Christopher Hitchens 129

A noted atheist, Christopher Hitchens has written a book called “God is not Great”. As an introduction to the kind of thinking which led me to the moment of bliss it is brilliant, far more articulate than anything I have managed on this site. The most important aspect of setting out on a journey to such a release is to have found reasons to reject others thinking. science goes along way toward this but Christopher Hitchens will help on reasons to avoid other religions.

We appear to have been thinking much the same at about the same time. This site was started in 2004 and Hitchens book was first published in 2007, although I have still a couple of chapters to read of his book as I write this on the last day of January 2012

What Hitchens book does not cover is the possibility that Buddho-Darwinism expounds that the the spiritual world is expanding and growing as our understanding an enlightenment grows, just as our knowledge of our world and universe expands our imaginations to delve deeper and investigate phenomena previously uncovered by scientists.

I caution slightly against Hitchens attitude as the spiritual world, has been a forbidden zone in the past, (witness the burnings of heretics etc.), for so long, except for arrogant priests, rulers etc. It may be therefore currently an empire run by someone as despicable in character as an Iranian Ayatollah, Saddam Hussein the deposed ruler of Iraq, a leader of the Spanish Inquisition, any fascist or King you care to mention or even the hippie royalty of Denmark I speak so much of in this web-site. Why? Simply because the aggressive come to power generally. To travel in the spiritual world one may need to be as brave as the revolutionaries of the 2011 Arab Spring, putting one’s spiritual life on the line for a better future for all of a similar mind. As brave as soldiers.

Having said that the Buddha, (and Buddhism too is subject to criticism from Hitchens witty pen), teaches that our suffering is caused by our desires. My moment of bliss was certainly when I had little. Hitchens would no doubt like to point out that no scientific progress takes place under such a Buddhist rule and families are brought up happier and more educated by wanting some of the better things of society like education and health. However, my point is that many of the people of the Arab spring, who sacrificed their own lives, wanted nothing but the better future they saw an enlightened society bringing, rather than one ruled by fear.

For any of us then, true happiness for the future of mankind may be a difficult and dangerous journey.

I recommend Hitchens’ book.

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