Conspiracy or  Delusion in Denmark (122)

    The picture below shows the Saxon King Alfred in the camp of the Danes. I have written to quite an extent on the event at the Rebecca Ø fest in Denmark in 1977. The picture hangs in the Laing gallery Newcastle England, where I was born. it can be found on the BBC web-site of oil pictures in public ownership.

    If you are familiar with this web-site you will recall that I have described how the question in my head, like some madness as I sat among the Danish hippies and socialists at the Rebecca Ø Fest was “To the left or the right, for a joke or for love”. But:.........

  • You can see in this painting that the drinkers in the painting are to the left, ‘just out for a joke that day’ so to speak, as they drink alcohol without a woman among them. Sven who was on the left at the Festival had said “Just for a joke”.
  • To the right is a tent in which there is much love going on, where all the women are, as though in a royal tent. England now has waiting to ascend the throne a prince called Charles. The name of the Dane on the right at that festival was Charles.
  • The English musician Roy Harper, on his Stormcock album cover wrote “You will feel mystified when you are identified kid, but don’t worry about it” and the instrument Alfred is playing, pretending to be a travelling musician is a harp.
  • I have described the effect of the dichotomy of ‘to the left or to the right’ etc. as being like a bacon slicer in going through my head and the arch of the Harp is not unlike the sharp wheel of a bacon slicer.
  • A Dane called Sven had come to the hotel where I was working in 1977, a little while before the arrival of Charles and said “Be quick and see Nick, just for a joke” and I had never met him before.
  • In the wood at the top right of the picture you can see a carved statue of Satan and I have described how in the months and years to follow I felt as though I was being covered in mental boils as the book of Job in the bible describes the fate of job as being covered in boils. Mine were not physical and I as not a Saxon Christian King being the differences here
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