Luther (30)

Lutheranism is the religion of the Danes and most other Scandinavians so I thought I would place some observations here beneath the page on the Danes.

In his book “The God Delusion”, Richard Dawkins picks up on some quotes of Luther:

  • Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has.
  • Reason should be destroyed in all Christians.
  • Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear out the eyes of reason
  • All Jews should be driven from Germany

These are the precursors of the sort of action the Nazis took against Jews

I could also add a quote I found in a letter by Luther to an emperor, “ I urge you to kill, kill, kill the uprising peasants”

My attitude is almost the opposite, long live the French revolution with its outcome of egalitarianism and a secular education system

Few, except those like me who have experienced the eagerness to victimise someone, that seemed pervasive in the culture of Copenhagen in 1977 and may still be for all I know, can understand how truly Luther to this day motivates those who still yet may destroy any hope of a rational and compassionate future for the world.

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