Who said what

Below is listed a series of statements which were made to me in the days, weeks and months after my spiritual brain, whatever that is, was crushed as reported in the page above “After Bliss”. They seemed strange to me at the time because I was expecting the gentility of laid-back Hippie life stylers to continue. This period was to prove however, the beginning of the end for that and the rise of a much more selfish philosophy

After the crush but before the split at the “Rebecca ø Fest” and remember I had not really been introduced to these people so why they had come to conclude I needed their words of lunacy I do not know, other than they sold out to some new fashion of thought which they will no doubt deny should another fashion arise of even hippie beliefs return to favour:

Larry (in the upstairs corridor of the hotel) “Get a Fuck Nick”

Thy [pronounced two err] (talking to an English girl as I passed in the hotel): “You have to work”

Thy (talking to the same English girl as I passed in the hotel) “My wife is Jewish - it is one of my problems”

Sven “ Be quick and see, Nick, just for a joke”

Larry (outside while group photographs were being made after I said I don’t get it [I was beginning to notice by then people’s attitudes were changing] “Oh, you will!”

After the “Rebecca ø Fest” (most of these filled me with a curious sense of foreboding that others knew things about my future which I did not, or had done things to precipitate a less than happy fate).

Sven in his shop but with no other customers “Oh but I can wait a long time for a fuck”

Sven at the youth hotel  after it had closed for the summer “We have an expression in Denmark - Nick Nick boater Nick in Charlottenlund”

Sven at the youth hotel  after it had closed for the summer “Be quick and have it good,” he then slightly slurred the last word when repeated “have it goourd” - perhaps intimating the fate of Job in the Biblical book Job when covered in boils under God’s command.

Charlie (having answered my query to translate a passage in Danish from a book “Yes I wanted to go with my mother once, but only once” This was a particularly angry attitude exhibited which is strange since what they did at the festival was clearly the Danes own choice of uncivilised behaviour which even the most liberal democracy would condemn, but Denmark appears no to.

Kim Thompson (with his friend Robert by his side) “We take you to a place in Sweden where we talk nothing but Danish”

Leonard Jørgensen at the youth hotel “Yes I have to know everything about you”

Leonard Jørgensen at the youth hotel (with a mock repentance)“I’m sorry Nick, I’m sorry Nick, I’m sorry Nick”

Leonard Jørgensen at the youth hotel (with a happy to see the back of you tone) “Nick, Bye!”

Leonard Jørgensen at the youth hotel (in the manner of a curse thrown as I left Denmark for good) “Confusion”

In between the festival and leaving Denmark for good I visited Amsterdam to seek some peace of mind and there was a man who introduced himself as Johnny.

Johnny (to me though I hardly knew him in the manner prehaps of a professor who had listened to a student for three hours explainkg his masterful dissertation but which the professor could see was fatally flawed) “idiot!”

Johnny (in a self-flattering manner) “You can pass my window, you can pass my door, but you’ll never break my forty-four” This latter could be thought of as cryptic like a crossword clue, especially as Amsterdam has many prostitutes in windows next to doors. he then said “So give a little bit, give a little bit of your time to me, I’ll give a little bit of my love to you” which again alludes to prostitutes and was curiously a quote from a song on a record album by Supertramp which was held in high regard by another Dutchman living in Copenhagen called Johann who professed Christianity.

Back in Copenhagen

Tina in a street in the centre of Copenhagen [(who I had fancied from a distance but never really got to talk to) after flashing her eyes at me once in Huset (the youth centre in Copenhagen) then passing me and touching my elbow again in Huset], “ Hello Nick, how are you?” to which when I replied “Oh low”, because my confusion as to why people reacted to me as they did was increasing , she said “got to be that way sometimes” and then walked off with her tow female escorts back towards her home on Landskronagade. I have to say the flash of her eyes is best described as her eyes turning up through 90 degrees and then two flashlights appearing which seemed to hit deep into my soul. Later, on returning to England I just happened to watch an episode of Dr Who, though I was not watching much television at the time and the Tardis seemed to do exactly the same sort of thing to Dr Who, some bright light shot out of it at him. In the two later episodes of seeing Tina she would appear taller and thinner each time. I have puzzled over this for some time and it would be easy to say I was hallucinating, but as much of the rest of what occurred is verifiable from interviewing those involved, (at least it should not be hard to find Leonard the son of the then Prime Minister of Denmark as a starting point), and I am happy to take a lie detector test with any University interested in such research of paranormal experience about the statements I make here, I would say any reader of this should be slow to dismiss it because there are some inherent warnings for anyone on a spiritual journey

Kirsten Pedersen, when I visited her perhaps in a slightly more confused state than previously, (someone I thought was a friend who I had visited a number of times before these incidents started and whom I would watch TV with as we ate sweets which I generally bought). “Don’t you believe? You are heading for a nervous breakdown” This was a girl (a single mother telephonist originally from the island of Fynn) who professed her Christianity previously to me by saying she was outside and looked up to the sky and described her experience as “I saw God”. Now maybe God had a mission for her to help him destroy his opposition, be it scientific Darwinian thinking albeit coupled to an agnostic belief that their may be something science has not yet discovered and perhaps never will, or Buddhist disbelief in Gods and devils, although acknowledging they exist. What shocked me was that Christian belief had become identical to what it had always said was the nature of witchcraft, namely wishing people ill.

A Swede from Helsingborg on the train from Copenhagen to Esbjerg as I was leaving “Hamlet, remember that” Hamlet is set in Elsinger over the water from Helsingborg in Sweden but significantly of course as i was later to discover, in Hamlet the words “There is something rotten in the state of Denmark” are spoken. Was that cryptic warning from Shakespeare and is that why despite being in newly Protestant England he wrote so much about events in Catholic countries, (Romeo and Juliet etc). Many people I feel both then and now will love the Danes and indeed other Scandinavians but I cannot help feeling something is hidden there and the expression “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive insane” may in the modern world be substituted by changing the word ‘gods’ for ‘the secretive sect of control freak Danes’, because I very nearly went insane in the years to follow as it became impossible to get many of abuses, out of my head to allow me to concentrate on other things I would rather do, (I wanted to study for useful degree).

Other strange things occurred but they must be added as I recall them and find ways to articulate them.

The one benefit of these experiences was that I no longer puzzled over the issue of why people believed when they could be mad or at best wrong. I could now go forward knowing that things that went on were not all easily described by physics or other branches of science and that there was another aspect to reality which not all people are aware of. I cannot expect anyone who has not seen the darkness or light, depending on what you want to call it, to understand this as I would have dismissed what I have said here as the writings of a fantasist up until 1977.

Those who abused me in that year and the years that followed, those who could not talk plainly, may still yet be hoping to rule by fear, (in fact I once heard a English conservative town councillor from Wolverhampton say that what one does is “rule by fear”), so please do not live in fear of these things occurring to you. It goes back to a lesson described elsewhere in this site about how a small ape can become the alpha male by banging dustbin lids together. Please be wise enough to ignore the lid bangers.

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