A link to an important Danish web-site (97)

In this web-site I have focussed at various points on my moment  of ‘enlightenment’ in the Christiania alternative community in Copenhagen Denmark. I have also expressed my profound shock at the reaction of Danes to me after I entered a church near to that alternative village with the city.

As you may have realised, if you have read the rest of the website, one of the main psychological bullies in that period after entering the church, up to and beyond the Rebecca ø festival was Leonard Jorgensen, son of the then Prime Minister Anker Jorgensen. Anker is a bit of a folk hero in Denmark, I even met a Danish man in London in the 1990s who talked of the great affection the Danish people had for him.

My own belief is that, as in England during the reign of Tony Blair, there has been a tendency to ignore the future and spend the resources of the planet and overwhelm with materialism the genetic pool of some western nations, by which I mean people ignore their nature and avoid having children while pursuing wealth. I expect Ankar has engaged in some of this. Reports remain in academic studies though, that Denmark has the happiest people on the planet. I have speculated of late as to whether draining me of my spirituality and enlightenment gave them this happiness much like material draining of the resources of the world brings happiness but is not really a long term option.

I have also reported on the tortuous routes through the world’s religions one must take in order to overcome the guilt that a few of the Danes seemed to have the ability to induce, as I experienced at the Rebecca festival. This guilt ultimately implies that one is a lesser person as far as they are concerned.

One thing which made me curious when I worked with Leonard Jorgensen was a little knitted woolen skull cap he wore. I speculated it may be to cover a bald patch. I dismisssed any thoughts I may had about him being Jewish by descent.

When Charlie at the Rebecca ø Festival said immediately after they forced me to make a bizarre decision (see the After Bliss page ) “They’ll try and fool you”, one is naturally left with two thoughts “What did he or they do that for?” (i.e sit and wait around while they practised some kind of intellect/soul/confidence destruction) and “Who on earth is he referring to?” when talking about “they”.

The usual suspects would be immigrants, Africans and those of African descent, Jews and the new ‘sub-humans’ the Muslims.

It was interesting then to discover a web-site dedicated to Anker Jorgensen which has links to vast pages about the Holocaust. Leonard has said the skull cap he wore had been knitted for him by a friend so perhaps the family has good Jewish friends and perhaps the Danes were struggling to say that the “they” that Charlie referred to was the Nazis, fascists etc. But of course as long as you never say who, like some kind of character from a Kafka novel, you can always claim you meant someone else. The link is below and the Danish pages can be translated into something roughly comprehensible by using the Google toolbar.

I cannot help thinking they have probably precipitated racist ideologies in some minds by practicing the arts they do despite this web-site effort at the link, but you must judge for yourself. Are some Danes trying to cover up something? Just like when I was there in 1977 when they may have claimed they were the most Christian society in the world with egalitarian values, respect for others etc, (though of course many other Christians might disagree with them, seeing money as a blessing in the same way as fertility “Go forth and multiply” in Genesis and promises to lead faithful to a land of milk and honey but conversely the unfaithful not), it may be that they aim in the future to be the leading Buddho-Darwinist country in the world, despite having dismissed me, as the author of this web-site. Is that achieved by hiding things from others? I can only recall the words of an Englishman I met while living in Copenhagen before my ‘moment of enlightenment’ who said “Oh yeah, I think they have got it sussed over here”

To recall some of the themes in this web-site and to demonstrate what seems unreasonable the following points are presented.

  • The web-site at the link links in turn to an album of photographs of the Holocaust. This can pull at the heart strings, but nobody has pictures of the children of Dresden as the fire storm rained down.
  • The link does not show photos of what, for instance the British went through in bombing raids on London.
  • There is little about Stalingrad and nothing about the rest of the war
  • The Danish socialist focus on the holocaust is like England’s socialist Prime Minister’s Tony Blair’s focus on it, a desperate attempt to declare anybody not voting socialist an ungodly racist.
  • Denmark had a relatively peaceful time in the second world war with one botched raid by the English in which bombs intended for a nazi target in Copenhagen hit a school. Am I supposed to feel guilty about that? Perhaps they would like to claim I am a reincarnation of the pilot of the aircraft which dropped the bomb. Well done Denmark then for some excellent detective work.
  • Is the intent to make all rationalists who are suspicious of the influence of Jewish creation mythology feel guilty, as the Danes, including a member of the same family as Anker made me feel guilty in 1977 at the Rebecca festival?
  • 50 million other people died in the second world war. To put that in context, there are a number of small Jewish museums around Europe. They may show little things like a room behind a glass screen with suitcases and shoes and photos of people including their children arriving at Auschwitz. But think of coming across a memorial of a pile of 50,000 shoes, each with the number 1000 on it because it represented a thousand deaths and you will see the side of the war that everybody seems to ignore, (generally at least the soldiers of all sides are still remembered at services on armistice day).
  • Henry Kissinger was the Jewish foreign minister for the United States during the war in Vietnam. There are pictures of the terrible burning injuries caused to people by napalm and Israel has recently used phosphorous bombs on Gaza

The important things to bear in mind in relation to Buddho-darwinism are that Buddha declares all suffering is caused by wants and as Gandhi said, there is enough for the world’s need but not the world’s greed. The philosophy of Jesus interpreted by religions that hold him as a prophet is some way to Buddha in disavowing riches, but there is currently a somewhat unseemly rush in Europe  to restore wealth stolen by the nazis to Jewish families, (but of course not offer restoration to the non-Jewish people of London, Warsaw and Stalingrad who lost everything). There also seems a slightly sycophantic desire to declare again, what emerged in former times when monarchs sought wealth to wage their campaigns of war and beautify palaces, that only Jews know how to run businesses so they need to be invited to do that. This encourages a stereotype of Judaism and another of Christian nations that ignores the fundamental principles of Buddha, effectively allowing Christian nations to be greedy by a Jewish proxy. Much like the small number of Danes I knew entertained themselves at my expense by implying that those nasty people we cannot mention will try and fool me. Effectively finding a proxy for the acts they committed.

It is important therefore as a Buddho-Darwinist principle to attach importance to raising one’s children or the children of those in one’s local genetic pool (eg relatives or tribe or ancient nation), but not to indulge those children such that others become insignificant, as I became insignificant to Leonard Jorgensen, while his father made sincere but, I would suggest, occasionally over indulgent efforts on behalf of the ‘children’ of Denmark.



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