the name of this page here is a brief explanation. There is a UK television series which began in the 1960s called Dr Who. This concept has stood the test of time and a number of new programmes are still being made by the BBC. the first adversaries of Dr Who, a time traveler, were the Daleks. These creatures, mutations of a nuclear war, live inside machines designed for them by a scientist called Davros. they exist almost solely to promote the superiority of their own species and as they become more scientifically competent, leave their own planet to destroy all other civilisations across the universe. The mantra of their metallic voices emitting from the machines these small but intelligent creatures inhabit is “Exterminate”. I use the term “pink” because the Daleks had a hierarchy in which certain Daleks, which were commanders, had different coloured machines including the red and black Daleks. Pink is used proudly by gay’s because they were made to wear pink triangles by the Nazis so it is a symbol of their survival to them. Lomborg is an utterly odious theorist who advises the Danes on how to ignore risks (foolish), concentrate on human suffering, (not a bad thing) and ignore extinction of species (rather Dalek-like) and is homosexual.

It is my contention that, under the guidance of our current political leaders, the human race is gradually mutating into the Dalek race. After making an International agreement on biodiversity, little or nothing is being done to protect the species of this planet. Lomborg is a key figure in this being such a powerful influence on economic thinking. He contends that when nations become rich they can cope with ecological issues but first must raise their Gross Domestic Product. (As a side issue perhaps I should say that in this he is probably at war, indirectly, with one of the few remaining Buddhist nations, Bhutan, where the king has declared his people should pursue Gross National Happiness as a measure of their success). Lomborg’s attitude of course does not explain why species are threatened in the US, the richest nation on earth, with extinction, unless one accepts my statement above that he does not actually care about the mass extinction of species the earth is currently on the brink of. It, in fact, does not even explain why George W Bush does not care about the extinctions, as he is one of the rich elite of that country. Lomborg is very blinkered, but I digress. The Daleks had no compassion because they considered themselves superior and similarly most people who come, to one degree or another, under the spell of Lomborg’s thinking, are being tricked into believing they are so special that being destructive is not a crime. International politics are the breeding ground for the philosophy of Davros and Lomborg.

Fundamentally, as Blair and Bush have shown, that attitude to economics mean that the material needs of people override other considerations, such as the aesthetic beauty of evolved nature. This is not surprising in Bush and Blair because they being monotheists probably believe their God could recreate all creatures overnight if he chose to. In Lomborg, being homosexual, so recently victimised by Nazis, it is strange and unexpected, as it is in the brilliant British Jewish professor Lord Winston who, after Jews were so recently experimented on in Nazi camps, advocates more testing on animals. Both may justify themselves , Lord Winston by saying his intent is to minimise the suffering of the lab animals and Lomborg by saying “It doesn’t matter” if a species dies out. However from Lord Winston’s viewpoint, you could easily then argue that if the Daleks or any species alien to earth, were superior to mankind, or like the Martians in the book and film “War of the Worlds” vastly technologically superior, then they have the innate right to abduct humans and conduct medical experiments on them until they, the aliens, are sure they can survive on the earth. Then, additionally, by Lomborg’s thinking, also have the right to take all our resources and leave us to die off, changing the earth to their own needs and ignoring us as we die off, (say perhaps if they breathed a different gas, taking all the oxygen out of our atmosphere and replacing it).

The above paragraph also makes it seem rather foolish of mankind to send a satellite into outer space beyond our solar system, with directions of how to find us, as has already been done. It only requires the not at all long odds of that  species that finds that satellite to be controlled and led politically and militarily by people like Lord Winston and Lomborg for the entire human race to be in extreme danger.

The UN food programme’s leader has recently, (around the beginning of June 2007), stated that he expected biofuels to be prime crops which would put pressure on food crops which would mean more land would need to be taken up for food production. that would obviously put more pressure on the creatures of the planet which cannot adapt to such pressure. (Population control by contraception seems a wiser course to me but that is another aside).

Human greed will therefore destroy the species diversity of this beautiful planet we inhabit. I have to ask, “How much longer will everyone just sit around watching as mankind becomes the archetype of compassionless destruction, the Dalek?”

Lomborg has no right to hinge his economic arguments on the principle of, “Yeah sure the polar bear will die out if you follow my reasoning but who cares?”, because even if a majority of people on the planet voted with him now,(say 3 billion), they would have no right to take the joy of seeing the wonderful adaptations of the creatures of this planet, from future generations (thousands of billions of people who cannot as yet vote as they have not been brought to life).

In my opinion, for the sake of future generations, for the reasons given above, the human race needs to avoid mutating into the mindset of the Daleks. Lomborg may be a sort of Davros, perhaps subconsciously, turning humanity away from the bigger perspective.

A better example of how to behave was given by a Star trek episode which I describe on the other page talking of Daleks

Some people may think, like Lomborg, that we can destroy this planet by maximised exploitation then leave for another. The intelligent way to treat biodiversity on this planet is the same way the Star Trek crew treated life on other planets, observe it but do not interfere with evolution. If we do not apply this on our own planet, as the crew of Star trek did to other planets, then we do not really have the right to travel into space.

The questions that people must ask themselves, regardless of whether we ever do colonise other planets, but just with regard to this planet, is.” Do I want to be a Dalek or do I want to travel aboard the USS Enterprise?” These are the choices and the need for you to make a decision is urgent.

In the episode from one of the later series of Star Trek to which I refer, the crew were on a planet observing a human like species, but observing them from behind high-tech screens which made them invisible to the people of that planet. We should observe nature on our planet as the Star Trek crew did of this planet. Each of the niches in nature in which a new species evolves is like a planet bearing life in a distant galaxy that the Star Trek crew find. Each of those niches is threatened, as the Daleks threaten all planets in the universe in the later episodes of Dr Who, but not by Daleks, rather by human greed and ignorance.

So Lomborg is the pink Dalek. The one who sees the niches of life around the earth and considers them with the callous indifference of the Daleks looking at mankind, “Exterminate”, “Destroy”, “Lomborg followers are the Master race”, “”Exterminate... Exterminate.............Exterminate...................”






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