The Danes and Fear (88)

After the incident at the Rebecca ø Fest in 1977 (see pages ) there followed a period during which I was puzzled by their intent. Inevitably one over a short period of time begins to perceive this as an attempt to control the influences of the world people like Darwin and Dawkins are unaware of but which perhaps Buddha understood. This can concern one as one might see it much as one would see fascists or royalists coming to power, as an attempt to take our established egalitarian principles of control subject to democratic constraints. I should of course repeat that I am grateful in some senses to those Danes for confirming that my suspicions, realised from dreams from March that year and the experience of being touched by a kind of enlightenment in the early summer, that there is another world or realm of understanding and to be understood beyond current science measurement, (a bit like perhaps ‘dark matter’ which we cannot detect but is thought to be the majority of matter in our material universe). In this period after the festival those concerns, perhaps because the trick of the Danes was to amplify my consciousness, became a worry, (as I have already noted [see the page with this link] a British Conservative Party member as well as these largely left-wingers have postulated that one rules by fear).

Some of these Danes then began to behave as perhaps dogs do when they can see a human is frightened of dogs and try to become alpha dogs, dominating the human. It is said that animals can sense fear and I have also quoted the chimpanzee Jane Goodall observed which although small became an alpha male, (analogously like many politicians and religions get supported by generating illusory fear). It was visibly getting some Danes (and Larry the US hells’ Angel in Amsterdam when I visited there), excited that there is concern where they have no concerns.

My own feeling is that it is natural to be concerned, from which worries are sourced, when threatened or when one suspects a threat. this is the source of support for democracy when we change our vote or can threaten to change our vote if we are ignored by politicians. Even though by then, leaning to the Buddha side of Buddho-Darwinism I was happy that I could form relationships with the less ambitious sort of women who I socialised with at the time. I had few concerns and felt I was in a stable democracy so why would the Danes choose to induce increased concern? perhaps because they wanted to be the subjects of that concern, that their worries had to be mine in order to free them from concern.

The idea of pursuing someone when one smells they fear something is certainly likely in some people to push them to madness. especially as few will understand what they are talking about since so few are aware of the other side of consciousness awareness. Most people, including the high academic achievers in the medical world would ignore their ravings as simply insanity. Pursuing then appears to be a way of profiting from the spiritual awareness of another.

Danish legends are full of characters I could fit into:

  • Loki - because I was now aware of a secret world and loki created mischief by knowing the secrets of the Scandinavian Gods. Danes could claim here they rejected me and turned their backs on me because it was un-Christian, as Kirsten Pedersen whom I have also mentioned appeared to do.
  • Baldur - a character who while considered fair, could perhaps be disliked by Loki because he became concerned about visions of Death
  • A pacifist Viking as in Hollywood films such as “the Vikings” in which the promise of Valhalla after death drives a fearlessness in their warriors.
  • A former king of the Danes who converetd to Christianity who the might justifiably want to blame for forcing everybody else to believe, (apparently many subjects who did not convert were put to death)

So, for convenience sake, I, (or perhaps any concerned democrat who is sure Darwin is correct but has notions of another dimension to life and wishes to carry his principles of scientific inquiry and democratic egalitarianism forward into this new world with a Buddha’s sense of compassion), could be declared a reincarnation of any or all of the above to justify pursuit by these jealous or covetous Danes or to justify turning their backs and making that person feel socially excluded or ostracised. These may be people who enjoy the smell of fear in another as when Leonard Jorgensen said “I am sorry, Nick” three times (see the “After Bliss” page) which just added to my concerns at the time in the post-festival phase, in the sense of inducing thoughts like “What is he on about, what is he sorry about? Does he know something terrible is going to happen me (as in a lot of ways it did)? Is he apologising sincerely? Is he just saying that as far as he is concerned he is number one so he does not care that my position in Danish society is becoming untenable as I no longer can understand what the focus on me is about?

One way to check this, which is the point of this page, is to consider those active in upsetting one’s calmness. For instance, say one of them says, “Nothing scares me I am not scared of death”, then try “OK so you are lying on your bed and someone has surrounded your bed with thousands of deadly venomous snakes. You have no food and the door is ten metres way and you are certain to be bitten, it is a deliberate situation to test you so no rescue is possible. you as yet have no children. What are your options?

  • Go for the door, because you are not afraid of dying and you do not want anyone to think that you are, which they would if you stayed routed to the bed. at least this option proves you took the chance of perhaps not being bitten rather than dying a coward’s death by starvation on the bed. This is perhaps the Darwin option as if you survive the struggle for existence you have a chance of mating. The problem is that one then denies anything except personal ambition. You accept that your testers have the right to test your bravery and if you die they will at least acknowledge you were not a coward. If you die, as is almost certain, your life will have been wasted but at least you will have tried to leave the room in order to meet someone of the opposite sex to mate with and have children.
  • Stay on the bed and starve because that will take longer and give you more time to think and reflect on your life than dying within an our from the snake bite. The problem with this is your testers will shout “Figure it out” through a window in the wall. This is their challenge to understand why they are doing this and what the world is really about and what your life has been about.

Essentially with Buddho-Darwinism you have both these options. Although it has taken much study of science and much delving into other religions, the result for me has been the gentle philosophy of Buddho-Darwinism with its attendant impulse to survive genetically by mating. This answers the mockers “Figure it out” not completely unlike ‘Job’ answered Satan’s torment in the Middle East legend reported in the Old Testament among other texts, but without a God reward. It also answers a question of bravery since one maintains the dignity of egalitarian democratic values and the desire for relationships. I have had a few relationships with women since leaving Denmark and I also have many good close friendships with people of the opposite sex.

What I cannot say is that you will experience being touched by enlightenment by believing what this web-site says. It is a temporary refuge where I, and I hope any reader, is able to find where my consciousness was at, in between being nailed to the ground after entering a Lutheran church in mid-summer 1977, (as reported on the page “After Bliss”), and the Rebecca festival in September 1977. It may also enable you to see the world as Ghandi declared “If you want change you must be a part of the change”. Certainly while holding to firstly science as taught and secondly knowledge of the other less understood spiritual experience, I have lived through times when many changes I wanted have happened such as the liberation of Eastern Europe, the breaking down of barriers between the West and the far East in countries like Vietnam and Cambodia, the end of atheist and materialist fixated consumer communism/socialism and the beginnings of an end to destructive materialist fixated consumer capitalism. there is much still to do to bring to an end the destruction of species, the threats to survival of mankind as well as other species and the promotion of human rights. There will be many who will always try to turn the clock back, to reintroduce old and tired values, especially of the self since that requires no spiritual connection for the individuals led into it to believe it.

I have written the above in May 2010 and I hope now to spend some time writing pages under a single page in the top level of this web-site called “The Road to Enlightenment” which will endeavour to illustrate the avenues of thought and experience, which led to the 1977 experience. It will assume that thinking decisions followed by action lead to the state of mind which can find such a Nirvana, so that those who seek it may do so. It will have caveats including one that is paramount to understand, that it may be best to try Buddho-Darwinism as a life-style as a preference to seeking enlightenment, since if you do reach this Nirvana, if such it was, then you may also become a victim.





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